Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
12/01/2016 Correspondence Silberman, Daniel Records Provided
06/25/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Silsbee, Tim
09/30/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Silsbee, Tim
01/15/2013 Registrar information Silva, Steven
12/07/2016 Itinerary Simantel, Eric Request Withdrawn
12/07/2016 Contract Simantel, Eric Request Withdrawn
09/17/2013 Contracts Simer, Jeremy No Responsive Records
10/08/2013 Casanova Extension Simmons, Dayna
03/09/2015 Branding services Sirriano, Ed Records Provided
05/16/2016 Mirror Jordan 2016-237 Sloan, Jim Records Provided
10/02/2012 University Security Police records Slovic, Beth No Responsive Records
12/22/2010 Credit Card Affinity Agreements Slovic, Beth
12/14/2016 Contract Smith, AJ Records Provided
11/30/2011 Football information Smith, Christopher Records Provided
09/25/2017 Contract Smith, Dan Records Provided
07/07/2016 Expenditures Smith, Jennie Records Provided
07/06/2017 Financial Records Smith, Jennie Records Provided
10/16/2017 Salary Information Smith, John Records Provided
10/17/2017 Policies Smith, John Records Provided
01/24/2012 Contracts Smith, Robert Records Provided
12/21/2011 NCAA Budget and Financial Report Smith, Robert Records Provided
03/18/2011 BCS Championship Game Revenues and Expenses Smith, Robert
01/11/2012 Ticket Sales Summary Report Smith, Robert Records Provided
05/23/2014 Mirror Canzano request for Phone Logs Smith, Stephen Records Provided
05/13/2014 Various documents March 8 to May 12 Smith, Stephen Records Provided
06/23/2016 Contracts Smith, Steve Records Provided
08/05/2015 Football Contracts Smith, Steve Records Provided
03/06/2017 Policies Snurr, Carrie Records Provided
03/06/2017 Documents Snurr, Carrie Records Provided
06/10/2016 Salary Data Soave, Robby Records Provided
03/31/2011 Undergraduate Grade Distribution Soave, Robert
04/06/2017 Policies Soh, Romaine Records Provided
12/15/2014 Coach and Nike contract Solomon, Jon Records Provided
07/22/2014 Student Athlete Scholarship info Solomon, Jon Records Provided
03/01/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Survey Solomon, Jon
01/25/2017 Qualifications and resume Solomon, Jon Records Provided
04/13/2015 Bowl Expenses Solomon, Jon Records Provided
12/17/2010 NCAA Revenue and Expense Reports, Apparel and Employment Contracts Solomon, Jon
10/09/2013 Athletics contracts Spence, Lance Records Provided
05/19/2016 Land purchase date Spencer, Rachel Records Provided