Making A Request

The University of Oregon considers a public records received once it arrives at the Office of Public Records (the Office) in writing via electronic mail or overland mail. If a request is delivered outside of regular business hours, the Office will consider it to be received at the start of the next business day.

Requests received by other University offices or employees will not be considered to be received by the University of Oregon, per ORS 192.324

Requests made via email:

  • Send to:
  • Requests made by e-mail are considered received when read by the recipient during regular business hours.

Requests made through US mail:

  • Send to: Office of Public Records, 6207 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-6207
  • Requests made by letter are considered received when opened by the Office of Public Records.

Requests will be acknowledged within five business days of receipt. Records will be provided within 10 business days after acknowledgement. If it is not possible to provide records within 10 business days, the office will provide a reasonable estimated date of completion.

The Office will not include days spent either waiting for clarification from the requestor or for payment in its calculation of 10 business days.

The above timeliness for Acknowledgement or Response may be suspended in instances where staff is unavailable to complete a request, compliance with the timelines would demonstrably impede the University’s ability to perform other necessary services, or the University is simultaneously processing a high volume of other requests. The Office will make every effort to inform requestors in advance if their request will be impacted by these exceptions to the deadlines.

In  to save time and reduce the overall cost of a request, the office offers the following guidelines for efficient public records requests:
•    Identify the specific record, or type of records being requested
•    Provide a date range for the search
•    Provide keywords or phrases for the search 
•    Identify specific individuals who are believed to be custodians of the records

The office also suggests checking to see if the records you seek are already publically available. For instance, the Office makes many Athletics coaching contracts available in its document library. The University also makes budget information available on the Budget and Resource Planning webpage. The Athletics Department also makes its financial information available on its webpage.

Additional information on making a public records request can be found on the Oregon Public Records Advocate website.

Receiving documents:

The Office will provide documents electronically whenever possible, to avoid a copy fee of 25 cents per page. Voluminous documents will be delivered through hyperlinks in the final response. Hyperlinks will expire five business days after delivery, unless otherwise noted.
Requestors seeking physical copies of documents must provide a mailing address for delivery of responses, and will be charged per copy plus postage.

If the request is to inspect records, the charge includes the time for records to be prepared for review and the cost of staff time for a staff member to be present while the requester reviews the records to preserve the integrity of the university’s records. 

If the request is to certify the records as true copies, the charge will include employee time spent in doing so. The charge will also include the cost of sending the records where copies are requested.

A key to redactions, should any exist, can be found in the Office’s Standard Operating Procedures