Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
09/28/2010 Employment Contract Harbaugh, Bill
10/07/2014 Job Search Documents Harbaugh, Bill
10/07/2010 Athletic Media and Apparel Contracts Pinkham, Matt
07/08/2010 Athletics Contracts Cohen, Kevin
02/16/2011 Certified Payroll for East Campus Residence Hall Woods, Ronald
05/12/2011 NCAA Documents Schroeder, George
06/30/2011 Employment Contracts and Budget Documents Anderson, Jacob
12/16/2010 Athletic Revenue and Expense Report Bachman, Rachel
04/06/2011 Football Recruiting Records Hong, Carolyn
09/28/2010 Student Directory Information Lanier, Vallerie
05/07/2012 Multimedia Agreements Cohen , Daniel
10/08/2010 Fees Estimated or Charged for PRRs Harbaugh, Bill
07/09/2010 Documents Regarding Oregon Bach Festival Keefer, Bob
02/17/2011 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron
07/24/2014 Cost Calculations Harbaugh, Bill
05/16/2011 College of Education Records Pomerance, Laura
06/30/2011 Employment Contracts Berkowitz, Steve
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts Wihtol, Christian
04/06/2011 Free Sideline Passes, Admissions for Football Seasons Hong, Carolyn
09/29/2010 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron
10/13/2010 Employment Contracts Moua, Kabao
07/12/2010 Employment Contracts Bellamy, Ron
10/04/2013 Travel RFP Dietz, Diane
02/18/2011 Multi-Media Rights Agreement Erman, Mark
05/17/2011 Employment Contracts Herman, Jens
12/16/2010 Contracts for Sale of Athletic Merchandise
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts
04/08/2011 Certified Payroll for Computing Center Haan, Corey
09/29/2010 Employment Contract Hurst, Chris
10/13/2010 Correspondence on Creating a Sworn Dept. of Public Safety
07/12/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Bonham, Daniel
02/23/2011 Dept. of Public Safety Report Pollard, Rebecca
05/20/2011 Employment Contracts Haller, Doug
12/17/2010 NCAA Revenue and Expense Reports, Apparel and Employment Contracts Solomon, Jon
04/08/2011 Consultant Findings, Recommendations Harbaugh, Bill
09/29/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Kisselburgh, Bill
10/14/2010 Trademark & Licensing Revenues, Football Season Ticket Sales Bachman, Rachel
07/12/2010 Change Orders, Payments for Matthew Knight Arena Bonham, Daniel
02/27/2011 Employment Contract Codd, W. Tracy
05/23/2011 Athletics Financial Statements McGraw, Scott