Former Assistant Professor Records

Duffy, Matt
Initial Request Date: 
Request Completion Date: 

This is a public records request under the auspices and guise of Oregon's public records laws, ORS I 92-410 to 192-505. I dutifully request the following information:

All records concerning a former Assistant Professor named Anne Sutherland Frentz
(she taught economics of education, school business management and educational policy. She also evaluated school site budgeting plan design to improve
educational effectiveness); also known as the following:
Anne Sutherland
Ann Sutherland
Anne Frentz
Ann Frentz
Anne Sutherland Farmer
Ann Sutherland Farmer
Anne Farmer
Ann Farmer
Any and all public documents pertaining to Sutherland's:
Salary/compensation and benefits
Any disciplinary actions or complaints against Sutherland while in your employ
Job and/or employment evaluations and records
Sutherland's roles and responsibilities while in your employ Any and all public documents related to Sutherland during her employment at UO