Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Titlesort descending Requester Status
06/21/2010 Bids for Autzen Stadium Project Patrick, Venisha
05/02/2011 Bids for Barnhart and Riley Projects Valencia, Jerry
08/04/2011 Bids/Contracts for Moshovsky Center, Mallard Park Allen, Elizabeth Request Withdrawn
09/16/2014 Board of Trustees Records Dietz, Diane Closed
02/05/2015 Bond and Certified Payroll Cadanou, Cary Records Provided
04/03/2015 Bond Information Bassinger, Steve Records Provided
07/07/2011 Bond Schoeneck & King documents Goe, Ken No Responsive Records
11/28/2011 Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice Goe, Ken Records Provided
11/28/2011 Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice Schroeder, George Records Provided
12/12/2011 Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
12/21/2011 Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice Goe, Ken Records Provided
11/22/2011 Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
02/22/2013 Bottled Water Contracts Garcia, Manny Records Provided
12/30/2013 Bowl Attendees Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
12/17/2013 Bowl Contract Gregoire, Connor Records Provided
12/12/2013 Bowl Contract Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
12/12/2013 Bowl Contract Greif, Andrew No Responsive Records
12/13/2013 Bowl Contract Quick, Jason No Responsive Records
03/19/2014 Bowl Expenditure Summarys Wolin, Josh Records Provided
09/14/2011 Bowl Expense Reports Lamb, Kyle Records Provided
05/01/2015 Bowl Expenses Wallachy, Alexandra Records Provided
08/03/2015 Bowl Expenses Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
04/21/2014 Bowl Expenses Greif, Andrew Records Provided
04/13/2015 Bowl Expenses Solomon, Jon Records Provided
01/13/2012 Bowl Game Financial Report Brettman, Allan No Responsive Records
07/09/2015 Brand Contracts Axon, Rachel Records Provided
08/03/2015 Brand Contracts Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
06/05/2013 Brand Management report Brettman, Allan Closed
03/09/2015 Branding services Sirriano, Ed Records Provided
08/13/2012 BSK Contracts concerning NCAA Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
06/07/2012 BSK Documents and invoices Martin, Jeff Request Withdrawn
03/16/2012 BSK February invoice Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
04/27/2012 BSK Invoices Schroeder, George Records Provided
06/25/2013 BSK invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/17/2012 BSK Invoices Jude, Adam Records Provided
08/20/2012 BSK Invoices Schroeder, George Records Provided
06/24/2013 BSK Invoices April 18 2013 to June 24 2013 Johnson, Mark Records Provided
11/08/2017 Budget Nguyen, Ryan Records Provided
08/10/2020 Budget Porter, Haley Records Provided
06/05/2017 Budget Rubbelke, Nathan Records Provided