Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Titlesort descending Requester Status
08/25/2014 Speaking/ Consulting contracts Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
08/06/2012 Special Admin Contracts Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
06/03/2014 Special Assistant emails Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment from Requester
07/30/2013 Sponsored Projects Services Mellor, Stuart Records Provided
08/12/2013 Sponsored Projects Services Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
11/19/2013 Sponsored Projects Services Pirkle, Chris Records Provided
11/26/2013 Sports agreements Kamb, Lewis Records Provided
09/14/2011 Sports Camp Income Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
11/02/2016 Sports camps Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided
07/18/2014 Sports Contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
10/06/2015 Sports medicine policy Gershberg, Max No Responsive Records
04/23/2013 Spring elections correspondence Campbell, Ian Request Withdrawn
11/13/2012 Staffing Proposals Sigler, Kurt Request Withdrawn
03/16/2015 Stale dated check listing Minotti, Anthony Records Provided
01/27/2017 Stale dated checks Carlucci, Christopher Records Provided
02/13/2017 Stale dated checks Lazar, Michael Records Provided
04/06/2017 Stale dated checks Minotti, Anthony Records Provided
06/13/2017 Stale dated checks London, Jeff Records Provided
11/09/2016 Stale dated checks London, Jeffrey Records Provided
10/02/2014 Starplex contract Parsons, Bill Records Provided
12/30/2015 Statement Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
06/02/2014 Statements Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
02/19/2015 Statements of Qualifications Buros, Xylia Records Provided
01/03/2013 Statistics Golden, Hannah No Responsive Records
11/06/2017 Statistics Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
05/19/2014 Statistics Mortensen, Camilla Records Provided
06/27/2017 Statistics Iboshi, Kyle Records Provided
06/28/2017 Statistics Ward, Stephanie No Responsive Records
02/07/2018 Statistics Belkin, Doug Awaiting Payment from Requester
11/28/2016 Statistics Fischer, Maggie No Responsive Records
07/18/2017 Statistics Binkley, Collin No Responsive Records
07/18/2014 Stats Sebens, Shelby Records Provided
03/20/2012 Status notification Tilkin, Dan No Responsive Records
08/12/2013 Strategic Communication emails Crump, Jake Records Provided
08/12/2013 Strategic Communication emails Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
03/26/2015 Student Assistance Fund Baumbach, Jim Records Provided
05/30/2013 Student Athlete forms and College of Ed Course syllabi Ekblad, Nicholas No Responsive Records
05/30/2013 Student Athlete forms and College of Ed Course syllabi Harbaugh, Bill No Responsive Records
10/01/2013 Student Athlete Policies Gannon, Jennifer Records Provided
10/02/2013 Student Athlete Policies Stucchio, Krista Records Provided