Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
07/17/2019 Records Knowlton, John Closed
06/24/2020 Correspondence Baumgarten, Duncan Closed
07/09/2021 Financial Records England, Michelle Closed
10/24/2011 Beverage Contracts Davis, Santhayln Closed
12/21/2012 NCAA communications December 2012 Schroeder, George Closed
06/08/2020 Correspondence Alger, Tyson Closed
11/29/2018 Directory Information Evans, Ryan Closed
10/28/2014 Documents Provided in Response to 10 PRRs Greenstone, Scott Closed
03/09/2018 Contracts and correspondence Dahman, Samir Closed
03/28/2022 Correspondence Owens, David Closed
02/03/2021 Student directory information The Generation Lab Closed
02/19/2018 Contact Information Schiller, Kevin Closed
12/17/2015 Records Harbaugh, Bill Closed
07/19/2019 Contract Etezady, Cameron Closed
10/28/2021 Employee data Ghislandi, Ana Closed
10/17/2018 Student Conduct Nguyen, Ryan Closed
08/03/2015 Solar Energy Projects Harbaugh, Bill Closed
04/12/2013 Legal invoices March 2013 Harbaugh, Bill Closed
07/24/2018 Contracts and compensation Berkowitz, Steve Closed
06/17/2014 Retirement communications Harbaugh, Bill Closed
09/16/2019 Correspondence Ryan, Cheyney Closed
09/01/2016 University purchasing Deleoian, Ken Closed
09/17/2020 Student directory information Schatz, Alden Closed
06/06/2013 Presidents Calendar Harbaugh, Bill Closed
01/31/2019 Compensation Data Pearlman, Jessica Closed
03/29/2021 Student directory information Sewell, Kayla Closed
07/05/2011 Renovation proposals for the EMU and SRC projects Lore, Stephanie Closed
10/07/2015 Athletic contracts Douning, Karen Closed
06/25/2018 Correspondence Hancock, Allen Closed
08/28/2018 Procedures Steinbaugh, Adam Closed
12/07/2021 Financial data Libit, Daniel Closed
10/29/2018 Correspondence Pine, Levi Closed
07/23/2019 Reports Nguyen, Ryan Closed
01/21/2021 Student data Feathers, Todd Closed
05/23/2013 Email Correspondence Edge, Sami Closed
08/03/2015 Reviews Harbaugh, Bill Closed
03/03/2015 Contracts and Invoices Harbaugh, BIll Closed
11/08/2018 Correspondence Schmidt, Brad Closed
10/23/2017 Contracts Campbell, Will Closed
03/10/2020 Correspondence Crolla, Bruno Closed