Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
11/20/2014 Email search Frisch, Deborah Closed
03/11/2019 Financial Records Davies, Sararosa Closed
10/12/2020 Correspondence Garcia, Damaso Closed
07/05/2011 Renovation proposals for the EMU and SRC projects Lore, Stephanie Closed
08/19/2021 Financial Records Canonigo, Maiza Closed
07/11/2013 Athletics correspondence Pucin, Diane Closed
03/10/2020 Complaints Powell, Carrington Closed
09/29/2021 NIL Records Bostick, Karl Closed
03/18/2013 Supplement information Pilon, Mary Closed
01/21/2015 Documents regarding Breach Read, Rich Closed
07/11/2018 Correspondence Martin, Debbie Closed
09/13/2015 Football Expenses Caple, Christian Closed
09/12/2014 Student Directory information Michie, Ryan Closed
01/03/2017 RFPs McGraw, Noah Closed
02/10/2020 Correspondence Crolla, Bruno Closed
09/02/2021 RFP Gill, Ethan Closed
11/21/2018 Bach Festival Keefer, Bob Closed
06/19/2017 RFP Harbaugh, Bill Closed
11/27/2012 Legal invoices Stites, Sam Closed
06/06/2013 Documents showing GC advice Harbaugh, Bill Closed
03/11/2019 RFPs Afful, Herbert Closed
10/12/2020 Correspondence Garcia, Damaso Closed
08/24/2011 RFP responses from architects for the UO EMU Expansion & Renovation Kennedy, Phil Closed
11/29/2017 Contracts Luberda, Ed Closed
07/17/2019 Records Knowlton, John Closed
10/24/2011 Beverage Contracts Davis, Santhayln Closed
09/18/2012 NCAA Documents Tilkin, Dan Closed
09/16/2019 Correspondence Ryan, Cheyney Closed
03/18/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Harbaugh, Bill Closed
11/07/2017 Surveys Campbell, Will Closed
01/23/2018 Correspondence Jacoby, Kenny Closed
07/14/2017 RFQs Quezada, Rocky Closed
01/31/2019 Compensation Data Pearlman, Jessica Closed
04/16/2015 Invoices and communications Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/26/2020 Financial Information Prentiss, Stephanie Closed
02/09/2015 Student Registrar information Lyng, Natalie Closed
03/02/2017 Directory Information Asari, David Closed
11/17/2020 Financial Information Parker, Hayley Closed
09/07/2011 Payment of Invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
12/02/2015 Correspondence McKay, Calum Closed