Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
12/11/2014 Licensing Applications and Reports Iboshi, Kyle Closed
06/22/2017 Correspondence Schlabach, Mark Closed
03/29/2021 Student directory information Sewell, Kayla Closed
11/21/2012 NCAA legal invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
06/30/2014 Mirror Directory information Harbaugh, Bill Closed
07/23/2019 Reports Nguyen, Ryan Closed
03/18/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Ekblad, Nicholas Closed
08/24/2011 RFP responses from architects for the UO EMU Expansion & Renovation Kennedy, Phil Closed
03/10/2020 Correspondence Crolla, Bruno Closed
06/11/2020 Employee Information Berkowitz, Steve Closed
05/21/2018 Correspondence Sherman, Esther Closed
10/25/2018 Contracts McCabe, Marc Closed
08/11/2014 Various Email Correspondence Terlep, Sharon Closed
06/05/2017 Expenditures Rubbelke, Nathan Closed
08/12/2014 Salaries Fenno, Nathan Closed
08/12/2013 Athletics correspondence Harbaugh, Bill Closed
11/02/2016 Audits Thornberry, Max Closed
06/02/2014 mirroring 6 requests Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/05/2016 Directory Information Ho, Anida Closed
09/07/2011 Payment of Invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
09/12/2019 Correspondence Harbaugh, Bill Closed
03/22/2018 Correspondence Jacoby, Kenny Closed
11/15/2018 Correspondence Withycombe, Claire Closed
02/21/2013 Registrar student information Aras, Fahimeh Closed
09/21/2020 Correspondence Bonagura, Kyle Closed
06/05/2014 Legal invoices Brynelson, Troy Closed
03/13/2020 Correspondence Johnson, Kjerstin Closed
12/29/2017 Correspondence Pisani, Joseph Closed
06/03/2019 Financial Records Pearlman, Jessica Closed
05/22/2020 Itineraries Masterson, Ellen Closed
12/17/2014 Employment statistics Krueger, Stephen Closed
10/25/2018 Report Demars, Zack Closed
10/13/2015 Construction documents Toomey, Jacob Closed
10/17/2019 Directory Information Woodward, Jessica Closed
10/02/2018 Correspondence Demars, Zack Closed
04/25/2017 Correspondence Sherman, Mary Esther Closed
08/05/2020 Correspondence Bonagura, Kyle Closed
09/01/2015 Mirror Harbaugh Appleby, Keith Closed
11/27/2017 Correspondence Tobin, Michael Closed
08/22/2012 Emails re: DOJ Billings Harbaugh, Bill Closed