Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
04/06/2022 RFP Leuhrs, Alyssa Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/18/2022 Student directory information Keeler, Samual Awaiting Payment from Requester
03/31/2022 RFP Kelel, Amber Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/16/2022 Student directory information Schatz, Alden Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/20/2022 NIL data Smart, Cody Awaiting Payment from Requester
06/30/2021 Contracts Pipkins, Chales Awaiting Payment from Requester
03/14/2022 Correspondence Korn, Melissa Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/03/2021 Stale Dated Checks Thompson, Kelly Closed
02/28/2019 Social media messages Nguyen, Ryan Closed
09/23/2019 Information Request Jacoby, Kenny Closed
03/01/2022 Correspondence Gladis, Jess Closed
06/05/2014 Legal invoices Brynelson, Troy Closed
12/11/2014 Licensing Applications and Reports Iboshi, Kyle Closed
11/14/2012 Directory information Lanier, Valerie Closed
09/30/2011 UO Recreation Center RFP Wyntergreen, Brook Closed
08/14/2020 Correspondence Martin, Angelo Closed
02/20/2020 Financial Records Hollingshead, Parker Closed
09/07/2021 RFP Weir, Stuart Closed
01/04/2021 Student data Libit, Daniel Closed
05/25/2020 Correspondence Marchman, Tim Closed
03/29/2021 RFP Tivnon, Allison Closed
12/05/2016 Correspondence Appleby, Keith Closed
02/10/2021 Records Mann, Joanna Closed
10/15/2015 Law Documents McGraw, Noah Closed
10/02/2014 Communications Wang, Julia Closed
10/22/2019 Directory Information Albertie, Jazmin Closed
11/14/2018 Correspondence Medow, Shawn Closed
09/02/2015 Correspondence Brettman, Allan Closed
03/07/2012 Athlete info Bleymaier, Joe Closed
06/03/2014 Special Assistant emails Harbaugh, Bill Closed
09/13/2017 Correspondence Moore, Jack Closed
04/28/2017 Correspondence and minutes Straka, Ben Closed
08/26/2020 Financial Information Bauman, Dan Closed
02/20/2020 Employee directory information Hollingshead, Parker Closed
09/15/2016 Contract and correspondence Scher, Todd Closed
05/25/2020 Correspondence Marchman, Tim Closed
08/11/2014 Various Email Correspondence Terlep, Sharon Closed
10/31/2017 Contracts Harbaugh, Bill Closed
02/10/2021 Records Mann, Joanna Closed
08/12/2020 Correspondence Alger, Tyson Closed