Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
07/14/2021 Financial Records Manning, Jeff Closed
10/29/2018 Correspondence Pine, Levi Closed
12/10/2012 NCAA Documents Request Harbaugh, BIll Closed
09/20/2019 Directory Information College Reaction Polling Closed
02/19/2018 Contact Information Schiller, Kevin Closed
12/17/2015 Records Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/17/2018 Student Conduct Nguyen, Ryan Closed
07/24/2018 Contracts and compensation Berkowitz, Steve Closed
10/14/2013 University Communications Ruderman, Glen Closed
09/01/2016 University purchasing Deleoian, Ken Closed
05/20/2020 Correspondence Fuller, Andrea Closed
11/19/2019 RFPs, scoresheet Pumarega, Emee Closed
04/07/2014 Candidate Information Harbaugh, Bill Closed
04/30/2013 Legal invoices Dec to April Brynelson, Troy Closed
01/18/2013 Basketball Ticket sales Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/07/2015 Athletic contracts Douning, Karen Closed
06/25/2018 Correspondence Hancock, Allen Closed
08/28/2018 Procedures Steinbaugh, Adam Closed
08/19/2020 Correspondence Redford, Patrick Closed
07/08/2013 Legal funding Gilbert, Phil Closed
01/29/2016 Directory Information Milne, Ryan Closed
07/14/2021 Financial Records Manning, Jeff Closed
12/10/2012 Football Ticket Recipients Request Harbaugh, Bill Closed
09/24/2020 Correspondence Crepea, James Closed
01/30/2019 Correspondence Crepea, James Closed
12/27/2019 Directory Information Burnes, Zach Closed
06/13/2019 Student Data Jacoby, Kenny Closed
07/19/2011 Non-alcoholic beverage agreements Franks, Curtis Closed
02/24/2020 Correspondence Crolla, Bruno Closed
07/06/2021 Correspondence Brown, Matt Closed
03/05/2021 Student directory information Mullen, Lequan Closed
11/20/2020 Student directory information Lee, Kurt Closed
11/08/2018 Correspondence Schmidt, Brad Closed
10/23/2017 Contracts Campbell, Will Closed
02/11/2021 Financial Information England, Michelle Closed
01/04/2018 Correspondence Schmidt, Brad Closed
12/04/2018 Correspondence Canzano, John Closed
09/30/2015 Athletic contracts Lefft, Evan Closed
04/20/2021 Financial Records Alfera, GIovanni Closed
02/03/2016 Directory Information Watson, Paris Closed