Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
11/05/2010 Student Directory Information Ellison, Wesley
04/08/2011 Employment Contracts Moua, Kabao
07/13/2010 Responses to Distributed Antenna System RFP Sutter, Gannon
12/17/2013 Email Search Harbaugh, Bill
03/03/2011 Records from Football Scouting Agencies Prince, Seth
03/03/2011 Certified Payroll for Computing Center Project Haan, Corey
04/09/2014 Communications related to racial composition Ellis, John
01/03/2011 Arena Contract Wihtol, Christian
06/01/2011 Affirmative Action Compliance Documents Harbaugh, Bill
01/15/2013 Registrar information Silva, Steven
09/30/2010 Budweiser "Official Sponsor" Contract Furman, Mark
11/07/2010 Accounting of 2010 State Lottery Funds Harbaugh, Bill
04/10/2011 Employment Contracts Harbaugh, Bill
07/14/2010 Employment Contracts Lattinville, Robert
03/03/2011 Football Scouting Payments; UO Expenditure Reports Schroeder, George
01/12/2011 Affiliation Agreement
06/07/2011 List of Personal Service Contracts Unger, Melissa
11/08/2010 Football Corporate Hospitality Contract Essig, Scott
04/11/2011 Riverfront Research Park Project Documents Collier, Seda
07/15/2010 Employment Contract Kelly, Matthew
03/03/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Public Record Requests Received Schroeder, George
01/18/2011 NCAA Equity in Athletics Reports (EADA Report)
06/08/2011 President Emeritus Contracts, Documents Harbaugh, Bill
11/09/2010 Home Football Game Expenses Williams, Blake
04/11/2011 BCS Championship Game Financial Records Sawhney, Kabir
07/16/2010 Jaqua Center Insurance Documents Bachman, Rachel
03/04/2011 Documents, Videos from Football Scouting Agencies Schroeder, George
01/24/2011 NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report Bachman, Rachel
06/08/2011 Gifts Received from BCS Bowl Games Harris, Craig
11/10/2010 NCAA Secondary Violation Bellamy, Ron
04/12/2011 Football Recruiting Expenses Hong, Carolyn
07/19/2010 Completed IRS Form Harbaugh, Bill
03/04/2011 Athletics Payments to Scouting Agencies Schroeder, George
02/12/2013 Score Distributions Boehler, Brian
01/24/2011 NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report Eichelberger, Curtis
06/09/2011 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron
11/10/2010 NCAA Football Game Contracts Schlatre, Larry
04/13/2011 Athletic Department Document
07/23/2010 Employment Contracts Rothbard, Barry
03/04/2011 Athletics Payments to Scouting Agencies Staples, Andy