Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
01/03/2011 Arena Contract Wihtol, Christian
09/02/2010 Audited Athletics Financial Report Zavala, Elizabeth
04/21/2011 Sharepoint Upgrade Proposal Documents Hing, Vivienne
11/05/2010 Student Directory Information Ellison, Wesley
06/25/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Silsbee, Tim
03/07/2011 Football Scouting Services Information Prince, Seth
03/03/2011 Certified Payroll for Computing Center Project Haan, Corey
06/16/2011 Employment Contract Hannah, Rashad
01/12/2011 Affiliation Agreement
09/03/2010 Annual Salary of Research Assistant Petersen, Megan
04/21/2011 Football Scouting Payments Hong, Carolyn
11/07/2010 Accounting of 2010 State Lottery Funds Harbaugh, Bill
06/29/2010 Employment Contracts and Salary Information Stickney, Jon C.
03/07/2011 Football Camp Employees; Football Coach Cell Records Schroeder, George
06/17/2011 BCS Bowl Contracts, Documents Sanderson, Matthew
06/20/2011 Employment Contract Byron, Matthew
05/07/2012 Multimedia Agreements Cohen , Daniel
01/18/2011 NCAA Equity in Athletics Reports (EADA Report)
09/07/2010 Agreement to Televise Football Game Bellamy, Ron
04/21/2011 Athletics Related PR Requests Schroeder, George
11/08/2010 Football Corporate Hospitality Contract Essig, Scott
07/01/2010 Autzen Stadium Project Post Bid Documents Francis, Candia
03/09/2011 PR Requests 3/3/2011 - 3/9/2011 Schroeder, George
06/20/2011 Certified payroll, Documents for Matthew Knight Arena Haan, Corey
01/24/2011 NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report Bachman, Rachel
09/10/2010 Matthew Knight Arena Payment Bond Popper, Al
04/22/2011 Department of Public Safety Records
11/09/2010 Home Football Game Expenses Williams, Blake
07/02/2010 Tort Claim Notices Bolt, Greg
03/10/2011 Athletics Recruiting Budgets and Expenses Halliburton, Suzanne
06/20/2011 Football Scouting Records Winters, Jennifer
01/24/2011 NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report Eichelberger, Curtis
09/14/2010 Improper Benefits and NCAA Violations Bellamy, Ron
04/25/2011 Cross-Country/Track & Field Financials, Employment Contracts Goe, Ken
11/10/2010 NCAA Secondary Violation Bellamy, Ron
07/02/2010 Donor and Gift Records Harbaugh, Bill
03/10/2011 Correspondence Regarding Football Program Schroeder, George
06/21/2011 Football Scouting Records Dodd, Dennis
01/24/2011 Athletic Administrator Correspondence
09/14/2010 Improper Benefits and NCAA Violations Prince, Seth