Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
02/14/2011 Athletic Department Documents
11/29/2010 Employment Contracts Upton, Jodi
06/21/2011 Football Scouting Products; Coach Cell Records Hong, Carolyn
06/17/2013 Email communications athletics Clifton, Gregg
09/24/2010 Provost's Office Budgets Wihtol, Christian
10/03/2010 List of All Public Record Requests Harbaugh, Bill
04/26/2011 BCS Championship Game Agreement; Tickets Provided Wetzel, Dan
07/07/2010 Money Received from UO Bookstore Wellman, Jeff
03/15/2011 NCAA EADA Financial Report Cohen, Kevin
02/15/2011 Computing Center Project Documents Haan, Corey
12/10/2010 Panda Express Proposal or Lease Agreement Stevenson, Pixie
06/21/2011 Football Recruiting Records Robertson, Jeff
06/17/2013 Athletics Correspondence Clifton, Gregg
09/28/2010 Employment Contract Harbaugh, Bill
10/05/2010 Directory Information for UO Employees Carroll, Yonna
04/27/2011 2010 NCAA Financial Report Wharton, David
07/08/2010 Athletics Contracts Cohen, Kevin
03/16/2011 Football Scouting Services Document Hong, Carolyn
02/16/2011 Public Records Procedures Documents Harbaugh, Bill
01/15/2013 Registrar information Silva, Steven
12/14/2010 Contracts for BCS Bowl Game Tickets Bachman, Rachel
06/22/2011 Sorority/Fraternity Information Kruse, Chris
09/28/2010 Student Directory Information Lanier, Vallerie
10/06/2010 Archiving Schedule for UO E-mail Harbaugh, Bill
05/02/2011 Undergraduate Statistics Bachman, Rachel
07/09/2010 Documents Regarding Oregon Bach Festival Keefer, Bob
03/17/2011 Credit Card Agreement Conces, Mark
02/16/2011 Certified Payroll for East Campus Residence Hall Woods, Ronald
12/16/2010 Athletic Revenue and Expense Report Bachman, Rachel
06/22/2011 Football Scouting Financial Documents Sheldon, Dan
08/05/2014 Job Search documents Harbaugh, Bill
09/29/2010 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron
10/07/2010 Athletic Media and Apparel Contracts Pinkham, Matt
05/02/2011 Non-conference Football Game Contracts Cohen, Kevin
12/17/2013 Legal Invoice monthly totals Harbaugh, Bill
07/12/2010 Employment Contracts Bellamy, Ron
03/18/2011 BCS Championship Game Revenues and Expenses Smith, Robert
02/17/2011 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron
04/09/2014 Communications related to racial composition Ellis, John
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts Wihtol, Christian