Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
09/30/2010 Athletics Budget; Employment Contract Bachman, Rachel
02/03/2011 Records for Darren Berg or his companies Grunbaum, Rami
07/12/2010 Rose Bowl Expenses and Revenues Eichelberger, Curtis
05/06/2011 Employment Contracts Lattinville, Bob
11/16/2010 Public Record Request Fee Waiver Assessment Documents Harbaugh, Bill
03/29/2011 Former Assistant Professor Records Duffy, Matt
09/30/2010 Employment Contract Douglas, Don
02/04/2011 Dept. of Public Safety Hiring Records Harbaugh, Bill
07/13/2010 Contract for Gerlinger Hall Project Reed, Pam
05/06/2011 Professor Photographs Stewart, Patrick
11/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Commission Documents Cziko, Paul
10/08/2013 Casanova Extension Simmons, Dayna
03/29/2011 List of PR Requests Since 1/31/2011 Harbaugh, Bill
09/30/2010 Budweiser "Official Sponsor" Contract Furman, Mark
06/04/2015 Global Scholars Hall Inspection Documents Friedman, Gordon
02/04/2011 Contract for Public Records Software McLaughlin, Tim
07/13/2010 Responses to Distributed Antenna System RFP Sutter, Gannon
05/09/2011 Employment Contracts Pengiel, Phil
11/22/2010 Employment Contracts Cohen, Kevin
03/30/2011 Football Scouting Services Records; List of PR Requests Schroeder, George
02/12/2013 Score Distributions Boehler, Brian
06/04/2015 Global Scholars Hall Project Records Friedman, Gordon
02/08/2011 NCAA EADA Report Hollenbeck, Anne
07/14/2010 Employment Contracts Lattinville, Robert
05/12/2011 Event Services Contracts Parsons, Bill
11/22/2010 Donor Agreements for Athletic Facilities Expansions Harbaugh, Bill
08/03/2015 Donations Harbaugh, Bill
03/31/2011 Undergraduate Grade Distribution Soave, Robert
02/08/2011 Curriculum Vitae for University Professor
07/15/2010 Employment Contract Kelly, Matthew
05/12/2011 Athletics PR Requests; Football Recruiting Records Schroeder, George
11/22/2010 Correspondence Regarding Student Athlete Pitkin, James
04/04/2011 Employment Contract Bloch, Randy
02/11/2011 Speaking Engagement Contract Fox, Lauren
07/16/2010 Jaqua Center Insurance Documents Bachman, Rachel
05/12/2011 NCAA Documents Schroeder, George
11/22/2010 New Athletic Operations Building Agreements Wihtol, Christian
10/04/2013 Travel RFP Dietz, Diane
04/05/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Survey Christensen, Jay
02/14/2011 Employment Contracts Jones, Ty