Employment Contracts

Lattinville, Robert
Stinson Morrison Hecker
Initial Request Date: 
Request Completion Date: 

I am writing pursuant to your state's "Open Records Act" and the Federal
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 5 U.S. C. Sec. 552. Consistent with these acts, I hereby respectfully request a copy of the current operative records, letters of intent, contracts, documents or correspondence evidencing the employment terms, including salary, deferred compensation, COLA raises stipulated by contract and any other form of compensation. This includes the most recent report of Athletically Related Income as defined in the NCAA Operating Bylaws, which require each staff member to provide a written detailed account annually to the compliance office for review by the president or chancellor of all athletically related income and benefits from sources outside the institution (the "Information") between the University of Oregon and/or its affiliates and the following:
• Lorraine Davis, Interim Athletics Director
• Chip Kelly, Football
• Steve Greatwood, Football
• Nick Aliotti, Football
• Mark Helfrich, Football
• Jerry Azzinaro, Football
• Gary Campbell, Football
• Scott Frost, Football
• John Neal, Football
• Tom Osborne, Football
• Don Pellum, Football
• Jim Radcliffe, Strength & Conditioning
• Jim Fisher, Football
• Kyle Wiest, Football
• Jeff Hawkins, Football
• Dana Altman, Men's Basketball
• Brian Fish, Men's Basketball
• Kevin McKenna, Men's Basketball
• Tony Stubblefield, Men's Basketball
• Tim Wilson, Men's Basketball
• Tim Wilson, Strength & Conditioning
• Josh Jamieson, Men's Basketball
• Paul Westhead, Women's Basketball
• Kai Felton, Women's Basketball
• Dan Muscatell, Women's Basketball
• Keila Whittington, Women's Basketball
• Jenell Bergstrom, Women's Basketball
• George Horton, Baseball
• Andrew Checketts, Baseball
• Mike Kirby, Baseball
• Jay Uhlman, Baseball
• Luke Emanuel, Baseball
• Mark Dillon, Strength & Conditioning
• Joel Favor, Strength & Conditioning
• Geoff Ginther, Strength & Conditioning
If any of the foregoing individuals are no longer employed by the University of
Oregon, kindly provide the Information for his or her replacement, if any.