Rose Bowl Expenses and Revenues

Eichelberger, Curtis
Bloomberg News
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In accordance with Oregon's open records laws, I am writing to request financial documents that show the costs associated with your school's participation in the Rose Bowl following the 2009 regular season.

1.) What was the athletic department's " expense allowance'' from the conference for participating in the bowl game?

2.) What was the school's ``conference allocation'' revenue?

(Example: The PAC-10 has teams in five bowls generating $30 million. After each team is given its expense allotment, $20 million remains. The conference divides the $20 million among its 10 teams, giving each team $2 million. This is the figure I need for this question: $2 million.)

3.) What were the athletic department's total expenses from its participation in the bowl game? This would include hotel, travel, gifts, food, rentals ? everything but coaching and athletic department staff bonuses.

4.) What was the cumulative bonus paid to the football staff for coaching the team to the bowl game? What was the bonus paid to the head football coach?

5.) What was the cumulative bonus paid to non-football coaches within the department? How much was paid to the athletic director?

6.) How many tickets were in your bowl ticket allotment that you had to sell?
How many tickets did the athletic department (or the conference) have to buy back because they couldn't sell them?
What was the total cost of the tickets the athletic department had to buy back? What was the total cost of the tickets the conference had to buy back separate of those the athletic department bought back?

7.) Can I get a copy of the NCAA Bowl expense report that is filed with the NCAA every spring? It is sometimes called the Institution Expense Report form.

8.) What was the bowl payout to the conference from the bowl host?