Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
03/13/2020 Correspondence Nguyen, Ryan Awaiting Payment from Requester
03/16/2020 Correspondence Wittry, Andy Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/22/2014 Communications Axon, Rachel Closed
08/16/2018 Correspondence Khalili, Zoha Closed
02/28/2019 Social media messages Nguyen, Ryan Closed
08/03/2015 Compliance Correspondence Harbaugh, Bill Closed
11/21/2012 NCAA legal invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/17/2018 Student Conduct Nguyen, Ryan Closed
05/06/2019 Student Data Dell, Billy Closed
07/31/2019 Contract Bartmer, Ali Closed
02/04/2015 Macarthur Court Dietz, Diane Closed
04/25/2016 Outdated Vendor Checks Butler, Peter Closed
09/20/2013 CAMCORS records Gonzales, Jon Closed
06/21/2018 Directory Information Cissna, Ashley Closed
01/24/2017 RFPs Van Dyk, Andrew Closed
02/13/2018 Documents Nguyen, Ryan Closed
08/28/2018 Procedures Steinbaugh, Adam Closed
06/10/2019 Correspondence Saunders, Jonathan Closed
08/18/2015 Department Communications Alger, Michelle Closed
02/12/2014 Student Athlete Services info Boehler, Brian Closed
09/13/2017 Correspondence Moore, Jack Closed
02/13/2017 Directory Information Nichols, Kylie Closed
04/12/2019 Contract Narum, Alex Closed
10/24/2011 Beverage Contracts Davis, Santhayln Closed
06/06/2013 Presidents Calendar Harbaugh, Bill Closed
01/17/2018 Contract Jacoby, Kenny Closed
11/09/2018 Correspondence and contracts Pine, Levi Closed
03/11/2020 Contract Kish, Matthew Closed
08/03/2015 Solar Energy Projects Harbaugh, Bill Closed
09/13/2017 Correspondence Meek, Austin Closed
02/21/2013 Registrar student information Aras, Fahimeh Closed
01/10/2019 Correspondence Knight News Closed
07/02/2019 Department Data Scalpone Closed
10/12/2015 Office of the Registrar Kellermeyer, Nick Closed
02/13/2018 Report and Documents Nguyen, Ryan Closed
05/31/2018 Financial records Tobin, Michael Closed
09/16/2019 Correspondence Ryan, Cheyney Closed
09/03/2014 email communications Mirror Hatmaker Tilkin, Dan Closed
08/03/2015 Reviews Harbaugh, Bill Closed
06/25/2013 BSK invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed