Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
04/12/2013 Legal invoices March 2013 Harbaugh, Bill Closed
07/11/2011 Trademark applications and current licensees Raschio, Martha Closed
06/06/2013 Presidents Calendar Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/01/2015 Outstanding vendor checks Kaye, Julia Closed
11/18/2019 Correspondence Fenno, Nathan Closed
03/22/2018 Correspondence Jacoby, Kenny Closed
11/15/2018 Correspondence Withycombe, Claire Closed
05/06/2019 Student Data Dell, Billy Closed
04/28/2020 Directory Information Craft, Saxon Closed
09/14/2017 Correspondence Butler, Jack Closed
10/28/2019 Financial Records Cooper, Steven Closed
11/29/2011 Contracts Appleby, Keith Closed
04/12/2019 Contract Narum, Alex Closed
02/12/2018 Directory Information Tobin, Michael Closed
04/01/2020 Personnel records Keefer, Bob Closed
10/02/2018 Correspondence Demars, Zack Closed
03/04/2016 RFPs, contract Eidson, Candace Closed
10/27/2014 Public Records Requests from 07/25/2014 to Present Harbaugh, Bill Closed
02/26/2019 Recording Kwiecien, Braedon Closed
12/18/2017 RFP Sutrave-Vinerkar, Priyanka Closed
06/25/2013 BSK invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
12/05/2012 NCAA communications Harbaugh, Bill Closed
06/02/2014 mirroring 6 requests Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/03/2015 Compliance Correspondence Harbaugh, Bill Closed
07/05/2011 Renovation proposals for the EMU and SRC projects Lore, Stephanie Closed
07/01/2014 Communications Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/12/2013 Academic Support budgets Harbaugh, Bill Closed
03/23/2018 Correspondence Jennings, Chantel Closed
02/03/2020 Employee Information Hartocollis, Anemona Closed
08/07/2019 Directory Information Bauer, Laura Closed
11/12/2018 Correspondence Manning, Jeff Closed
06/06/2018 Education request Thomas, Osborne Closed
09/14/2017 Correspondence Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/17/2016 Directory Information Garcia, Miguel Closed
07/30/2019 Correspondence Scalpone, Gina Closed
12/17/2014 Employment statistics Krueger, Stephen Closed
05/23/2018 Reports Field, Andy Closed
11/29/2017 Contracts Luberda, Ed Closed
04/18/2019 Data Berdahl, Seth Closed
03/07/2012 Athlete info Bleymaier, Joe Closed