Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
07/01/2010 Autzen Stadium Project Post Bid Documents Francis, Candia
06/29/2010 Employment Contracts and Salary Information Stickney, Jon C.
06/25/2010 Autzen Stadium Project Post Bid Documents Duporte, Kareem
06/25/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Silsbee, Tim
06/22/2010 Conference Membership Realignment Records Lavigne, Paula
06/21/2010 Bids for Autzen Stadium Project Patrick, Venisha
06/18/2010 Information on Construction of Matthew Knight Arena Williams, John
06/15/2010 Employment Contract Kerr, Andrew
06/14/2010 Unionization Documents Ziemer, Dennis
06/10/2010 Unionization Documents Harbaugh, Bill
06/09/2010 Employment Contract Gaddy, Ross J.
06/09/2010 Invoices from Stan McKnight Association Harbaugh, Bill
06/08/2010 Class Schedules for Summer 2010 Ziemer, Dennis
06/07/2010 Directory Information for Research Employees Ziemer, Dennis
Bid Proposals and Contract Allen, Greg Requesting/Reviewing Records
Copy of Report Dietz, Diane Requesting/Reviewing Records
RFPs McGraw, Noah Requesting/Reviewing Records
Mirror download request Cremer, Alex Records Provided