Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
12/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Documents
12/17/2010 NCAA Revenue and Expense Reports, Apparel and Employment Contracts Solomon, Jon
12/16/2010 Athletic Revenue and Expense Report Bachman, Rachel
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts Wihtol, Christian
12/16/2010 Contracts for Sale of Athletic Merchandise
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts
12/14/2010 Contracts for BCS Bowl Game Tickets Bachman, Rachel
12/10/2010 Panda Express Proposal or Lease Agreement Stevenson, Pixie
11/29/2010 Accounting for Matthew Knight Arena Bachman, Rachel
11/29/2010 Employment Contracts Upton, Jodi
11/24/2010 Registry of Vehicles for Student Athletes Pitkin, James
11/22/2010 Employment Contracts Cohen, Kevin
11/22/2010 Donor Agreements for Athletic Facilities Expansions Harbaugh, Bill
11/22/2010 Correspondence Regarding Student Athlete Pitkin, James
11/22/2010 New Athletic Operations Building Agreements Wihtol, Christian
11/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Commission Documents Cziko, Paul
11/16/2010 Public Record Request Fee Waiver Assessment Documents Harbaugh, Bill
11/15/2010 Riverfront Research Park Contracts Cziko, Paul
11/11/2010 Distributed Antenna System RFP Responses Buechley, Seth
11/10/2010 NCAA Secondary Violation Bellamy, Ron
11/10/2010 NCAA Football Game Contracts Schlatre, Larry
11/09/2010 Home Football Game Expenses Williams, Blake
11/08/2010 Football Corporate Hospitality Contract Essig, Scott
11/07/2010 Accounting of 2010 State Lottery Funds Harbaugh, Bill
11/05/2010 Student Directory Information Ellison, Wesley
10/26/2010 Athletic Department's Operating Budget
10/19/2010 Transparency Reports Wihtol, Christian
10/19/2010 Transparency Reports Wihtol, Christian
10/18/2010 Resumes of Finalists for Public Records Officer Harbaugh, Bill
10/18/2010 Resumes of Finalists for General Counsel Harbaugh, Bill
10/18/2010 Employment Contracts Harbaugh, Bill
10/18/2010 Progress Payments for Matthew Knight Arena Williams, John
10/14/2010 Trademark & Licensing Revenues, Football Season Ticket Sales Bachman, Rachel
10/14/2010 Matthew Knight Arena Change Orders Kisselburgh, Bill
10/13/2010 Employment Contracts Moua, Kabao
10/13/2010 Correspondence on Creating a Sworn Dept. of Public Safety
10/08/2010 Fees Estimated or Charged for PRRs Harbaugh, Bill
10/07/2010 Athletic Media and Apparel Contracts Pinkham, Matt
10/06/2010 Archiving Schedule for UO E-mail Harbaugh, Bill
10/05/2010 Directory Information for UO Employees Carroll, Yonna