Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
06/08/2011 Gifts Received from BCS Bowl Games Harris, Craig
06/07/2011 List of Personal Service Contracts Unger, Melissa
06/01/2011 Affirmative Action Compliance Documents Harbaugh, Bill
05/23/2011 Athletics Financial Statements McGraw, Scott
05/20/2011 Employment Contracts Haller, Doug
05/17/2011 Employment Contracts Herman, Jens
05/16/2011 College of Education Records Pomerance, Laura
05/12/2011 Event Services Contracts Parsons, Bill
05/12/2011 Athletics PR Requests; Football Recruiting Records Schroeder, George
05/12/2011 NCAA Documents Schroeder, George
05/09/2011 Employment Contracts Pengiel, Phil
05/06/2011 Employment Contracts Lattinville, Bob
05/06/2011 Professor Photographs Stewart, Patrick
05/04/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Reports Sanderson, Matthew
05/03/2011 Records Pertaining to Possible Alcohol Sales Fox, Lauren
05/03/2011 President Emeritus Accounting of Expenditures Harbaugh, Bill
05/02/2011 Undergraduate Statistics Bachman, Rachel
05/02/2011 Non-conference Football Game Contracts Cohen, Kevin
05/02/2011 Bids for Barnhart and Riley Projects Valencia, Jerry
04/27/2011 2010 NCAA Financial Report Wharton, David
04/26/2011 General Contractor RFP Samples Hazard, Kim
04/26/2011 BCS Championship Game Agreement; Tickets Provided Wetzel, Dan
04/25/2011 Cross-Country/Track & Field Financials, Employment Contracts Goe, Ken
04/22/2011 Department of Public Safety Records
04/21/2011 Sharepoint Upgrade Proposal Documents Hing, Vivienne
04/21/2011 Football Scouting Payments Hong, Carolyn
04/21/2011 Athletics Related PR Requests Schroeder, George
04/15/2011 Winning Bid for Admissions Video O'Brien, Jennifer
04/14/2011 Consultant Documents Harbaugh, Bill
04/13/2011 Athletic Department Document
04/12/2011 Football Recruiting Expenses Hong, Carolyn
04/11/2011 Riverfront Research Park Project Documents Collier, Seda
04/11/2011 BCS Championship Game Financial Records Sawhney, Kabir
04/10/2011 Employment Contracts Harbaugh, Bill
04/08/2011 Certified Payroll for Computing Center Haan, Corey
04/08/2011 Consultant Findings, Recommendations Harbaugh, Bill
04/08/2011 Employment Contracts Moua, Kabao
04/06/2011 Football Recruiting Records Hong, Carolyn
04/06/2011 Free Sideline Passes, Admissions for Football Seasons Hong, Carolyn
04/05/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Survey Christensen, Jay