Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Titlesort descending Requester Status
01/18/2013 Basketball Ticket sales Harbaugh, Bill Closed
07/13/2012 Coaching Contracts Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided
03/13/2024 Correspondence Aronson, Eliza Records Provided
12/10/2012 Employee Information Request Harbaugh, Bill
11/29/2013 Employment contract Greif, Andrew Records Provided
03/03/2023 Enrollment records Chan, Phillip Records Provided
01/18/2013 Fiesta Bowl Request Tublitz, Nathan Records Provided
12/10/2012 Football Ticket Recipients Request Harbaugh, Bill Closed
01/23/2013 Helfrich Contract Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
12/10/2012 NCAA Documents Request Harbaugh, BIll Closed
05/16/2012 Police Vehicle build bids Springer, Jeff Records Provided
05/28/2013 Presentation documents Dietz, Diane Records Provided
07/17/2013 RFI winning proposal Howard, Megan Records Provided
09/29/2015 Settlement Read, Richard Records Exempt From Disclosure
05/22/2014 2 of multiple requests Axon, Rachel No Responsive Records
01/22/2015 2005-2007 NCAA reports Kambhampati, Sandhya No Responsive Records
12/18/2012 2007 - 2011 Bowl game ticket info Tublitz, Nathan Records Provided
07/12/2011 2007-08 and 2008-09 NCAA EADA reports Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
04/27/2011 2010 NCAA Financial Report Wharton, David
11/29/2013 2011 BCS statement Schrotenboer, Brent Records Provided
11/30/2011 2011-2012 Revenue Hansen, Greg Records Provided
06/15/2015 2021 IAAF World Championship Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
08/03/2015 2021 IAAF World Championship Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
09/09/2014 3 days email Parker, Ian No Responsive Records
09/11/2012 AA Report Harbaugh, Bill Request Withdrawn
07/30/2012 Abatement Documents Udashen, Audrey Records Provided
11/19/2021 Academic records Boyer-Anderson, Rebecca Closed
03/25/2016 Academic Reports Jordan, Miriam Records Provided
08/12/2013 Academic Support budgets Hirko, Scott Records Provided
08/12/2013 Academic Support budgets Harbaugh, Bill Closed
04/10/2018 Account information Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
06/12/2019 Account Information Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
11/29/2010 Accounting for Matthew Knight Arena Bachman, Rachel
11/07/2010 Accounting of 2010 State Lottery Funds Harbaugh, Bill
07/12/2011 Accounting records of Bond, Shoenek & King Harbaugh, Bill Closed
04/29/2015 Accounting statement Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
10/30/2017 Accounts Zhang, Jenny Records Provided
09/11/2012 AD Contracts Johnson, Mark Records Provided
09/12/2012 AD Contracts Goe, Ken Records Provided
08/16/2012 AD Salaries Presser, Jeff Request Withdrawn