Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
02/27/2015 Invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
05/30/2019 Directory Information Del Carmen, Jesus Marco A Closed
12/14/2018 Correspondence Wilner, Jon Closed
11/11/2019 Course Records Korzecke, Cam Closed
07/20/2021 Correspondence Stanley-Becker, Isaac Closed
05/15/2019 Reports Perloff, Cressa Closed
10/12/2020 Correspondence O'Leary, Francis Closed
01/21/2016 Fund Allocation Mathis, Matthew Closed
10/16/2011 Outside Income Reports Harbaugh, Bill Closed
11/29/2011 Athletic Department Applications Harbaugh, Bill Closed
03/10/2020 Correspondence Crolla, Bruno Closed
03/19/2021 Contracts Dianno, Jake Closed
12/09/2019 Purchases Baumgarten, Duncan Closed
06/03/2020 Financial Records Parvez, Zaria Closed
05/30/2019 Directory Information Asari, David Closed
11/04/2015 Correspondence Fenno, Nathan Closed
07/27/2020 Directory Information Masterson, Erin Closed
05/22/2014 Communications Axon, Rachel Closed
10/12/2020 Correspondence Garcia, Damaso Closed
06/19/2014 Mirroring Woolington Requests Harbaugh, Bill Closed
05/22/2013 President's Calendar Ekblad, Nicholas Closed
07/02/2019 Department Data Scalpone Closed
09/21/2017 RFP Wikoff, Heather Closed
08/19/2021 Financial Records Canonigo, Maiza Closed
05/14/2015 RFP Responses - Security Parsons, Bill Closed
08/12/2013 Academic Support budgets Harbaugh, Bill Closed
04/23/2019 Correspondence Canzano, John Closed
11/29/2011 Contracts Appleby, Keith Closed
02/13/2018 Report and Documents Nguyen, Ryan Closed
03/10/2020 Complaints Powell, Carrington Closed
09/29/2021 NIL Records Bostick, Karl Closed
06/17/2019 Contracts and compensation Berkowitz, Steve Closed
09/03/2014 email communications Mirror Hatmaker Tilkin, Dan Closed
07/16/2015 Compliance Correspondence Mattioli, Kami Closed
02/10/2020 Correspondence Crolla, Bruno Closed
09/02/2021 RFP Gill, Ethan Closed
12/03/2021 Contracts Owens, David Closed
06/23/2015 UOPD Correspondence Harbaugh, Bill Closed
02/25/2016 Directory Information Edwards, James Closed
01/29/2020 Salary Data Lu, Dillian Closed