Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
12/05/2016 Correspondence Appleby, Keith Closed
09/01/2015 Mirror Harbaugh Appleby, Keith Closed
11/21/2014 Request Appleby, Keith Records Provided
02/21/2013 Registrar student information Aras, Fahimeh Closed
03/02/2017 Directory Information Asari, David Closed
05/30/2019 Directory Information Asari, David Closed
02/17/2021 Student directory information Asari, David Awaiting Payment from Requester
07/01/2015 Student Directory Asari, David Records Provided
11/03/2017 Directory Information Asari, David Closed
06/06/2018 RFP Ashton, Patricia Records Exempt From Disclosure
04/24/2017 Real estate documents Ashton, Patrick Records Provided
06/18/2014 Woodshop/Kitchen Rebuild Askew, Paul No Responsive Records
05/04/2016 Directory Information Aulakh, Ramnik Request Withdrawn
02/24/2012 NCAA Investigation Aune, Jolie Records Provided
07/09/2015 Brand Contracts Axon, Rachel Records Provided
05/22/2014 2 of multiple requests Axon, Rachel No Responsive Records
05/22/2014 Groves Report Axon, Rachel Records Provided
02/12/2015 Aggregate data Toradol Axon, Rachel No Responsive Records
05/24/2013 Nike contract and HIPPA release form Axon, Rachel Records Provided
05/22/2014 Communications Axon, Rachel Closed
05/22/2014 emails Axon, Rachel Records Provided
05/22/2014 Letter of Intent Axon, Rachel Records Provided
02/12/2021 Records Ayele, WIlliam No Responsive Records
06/07/2017 Contracts Ayukesong, Quentin Records Provided
09/16/2010 NCAA Violations Bachman, Rachel
01/24/2011 NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report Bachman, Rachel
05/24/2018 Financial Records Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
09/30/2010 Athletics Budget; Employment Contract Bachman, Rachel
09/14/2011 Sports Camp Income Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
07/16/2010 Jaqua Center Insurance Documents Bachman, Rachel
09/16/2011 NCAA Notice of Inquiry Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
11/29/2010 Accounting for Matthew Knight Arena Bachman, Rachel
12/14/2010 Contracts for BCS Bowl Game Tickets Bachman, Rachel
12/16/2010 Athletic Revenue and Expense Report Bachman, Rachel
05/02/2011 Undergraduate Statistics Bachman, Rachel
10/14/2010 Trademark & Licensing Revenues, Football Season Ticket Sales Bachman, Rachel
11/04/2019 Contract Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
06/23/2011 Football Scouting Documents Bachman, Rachel
06/24/2011 Retention of Professionals Related to Football scouting Bachman, Rachel
12/12/2011 NCAA report Bachman, Rachel Records Provided