Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
10/05/2016 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan Closed
06/09/2016 Contracts Blutstein, Allan Records Provided
07/17/2018 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan No Responsive Records
08/14/2019 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan No Responsive Records
08/14/2012 Personal Service Contracts Boeger, Andrew Records Provided
02/12/2014 Student Athlete Services info Boehler, Brian Closed
02/12/2013 Score Distributions Boehler, Brian
10/19/2015 Contracts, Letters, Agreements Boender, Bryan Closed
05/24/2019 Financial Records Bohanon, Mariah Closed
01/13/2012 Employment contract Bolt, Greg Records Provided
09/13/2011 Salary Increase Information Bolt, Greg No Responsive Records
10/18/2011 Costs Associated with the Department of Public Safety Bolt, Greg Closed
07/02/2010 Tort Claim Notices Bolt, Greg
06/27/2011 Agate Hall Lease, Purchase Bolt, Greg
07/22/2011 Outside entities using Matthew Knight Arena Bolt, Greg Records Provided
10/06/2011 Employment Contract Bolt, Greg Records Provided
10/04/2011 Pay Increases Bolt, Greg Records Provided
07/26/2010 Financial Transparency Reports Bolt, Greg
08/22/2018 Contract Bonagura, Kyle Records Provided
02/13/2019 Correspondence Bonagura, Kyle No Responsive Records
07/12/2010 Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena Bonham, Daniel
07/12/2010 Change Orders, Payments for Matthew Knight Arena Bonham, Daniel
07/16/2015 UOPD Boone, Mario No Responsive Records
10/27/2014 Contract Bortman, Miles Records Provided
09/02/2015 Payroll Reports Bovero, Gregory Records Provided
04/22/2013 Employee listing Bownik, Marcin Closed
10/18/2011 Vendor Contracts Boyce, Belinda Records Provided
11/09/2017 Correspondence Boyer, Corinne Records Provided
05/15/2019 Records Bozung, Corrie Records Provided
06/25/2019 Contract Brady, David Records Provided
10/24/2018 Report Bragg, Collene Records Provided
10/09/2011 ESPN College Gameday Brandon Hamburg Request Withdrawn
07/14/2014 Faculty Hires Brands, Riley Records Exempt From Disclosure
10/29/2012 Chapman Renovation Bid Breanna Treto
04/10/2014 RFP Responses Breen, Adam Records Provided
06/18/2019 Contract Brennan, Daniel Records Provided
01/13/2012 Bowl Game Financial Report Brettman, Allan No Responsive Records
09/02/2015 Correspondence Brettman, Allan Closed
06/05/2013 Brand Management report Brettman, Allan Closed
12/10/2019 Information Request Briggs, Geoffrey Records Provided