Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Titlesort descending Requester Status
04/11/2017 Archives Hawthorne, Jonathan Records Provided
04/21/2017 Archives Hawthorne, Jonathan Records Provided
11/03/2016 Archives Hawthorne, Jonathan Records Provided
05/11/2016 Archives Purchases Stoots, Jennifer Awaiting Payment from Requester
10/06/2010 Archiving Schedule for UO E-mail Harbaugh, Bill
01/03/2011 Arena Contract Wihtol, Christian
08/13/2013 Assault Policies Herdy, Amy Records Provided
04/24/2014 ASUO Lindfors, Richard Request Withdrawn
07/19/2013 ASUO budget Morgan-Russell, Dan Records Provided
02/18/2015 ASUO Contracts Tornay, Kaylee Records Provided
04/29/2015 ASUO Election Documents Field, Andrew Records Provided
04/20/2014 ASUO Elections Lubash, Andrew Records Provided
04/21/2014 ASUO Elections Garcia, Craig Records Provided
04/02/2014 ASUO Elections Wallachy, Alexandra Records Provided
03/04/2014 ASUO Emails Brynelson, Troy Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/05/2011 ASUO incidental fee Klassy, Garrett Records Provided
03/16/2012 ASUO petitions Luthin, Sophie Request Withdrawn
11/13/2011 ASUO rate for football tickets Eckstein, Ben Records Provided
03/07/2012 Athlete info Bleymaier, Joe Awaiting Payment from Requester
01/24/2011 Athletic Administrator Correspondence
06/19/2012 Athletic Apparel Contracts Jamieson, Tyler Request Withdrawn
06/29/2012 Athletic Contract Kimbrough, Jerese Records Provided
07/20/2015 Athletic Contracts Rhoden, Jaleesa Records Provided
05/02/2012 Athletic Contracts Iacobelli, Peter Records Provided
10/07/2015 Athletic contracts Douning, Karen Awaiting Payment from Requester
09/30/2015 Athletic contracts Lefft, Evan Awaiting Payment from Requester
11/29/2011 Athletic Department Applications Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment from Requester
04/10/2012 Athletic Department Applications Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
09/01/2010 Athletic Department Correspondence Veazey, Kyle
04/13/2011 Athletic Department Document
02/14/2011 Athletic Department Documents
10/26/2010 Athletic Department's Operating Budget
08/22/2014 Athletic employee contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
10/07/2010 Athletic Media and Apparel Contracts Pinkham, Matt
12/16/2010 Athletic Revenue and Expense Report Bachman, Rachel
03/12/2013 Athletic scholarship information Dent, Mark Records Provided
03/22/2011 Athletics Apparel Agreement Kahler, James M.
10/02/2012 Athletics budget info Ellis, Amanda Records Provided
03/29/2013 Athletics budget information Gaul, Gilbert Closed
09/30/2010 Athletics Budget; Employment Contract Bachman, Rachel