Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
01/29/2016 Directory Information Milne, Ryan Closed
06/06/2013 Documents showing GC advice Harbaugh, Bill Closed
06/13/2019 Student Data Jacoby, Kenny Closed
01/06/2022 Student directory information Zandecki, McKenna Closed
11/03/2017 Directory Information Asari, David Closed
08/28/2018 Procedures Steinbaugh, Adam Closed
11/13/2015 Directory Information Young, Ryan Closed
03/26/2018 Statistics Mull, Corey Closed
12/11/2014 Licensing Applications and Reports Iboshi, Kyle Closed
06/11/2020 Correspondence Vicente-Kliot, Hannah Closed
08/12/2013 Academic Support budgets Harbaugh, Bill Closed
12/12/2017 Correspondence Jacoby, Kenny Closed
10/29/2018 Correspondence Pine, Levi Closed
11/29/2021 Contracts and Correspondence Schwab, Tim Closed
03/10/2021 Report Tabrizian, Ardeshir Closed
03/18/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Harbaugh, Bill Closed
05/28/2020 Directory Information Buechler, Alexandra Closed
05/17/2019 RFPs, scoresheets Reskusich, John Closed
10/14/2019 Financial Records Geary, Kirk Closed
09/13/2017 Correspondence Meek, Austin Closed
08/21/2020 Financial Information Member, Community Closed
10/17/2018 Student Conduct Nguyen, Ryan Closed
10/02/2014 Communications Wang, Julia Closed
01/27/2022 Financial records Brown, Matt Closed
11/27/2017 Contracts Drimmer, Bryan Closed
02/03/2016 Directory Information Watson, Paris Closed
07/01/2014 Communications Harbaugh, Bill Closed
05/22/2014 Communications Axon, Rachel Closed
12/04/2018 Correspondence Canzano, John Closed
02/12/2014 Student Athlete Services info Boehler, Brian Closed
06/16/2020 Survey Data Peterson, Anne Closed
10/11/2013 Student Majors information Holloway, Hannah Closed
04/29/2021 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan Closed
02/24/2020 Records DeBord, Lisa Closed
09/03/2020 Contract, Invoices, Reports Rindlisbacher, Christof Closed
01/30/2019 Correspondence Crepea, James Closed
03/07/2012 Athlete info Bleymaier, Joe Closed
03/18/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Ekblad, Nicholas Closed
08/11/2014 Various Email Correspondence Terlep, Sharon Closed
02/13/2017 Directory Information Nichols, Kylie Closed