Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
07/19/2019 Contract Etezady, Cameron Closed
07/17/2019 Records Knowlton, John Closed
07/15/2019 Policies Levine, Jeffrey No Responsive Records
07/15/2019 Records Demars, Zack Records Provided
07/10/2019 Contracts and Revenue Goodykoontz, Emily Records Provided
07/03/2019 Contract Gartrell, Josephine Records Provided
07/02/2019 Contract Kane, Jane Records Provided
07/02/2019 Personnel data Scalpone, Gina Records Provided
07/02/2019 Department Data Scalpone Closed
07/01/2019 Financial Records Upton, Kristi No Responsive Records
06/28/2019 Contract Crepea, James Records Provided
06/28/2019 Contracts Crepea, James No Responsive Records
06/28/2019 Contracts Crepea, James No Responsive Records
06/28/2019 Contracts Crepea, James No Responsive Records
06/28/2019 Athletics Records Crepea, James Records Provided
06/28/2019 Settlements Elletson, Grace No Responsive Records
06/26/2019 Records Scalpone, Gina Records Exempt From Disclosure
06/26/2019 Contracts Brown, Jordyn Records Provided
06/26/2019 Contract Scalpone, Gina No Responsive Records
06/25/2019 Contract Rogers, Eric Records Provided
06/25/2019 Contract Brady, David Records Provided
06/24/2019 Personnel data Brown, Jordyn Records Provided
06/24/2019 Financial Records Rennie, Julianna Records Provided
06/24/2019 Contracts Crepea, James Records Provided
06/20/2019 Financial Records Ghislandi, Ana Records Provided
06/20/2019 Contract Mims, Steven Records Provided
06/20/2019 Contracts and correspondence Greenthal, Eva Closed
06/20/2019 Reports Gilpin, Heather Requesting/Reviewing Records
06/19/2019 Contract Thorburn, Ryan Records Provided
06/18/2019 Contract Brennan, Daniel Records Provided
06/17/2019 Contracts and compensation Berkowitz, Steve Closed
06/17/2019 Directory Information Worley, Patricia Records Provided
06/17/2019 Mirror Requests Demars, Zack Records Provided
06/13/2019 Contract Smith, Steve Records Provided
06/13/2019 Student Data Jacoby, Kenny Closed
06/12/2019 Account Information Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
06/12/2019 Employee Information Mellies, Tammy Records Provided
06/11/2019 Salary Data Cherkasskikh, Oleg Closed
06/11/2019 Contracts Crepea, James Records Provided
06/10/2019 RFP Selberg, Shaun Records Provided