Public Requests Record Log

Request Datesort descending Title Requester Status
05/09/2011 Employment Contracts Pengiel, Phil
05/12/2011 Event Services Contracts Parsons, Bill
05/12/2011 Athletics PR Requests; Football Recruiting Records Schroeder, George
05/12/2011 NCAA Documents Schroeder, George
05/16/2011 College of Education Records Pomerance, Laura
05/17/2011 Employment Contracts Herman, Jens
05/20/2011 Employment Contracts Haller, Doug
05/23/2011 Athletics Financial Statements McGraw, Scott
06/01/2011 Affirmative Action Compliance Documents Harbaugh, Bill
06/07/2011 List of Personal Service Contracts Unger, Melissa
06/08/2011 President Emeritus Contracts, Documents Harbaugh, Bill
06/08/2011 Gifts Received from BCS Bowl Games Harris, Craig
06/09/2011 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron
06/10/2011 Employment Contracts Friedman, Adam (Lefft)
06/13/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Reports Harris, Craig
06/14/2011 Course Grade Distribution Kim, Leslie
06/16/2011 Employment Contract Hannah, Rashad
06/17/2011 BCS Bowl Contracts, Documents Sanderson, Matthew
06/20/2011 Employment Contract Byron, Matthew
06/20/2011 Certified payroll, Documents for Matthew Knight Arena Haan, Corey
06/20/2011 Football Scouting Records Winters, Jennifer
06/21/2011 Football Scouting Records Dodd, Dennis
06/21/2011 Football Scouting Products; Coach Cell Records Hong, Carolyn
06/21/2011 Football Recruiting Records Robertson, Jeff
06/22/2011 Sorority/Fraternity Information Kruse, Chris
06/22/2011 Football Scouting Financial Documents Sheldon, Dan
06/23/2011 Football Scouting Documents Bachman, Rachel
06/24/2011 Retention of Professionals Related to Football scouting Bachman, Rachel
06/27/2011 Agate Hall Lease, Purchase Bolt, Greg
06/29/2011 Football Scouting Records; Athletic Related PR Requests Schroeder, George
06/30/2011 Employment Contracts and Budget Documents Anderson, Jacob
06/30/2011 Employment Contracts Berkowitz, Steve
07/01/2011 Invoices from Lyles Schroeder, George Records Provided
07/01/2011 Cell phone records, correspondence re: Football Scouting Schroeder, George Records Provided
07/05/2011 Renovation proposals for the EMU and SRC projects Lore, Stephanie Closed
07/05/2011 Names, addresses of all incoming students Meno, Jason Records Provided
07/05/2011 Grade distribution for S11, W11 and W07 Hill, Claire Records Provided
07/05/2011 Employment contract Cella, Ray Records Provided
07/06/2011 Agreements between UO and Gabon Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
07/06/2011 VP for Diversity search documents Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided