Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
06/26/2012 Rental Policies Spier, Zach Records Provided
06/21/2012 Frohnmayer Payments Manning, Jeff Request Withdrawn
06/21/2012 DPS emails Harris, Tyree Request Withdrawn
06/20/2012 Ceiling Bids Riley Res Hall Verdoorn, Megan Request Withdrawn
06/19/2012 Athletic Apparel Contracts Jamieson, Tyler Request Withdrawn
06/12/2012 Pest Control Bid Starr, Patty Records Provided
06/12/2012 Various annual athletics reports and contracts Hansen, Ron Records Provided
06/11/2012 Employment Information Raubeson, Walter Records Provided
06/11/2012 PIV Alternative Procurement Bid Materials Stegmeir, Matthew Records Provided
06/07/2012 Glazier/BSK Contract Martin, Jeff Request Withdrawn
06/07/2012 BSK Documents and invoices Martin, Jeff Request Withdrawn
06/07/2012 Compliance Review Project Payment Martin, Jeff Request Withdrawn
06/04/2012 Men's Basketball Head Coach Contract Kolisek, Jake Records Provided
05/31/2012 Student Directory Information Yeung, John Records Provided
05/29/2012 Moshofsky Center/Mallard Park bid packets submitted Edwards, Vicki Records Provided
05/23/2012 HVAC, Elevator, Roofing Bids- UO Brock, Antoinette Request Withdrawn
05/22/2012 NCAA Football Investigation Zivin, Jake Records Provided
05/22/2012 Knight Library Carpet Bid Klopfenstein, Lori Records Provided
05/21/2012 Union Member Requests Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/17/2012 RFP responses UO Recreation Center Miller, Chris Records Provided
05/16/2012 Police Vehicle build bids Springer, Jeff Records Provided
05/14/2012 Police Vehicle Build Bids Calkins, Greg Records Provided
05/10/2012 NCAA Football Investigation Tilkin, Dan Records Provided
05/10/2012 Directory Information for UO Employees Carroll, Yonna Records Provided
05/08/2012 NCAA Football Investigation Schroeder, George Request Withdrawn
05/07/2012 Multimedia Agreements Cohen , Daniel
05/04/2012 NCAA Football Investigation Petersen, Anne Request Withdrawn
05/02/2012 Athletic Contracts Iacobelli, Peter Records Provided
05/01/2012 Employment Contract Lattinville, Robert Records Provided
04/27/2012 BSK Invoices Schroeder, George Records Provided
04/27/2012 Compliance Review Project Schroeder, George Records Provided
04/26/2012 Certified Payrolls Norby, Tanya Records Provided
04/24/2012 Union Agreement Harbaugh, Bill No Responsive Records
04/24/2012 Union Agreement Stites, Sam Records Provided
04/23/2012 Agreements Between UO and Gabon Wihtol, Christian No Responsive Records
04/20/2012 Emails re: recruiting violations Tilkin, Dan Records Provided
04/18/2012 Contracts and invoices Wihtol, Christian Records Provided
04/18/2012 EADA reports George, Rachel Records Provided
04/17/2012 Agreements/contracts Wihtol, Christian Request Withdrawn
04/17/2012 Legal services Invoice Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided