Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
07/09/2012 Coaching Contracts Schroeder, George Records Provided
05/08/2012 NCAA Football Investigation Schroeder, George Request Withdrawn
06/12/2012 Pest Control Bid Starr, Patty Records Provided
06/11/2012 PIV Alternative Procurement Bid Materials Stegmeir, Matthew Records Provided
05/10/2012 NCAA Football Investigation Tilkin, Dan Records Provided
05/31/2012 Student Directory Information Yeung, John Records Provided
05/22/2012 NCAA Football Investigation Zivin, Jake Records Provided
06/12/2014 Baseball Coach compensation Abbott, BB Records Provided
01/11/2013 Football player stats Abrams, BJ Records Provided
12/09/2016 Salary Data Acker, Lizzy Records Provided
08/26/2016 Records Ackerman, Linda Records Provided
03/14/2017 Proposals Adams, Isaac Records Provided
08/04/2011 Employment Contract Adams, Jamal Records Provided
05/15/2017 Contract Addy, Reginald No Responsive Records
08/18/2015 Senator Feingold Speech Adler, Jeremy Records Provided
06/18/2015 Animals In Research Agundez, Juan Awaiting Payment from Requester
07/22/2015 Contract Ahlen, John Records Provided
05/22/2017 Contracts Ahlgreen, Erin Records Provided
03/27/2014 Student Demographics Ahmed, Ali Records Provided
08/25/2015 Office of the Registrar Alex No Responsive Records
06/16/2014 RFP Responses Alexander, James Request Withdrawn
03/27/2014 IMG Contract Alexander, Joe Records Provided
04/06/2012 Benchmarking reports Alexander, Raquel No Responsive Records
09/11/2012 Nike Contract Alexander, Raquel Records Provided
08/18/2015 Department Communications Alger, Michelle Awaiting Payment from Requester
11/28/2016 Itinerary Alger, Tyson Records Provided
11/30/2016 Correspondence Alger, Tyson Records Provided
08/01/2016 Contracts Alger, Tyson Records Provided
10/31/2014 Contracts Alger, Tyson Records Provided
06/22/2016 Correspondence Alger, Tyson Records Exempt From Disclosure
08/04/2011 Bids/Contracts for Moshovsky Center, Mallard Park Allen, Elizabeth Request Withdrawn
12/11/2014 Contract and Bid proposals Allen, Greg Awaiting Payment from Requester
Bid Proposals and Contract Allen, Greg Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/05/2017 Contract Allerton, Robert Records Provided
11/21/2016 Faculty demographic data Alvarado, Karen Records Exempt From Disclosure
07/30/2010 Employment Contract Ananiades, Trisha
01/21/2015 Public Records Request Andersen, Kelly No Responsive Records
10/22/2012 Hospitality bids Andersen, Wayne Records Provided
07/16/2015 Software Anderson, Angelina Awaiting Payment from Requester
06/30/2011 Employment Contracts and Budget Documents Anderson, Jacob