Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
01/03/2019 RFPs, RFQs Demars, Zack Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/26/2018 Directory Information Adolfs, Johanna Records Provided
12/20/2018 RFQ Woofter, Miles Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/17/2018 Financial Records Godfrey, Grace Request Withdrawn
12/14/2018 Correspondence Wilner, Jon Awaiting Payment from Requester
12/14/2018 Contracts Allerton, Robert Records Provided
12/14/2018 Directory Information Martinez, Tuzday Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/14/2018 Contracts Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided
12/14/2018 Contract Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
12/14/2018 Records Day, Fadra Records Provided
12/14/2018 Invoices Houston, Henry Records Provided
12/13/2018 Financial Records Hoch, Emily Records Provided
12/12/2018 RFP Dinsfriend, Chuck Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/10/2018 Mirror Requests Day, Fadra Records Provided
12/10/2018 Contracts and compensation Allerton, Robert Records Provided
12/10/2018 Financial Records Houston, Henry Records Provided
12/07/2018 Financial Records Diehl, Caleb Records Provided
12/07/2018 Financial Records Diehl, Caleb Records Provided
12/06/2018 RFPs Ridgeway, Danielle Records Provided
12/06/2018 RFPs Lujan, Ryan Records Provided
12/06/2018 Reports Kish, Matthew No Responsive Records
12/05/2018 Report Tilkin, Dan Records Provided
12/05/2018 Survey Data Davis, Clark Awaiting Clarification from Requester
12/05/2018 RFPs Kennedy, Phil Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/05/2018 RFPs Kennedy, Phil Records Provided
12/04/2018 RFPs LeBlanc, Kristen Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/04/2018 Contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
12/04/2018 Investments Parker, Haley Records Provided
12/04/2018 Correspondence Canzano, John Closed
12/04/2018 Documents Harbaugh, Bill Closed
12/03/2018 Contract Houston, Henry No Responsive Records
12/03/2018 Salary Data McDowell Records Provided
11/29/2018 Directory Information Evans, Ryan Closed
11/28/2018 Ticket sales Mills, Nancy Records Provided
11/28/2018 Directory Information Chu, Nehemiah Request Withdrawn
11/28/2018 Financial Records Errichetti, Zachary No Responsive Records
11/28/2018 Budget and Statistics Moore, Shasta Records Provided
11/26/2018 RFQs, scoresheet Smith, James Records Provided
11/26/2018 Financial Records Aas, Oyvind Records Provided
11/26/2018 Investigation Lazarus, Ashton Closed