Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
09/18/2012 NCAA Documents Tilkin, Dan Closed
10/14/2013 University Communications Ruderman, Glen Closed
08/23/2012 EMU Dietz, Diane Closed
11/17/2020 Financial Information Parker, Hayley Closed
04/30/2013 Legal invoices Dec to April Brynelson, Troy Closed
04/20/2021 RFP, scoresheet, proposals Sawyer, Barron Closed
10/12/2020 Correspondence Garcia, Damaso Closed
09/21/2017 RFP Wikoff, Heather Closed
10/27/2021 Records Butler, Sarah Closed
11/27/2012 NCAA Documents Tierney, John Closed
04/23/2019 Correspondence Canzano, John Closed
06/08/2020 Correspondence Alger, Tyson Closed
07/27/2011 Employment Contracts Cassidy, Tom Closed
03/07/2012 Athlete info Bleymaier, Joe Closed
05/23/2014 emails texts Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/03/2015 University Expenditures Harbaugh, Bill Closed
02/13/2017 Directory Information Nichols, Kylie Closed
06/24/2016 Contracts, Correspondence Gomez, Susan Closed
07/17/2019 Records Knowlton, John Closed
06/24/2020 Correspondence Baumgarten, Duncan Closed
07/09/2021 Financial Records England, Michelle Closed
07/08/2013 Legal funding Gilbert, Phil Closed
11/30/2012 Football Ticket Recipients Tublitz, Nathan Closed
04/23/2019 Correspondence Canzano, John Closed
09/16/2019 Correspondence Ryan, Cheyney Closed
09/17/2020 Student directory information Schatz, Alden Closed
06/30/2014 Mirror Directory information Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/12/2015 Office of the Registrar Kellermeyer, Nick Closed
03/29/2021 Student directory information Sewell, Kayla Closed
09/30/2011 UO Recreation Center RFP Wyntergreen, Brook Closed
10/11/2016 Salary Data Kenoyer, Kelly Closed
03/20/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Paulson, Dashiell Closed
01/11/2017 Contract Reed, Tarah Closed
08/19/2013 UO General Counsel Emails Harbaugh, Bill Closed
02/26/2015 Documents PAGIA Harbaugh, Bill Closed
12/07/2021 Financial data Libit, Daniel Closed
03/11/2019 Financial Records Davies, Sararosa Closed
02/03/2021 Student directory information The Generation Lab Closed
12/27/2017 Settlements Bauman, Daniel Closed
06/30/2017 Directory Information Reca, Casey Closed