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Boehler, Brian
HBO Sports
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HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is requesting:

1. ACT and SAT combined and subscores for incoming freshmen receiving athletic grant-in-aid on the men’s basketball team and football teams during the 2013-2014 academic year going back to 2008-2009 academic year (per person, but neither individuals nor team should be identified).

2. Results of any assessment test (pre-enrollment or otherwise) to determine academic skill level (Wide Range Achieve Test, Nelson-Denny Reading Test, etc) among men's basketball and football team for the academic years  2013-2014 going back to 2008-2009.
This should be per-person, but neither individuals nor team should be identified (I.e. Non-identified personal scores. Not averages). Please include information on which form was used (i.e. Green form, etc).

Also: please send results of the first request once it's done (I.e. Do not wait to finish results of the second request before sending all the results).

As this is a matter of public concern we ask that you expedite the request. We will pay for any reasonable fees associated with it.


Brian Boehler
HBO Sports

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