Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
01/27/2022 Financial records Brown, Matt Closed
07/23/2013 Legal invoices and Contracts June 23, 2013 to July 22, 2013 Harbaugh, Bill Closed
04/16/2019 Correspondence Brown, Matt Closed
08/18/2017 Correspondence Tilkin, Dan Closed
02/13/2018 Documents Nguyen, Ryan Closed
06/10/2019 Correspondence Saunders, Jonathan Closed
10/15/2015 Law Documents McGraw, Noah Closed
12/09/2020 Correspondence Houston, Henry Closed
01/06/2022 Student directory information Zandecki, McKenna Closed
11/07/2017 Surveys Campbell, Will Closed
07/14/2017 RFQs Quezada, Rocky Closed
02/15/2021 Correspondence Sinanian, Cole Closed
07/09/2018 Employee Data Heng, Laura Closed
04/30/2013 Correspondence since Dec 21 Re: NCAA committee Stites, Sam Closed
08/18/2014 Email communications Hatmaker, Kelly Closed
12/05/2016 Correspondence Appleby, Keith Closed
11/09/2020 RFQ Leinas, Charles Closed
11/29/2021 Contracts and Correspondence Schwab, Tim Closed
12/21/2012 NCAA Communications Schroeder, George Closed
10/07/2019 Directory Information Evans, Ryan Closed
05/08/2019 Correspondence Kaltenbach, Courtney Closed
09/28/2020 Correspondence Forrest, Jack Closed
04/01/2020 MOUs Harbaugh, Bill Closed
10/18/2021 Correspondence Albrecht, Max Closed
04/21/2022 Directory information Galindo, Sebastian Closed
05/08/2014 Email Communications Hunt, Josh Closed
12/09/2020 Contracts Evans, Ryan Closed
11/08/2017 Invoices Tilkin, Dan Closed
03/19/2019 Personnel records Lake, Johnny Closed
08/19/2019 Comments Igl, David Closed
02/15/2021 Correspondence Sinanian, Cole Closed
09/15/2016 Contract and correspondence Scher, Todd Closed
09/02/2015 Correspondence Brettman, Allan Closed
03/11/2013 Email search Ekblad, Nicholas Closed
12/04/2018 Documents Harbaugh, Bill Closed
04/29/2021 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan Closed
08/05/2019 Directory Information SightShift Academy Closed
06/12/2018 Directory Information Gerber, Bryan Closed
05/15/2019 Direct Messages Houston, Henry Closed
10/15/2021 Contract Saunders, Jonny Closed