Correspondence and minutes

Straka, Ben
Freedom Foundation
Initial Request Date: 

I would like to submit the following request for public records in accordance with Chapter 192
ORS. For the purposes of this request, I am only seeking responsive records from January 1,
2014 to the present. Specifically, I'd like to request the following:

1. All meeting agendas, meeting notes, and meeting minutes from the Advisory Committee of
the University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center (LERC).

2. All documents, emails, or other records created by, received by, or in the possession of
LERC faculty members and/or LERC staff members, that contain any of the following terms:
a. Harris
b. Friedrichs
c. Right-to-work
d. Right to work
e. RTW
f. Union security
g. Anti-worker
h. Freedom Foundation
I. Northwest Accountability Project
m. Minimum wage
n. Measure 97
o. IP 28
p. Initiative Petition 28
q. IP 69
r. Initiative Petition 69
s. IP 62
t. Initiative Petition 62
u. SB 1040
v. Senate Bill 1040
w. HB 3420
x. House Bill 3420
y. HB 2609

z. House Bill 2609

3. Records of any communication that has taken place between LERC faculty members/LERC
staff members and any member of the legislative department as defined in ORS 174.114
including but not limited to:
a. Any emails sentto members of the legislative department.
b. Any emails received from members of the legislative department.
c. Records of phone calls or meetings between LERC faculty members/LERC staff
members and members of the legislative department.

4. Any emails, phone messages or other communications between LERC faculty
members/LERC staff members and any of the following:
a. Any member of the LERC Advisory Board;
b. Any @seiu503 .org email domain;
c. Any email domain;
d. Any email domain; and/or
e. Any email domain.
5. Any documents containing or summarizing LERC's budget and/or expenditures.



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