Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
02/14/2011 Athletic Department Documents
12/16/2010 Contracts for Sale of Athletic Merchandise
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts
10/13/2010 Correspondence on Creating a Sworn Dept. of Public Safety
12/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Documents
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Financial Documents
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Design Advisory Committee Minutes
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Sublease Documents
04/13/2011 Athletic Department Document
12/29/2010 Dept. of Public Safety Budget Documents
10/26/2010 Athletic Department's Operating Budget
01/12/2011 Affiliation Agreement
04/22/2011 Department of Public Safety Records
01/18/2011 NCAA Equity in Athletics Reports (EADA Report)
01/24/2011 Athletic Administrator Correspondence
02/08/2011 Curriculum Vitae for University Professor
06/06/2016 Contracts No Responsive Records
08/20/2012 RBI Consulting Bains, Franklin Records Provided
07/02/2012 U.S. Track and Fields Trials Brettman, Allan Records Provided
05/10/2012 Directory Information for UO Employees Carroll, Yonna Records Provided
06/29/2012 Athletics Contracts Cellier, Jason Records Provided
05/07/2012 Multimedia Agreements Cohen , Daniel
11/08/2012 Basketball Game Contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
08/20/2012 Port a Floor Bid Dean, Angela Records Provided
08/23/2012 EMU Dietz, Diane Closed
08/20/2012 Conference archives Geaghan, Tim Request Withdrawn
08/14/2012 Chip Kelly Contract Greenberg, Martin Records Provided
08/06/2012 Special Admin Contracts Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
08/20/2012 Port a Floor Bid Hays, Karen Records Provided
05/02/2012 Athletic Contracts Iacobelli, Peter Records Provided
08/17/2012 BSK Invoices Jude, Adam Records Provided
05/01/2012 Employment Contract Lattinville, Robert Records Provided
08/20/2012 RBI Consulting Lubash, Andrew Records Provided
09/25/2012 Charter Transportation proposals Marchand, Kassie Request Withdrawn
06/07/2012 Glazier/BSK Contract Martin, Jeff Request Withdrawn
08/07/2012 Lananna Contract McCulloch, Joe Records Provided
09/04/2012 Temporary employees McKenna, Paul Request Withdrawn
05/17/2012 RFP responses UO Recreation Center Miller, Chris Records Provided
06/11/2012 Employment Information Raubeson, Walter Records Provided
07/09/2012 Coaching Contracts Schroeder, George Records Provided