Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
02/16/2018 Payroll Torres-Perez, Alexandra Awaiting Clarification from Requester
02/16/2018 Memo Igl, David Records Provided
02/16/2018 Correspondence Greer, Jeffrey Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/16/2018 Correspondence Butler, Jack Records Provided
02/15/2018 Subpoenas Fehrman, Craig Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/15/2018 Correspondence Fehrman, Craig Records Provided
02/15/2018 Contracts Mehta, Ravi Records Provided
02/14/2018 Reimbursements Jacoby, Kenny Awaiting Payment from Requester
02/13/2018 Documents Nguyen, Ryan Awaiting Payment from Requester
02/13/2018 Report and Documents Nguyen, Ryan Awaiting Payment from Requester
02/13/2018 Contracts Kelley, Kevin Records Provided
02/12/2018 Report Nguyen, Ryan Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/12/2018 Documents Kwiecien, Braedon Awaiting Payment from Requester
02/12/2018 Report Kwiecien, Braedon Records Provided
02/12/2018 Directory Information Tobin, Michael Awaiting Payment from Requester
02/12/2018 Proposal Harbaugh, Bill Requesting/Reviewing Records
02/07/2018 Statistics Belkin, Doug Awaiting Payment from Requester
02/07/2018 RFP Kirk, Matt Records Provided
02/07/2018 Payments Beard, Augustine Records Provided
02/07/2018 Funding Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
02/07/2018 Report Kwiecien, Braedon Records Exempt From Disclosure
02/07/2018 Services Beard, Augustine Records Provided
02/05/2018 Student Data Nguyen, Ryan Records Provided
02/05/2018 Subpoenas, Correspondence Schmidt, Brad Request Withdrawn
02/01/2018 Financial Records Keefe, Robert Records Provided
02/01/2018 Subpoenas Tobin, Michael Requesting/Reviewing Records
01/31/2018 Payments Kaye, Julie Request Withdrawn
01/31/2018 Title IX Complaints Theen, Andrew Requesting/Reviewing Records
01/26/2018 Correspondence Straka, Ben Awaiting Payment from Requester
01/25/2018 Directory Information Tobin, Michael Records Provided
01/23/2018 Correspondence Jacoby, Kenny Awaiting Clarification from Requester
01/23/2018 Employee Information Kwiecien, Braedon Records Provided
01/22/2018 Employee Data Kwiecien, Braedon Records Provided
01/22/2018 Correspondence, Reports Kwiecien, Braedon Request Withdrawn
01/22/2018 Contract Greif, Andrew Records Provided
01/22/2018 Survey Data Tobin, Michael Records Exempt From Disclosure
01/22/2018 Payments Beard, Augustine No Responsive Records
01/19/2018 Budget and Expenditures Goodykoontz, Emily Awaiting Clarification from Requester
01/19/2018 SEIU Meshell, Emma Records Provided
01/18/2018 Reports Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided