Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Titlesort descending Requester Status
06/30/2015 Coach Contracts Goldstick, Robert Records Provided
07/01/2015 Coach Contracts Hawthorne, Jonathan Records Provided
07/01/2015 Coach Contracts Shifflett, Shane Records Provided
01/29/2015 Coach Contracts Colvin, Trevor Records Provided
03/02/2015 Coach Contracts Greif, Andrew Records Provided
03/05/2015 Coach Contracts Kalish, Daniel Records Provided
03/05/2015 Coach contracts Kalish, Daniel Records Provided
04/06/2015 Coach contracts Blanton, Pamela Records Provided
04/17/2015 Coach Contracts Rolland, Jordan Records Provided
01/29/2015 Coach Contracts and Athletics Reports Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
09/13/2013 Coach Sports camp Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided
09/23/2013 Coach Sports camp Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
01/15/2014 Coaching Contract Greif, Andrew No Responsive Records
01/17/2014 Coaching Contract Greif, Andrew No Responsive Records
02/10/2015 Coaching Contract Greif, Andrew Records Provided
02/10/2015 Coaching contract Tierney, John Records Provided
02/10/2015 Coaching contracts Johnson, Mark Records Provided
07/06/2012 Coaching Contracts Upton, Jodi Records Provided
07/09/2012 Coaching Contracts Schroeder, George Records Provided
07/20/2012 Coaching Contracts Jones, Porschia Records Provided
07/20/2012 Coaching Contracts Fitzgerald, Maggie Records Provided
07/11/2013 Coaching Contracts Greenberg, Martin Records Provided
06/23/2016 COE syllabi Schalin, Jay Records Provided
02/19/2015 Coffee Pouring Contracts Seeger, Andy Records Provided
05/16/2011 College of Education Records Pomerance, Laura
08/04/2017 Committee members Igl, David Records Provided
08/12/2013 Communications Crump, Jake No Responsive Records
09/11/2017 Communications Hubbard, Saul Records Provided
08/12/2013 Communications Harbaugh, Bill No Responsive Records
10/02/2014 Communications Wang, Julia Awaiting Payment from Requester
09/29/2014 Communications Stahl, Andy No Responsive Records
08/12/2015 Communications Harbaugh, William Records Provided
12/19/2014 Communications Gordon, Aaron Records Provided
05/19/2014 Communications Kingkade, Tyler No Responsive Records
01/22/2015 Communications Matsumoto, Sam Records Exempt From Disclosure
01/14/2015 Communications Harbaugh, Bill Records Exempt From Disclosure
11/24/2015 Communications Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
05/22/2014 Communications Axon, Rachel Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/08/2014 Communications Hunt, Josh Awaiting Payment from Requester
05/07/2014 communications Campuzano, Eder Records Provided