Casanova Extension

Simmons, Dayna
Initial Request Date: 

1.  All records that comprise docket – meeting number 839 dated June 4, 2010 relating to the approval of a License Agreement for an addition to the Casanova Athletic Center.2.  All records relating to the design of the Project, including but not limited to design submissions, proposals, shop drawings, etc.3.  All records relating to any changes in the design and/or installation of the materials on the Project.4.  All records relating to any investigation, study, evaluation, report, or inquiry arising out of or relating to the Project.5.  All records relating to communications to, from, and within the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, the University of Oregon, or Phit, LLC relating to the Project.6.  All records related to any decision, statement or communication relating to the project. 7.  All records relating to any transfer by Phit, LLC to University of Oregon of the premises and improvements encompassing the Project.