Public Requests Record Log

Request Datesort ascending Title Requester Status
09/17/2021 Financial Records Greishaber, Jason Records Provided
09/17/2021 Contracts and Correspondence Bennett, Dereka Awaiting Payment from Requester
09/16/2021 Contract Tobin, Michael No Responsive Records
09/13/2021 RFP Eckhardt, Jackie Records Provided
09/07/2021 Records Hangartner, Rick Awaiting Payment from Requester
09/07/2021 RFP Weir, Stuart Closed
09/06/2021 RFP Martin, Chrisy Records Provided
09/03/2021 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan Records Provided
09/02/2021 Contracts Joseph, Mike Records Provided
09/02/2021 RFP Gill, Ethan Awaiting Payment from Requester
09/01/2021 Contracts Houston, Jason Records Provided
09/01/2021 Financial Records Snider, Joseph Records Provided
08/31/2021 Report Goe, Ken No Responsive Records
08/31/2021 Contract Finn, Genevieve Records Provided
08/31/2021 Documents Wittry, Andy Records Provided
08/31/2021 Contracts Feathers, Todd Awaiting Payment from Requester
08/30/2021 Contracts O'Connell, Ryan Records Provided
08/27/2021 Emails Garlitz, Shannon Awaiting Payment from Requester
08/26/2021 RFP, correspondence Kekez, Carol Records Provided
08/26/2021 Documents Morey, Alex Awaiting Clarification from Requester
08/25/2021 Correspondence Wittry, Andy Request Withdrawn
08/25/2021 RFP Lorenzen, Veronica Records Exempt From Disclosure
08/23/2021 Contracts Grieshaber, Jason Records Provided
08/20/2021 Correspondence Wittry, Andy Records Provided
08/19/2021 Certified Payroll Eddis, Kevin Closed
08/19/2021 Financial Records Canonigo, Maiza Closed
08/18/2021 Coaching Contracts Crepea, James Records Provided
08/18/2021 Bid Tabulation Habib, Saad Records Exempt From Disclosure
08/17/2021 Financial Records Minotti, Anthony Closed
08/17/2021 Reports Pummil, Addison Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/16/2021 RFP Kennedy, Phil Records Provided
08/16/2021 RFP Kennedy, Phil Records Provided
08/13/2021 List of Public Records Requests Libit, Daniel Records Provided
08/12/2021 Contracts Peterson, Rachelle Records Provided
08/11/2021 Coaching Contracts Crepea, James Records Provided
08/10/2021 Financial Records Parker, Haley Records Provided
08/09/2021 Contracts Brunner, Zach Records Provided
08/06/2021 Student Information Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
08/04/2021 Financial Records Upton, Kristi Records Provided
08/02/2021 Correspondence Schilling, Rob Closed