Public Requests Record Log

Request Datesort descending Title Requester Status
07/07/2011 NCAA self-reported infraction documents Andress, Steve Records Provided
07/07/2011 Football students suspended or dismissed from 1995-2008 Andress, Steve No Responsive Records
07/07/2011 Employee agreement Schroeder, George No Responsive Records
07/07/2011 Bond Schoeneck & King documents Goe, Ken No Responsive Records
07/11/2011 Trademark applications and current licensees Raschio, Martha Closed
07/12/2011 Accounting records of Bond, Shoenek & King Harbaugh, Bill Closed
07/12/2011 Language of ESPN Requests since 12/1/11 Benz, Gary Records Provided
07/12/2011 2007-08 and 2008-09 NCAA EADA reports Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
07/13/2011 Notices from the NCAA 1/1/11 - 7/13/11 Iboshi, Kyle No Responsive Records
07/13/2011 Documents regarding Lyles Iboshi, Kyle Records Provided
07/19/2011 Non-alcoholic beverage agreements Franks, Curtis Closed
07/19/2011 Ground Lease for 1700 Millrace Hancock, Allen Records Provided
07/20/2011 Payment Bond for Alumni Center Cary, Nancy
07/21/2011 Football scouting records since 2009 Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
07/22/2011 Outside entities using Matthew Knight Arena Bolt, Greg Records Provided
07/27/2011 Employment Contracts Cassidy, Tom Closed
07/28/2011 Employment Contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
08/01/2011 Employment Contracts Bellamy, Ron Records Provided
08/04/2011 Employment Contracts Prince, Seth Records Provided
08/04/2011 Bids/Contracts for Moshovsky Center, Mallard Park Allen, Elizabeth Request Withdrawn
08/04/2011 Employment Contract Adams, Jamal Records Provided
08/08/2011 Employment Contracts Ricci, Paul Records Provided
08/09/2011 Self-reported NCAA violations and correspondence Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
08/12/2011 Self reported NCAA violations and correspondence Schroeder, George Closed
08/14/2011 Financial Audit Forms required by NCAA Rascher, Daniel Records Provided
08/19/2011 Request for Directory Information Ellison, Wesley Records Provided
08/24/2011 RFP responses from architects for the UO EMU Expansion & Renovation Kennedy, Phil Closed
08/26/2011 Medical information for student athletes 2009-2011 Churchmach, Megan No Responsive Records
09/06/2011 Request for RFQ proposal Jones, Jay Records Provided
09/07/2011 Payment of Invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
09/07/2011 Employee Salary and Workplace Contact Information Bellamy, Ron Records Provided
09/07/2011 Employment Contracts Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
09/07/2011 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron Records Provided
09/08/2011 Game Contract Pfister, Glenn Records Provided
09/09/2011 Payments to Yelverton Goe, Ken No Responsive Records
09/11/2011 Responses to Legal Service Contracts Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
09/13/2011 Salary Increase Information Bolt, Greg No Responsive Records
09/14/2011 Bowl Expense Reports Lamb, Kyle Records Provided
09/14/2011 Sports Camp Income Bachman, Rachel Records Provided
09/15/2011 Payment of Invoices Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided