Public Requests Record Log

Request Datesort descending Title Requester Status
02/24/2012 NCAA Investigation Peterson, Anne Records Provided
02/24/2012 NCAA Investigation Aune, Jolie Records Provided
02/24/2012 NCAA Investigation Calm, Cheryl Records Provided
02/24/2012 NCAA Investigation Daib, Jolene Records Provided
02/24/2012 Summary disposition Schroeder, George Records Provided
02/24/2012 Severance pay, contracts, costs. Harbaugh, Bill Request Withdrawn
02/27/2012 Institutional reports Cerullo, Mac Records Provided
02/27/2012 Zipcar proposal Barnes, Michelle Records Provided
02/27/2012 Service contract Barnes, Michelle Records Provided
02/28/2012 Revenue projections Stites, Sam Records Provided
02/28/2012 Summary disposition; response Zivin, Jake Records Provided
02/29/2012 Proposals 50-11-21 Crafton, Tammy Records Provided
02/29/2012 Teaching records Venn, George Request Withdrawn
03/02/2012 Contracts/agreements King, McKenzie Records Provided
03/05/2012 Summary disposition Tilkin, Dan Records Provided
03/07/2012 Athlete info Bleymaier, Joe Closed
03/07/2012 Drug testing Policies Martin, Jeffrey Records Provided
03/07/2012 Expense report Martin, Jeffrey No Responsive Records
03/12/2012 Willamette Valley Music Festival Ehrlich, Toni Records Provided
03/16/2012 EMU SRC correspondence Garcia, Manny Closed
03/16/2012 BSK February invoice Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
03/16/2012 ASUO petitions Luthin, Sophie Request Withdrawn
03/20/2012 Contracts and invoices Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
03/20/2012 Status notification Tilkin, Dan No Responsive Records
03/20/2012 RFP Results Kell, John Records Provided
03/20/2012 Legal Services Invoices Peterson, Anne Records Provided
03/20/2012 NCAA Correspondence Feb. Peterson, Anne No Responsive Records
03/20/2012 Summary disposition Peterson, Anne No Responsive Records
03/21/2012 Postseason Football Institutional Bowl Expenses Cerullo, Mac Records Provided
03/22/2012 NCAA documents Tilkin, Dan No Responsive Records
03/22/2012 Documents provided for previous request Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
03/26/2012 RFP No. AD2012-01 Lillge, Mark Records Provided
03/29/2012 RFP No. AD2012-01 Downing, Rhonda Records Provided
03/30/2012 NCAA documents Tierney, John No Responsive Records
03/30/2012 Information provided to United Academics Sadofsky, Hal Records Provided
04/02/2012 Expense report Cerullo, Mac Records Provided
04/04/2012 Contract Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
04/04/2012 Contract Award Finkelman, Krissy No Responsive Records
04/06/2012 Benchmarking reports Alexander, Raquel No Responsive Records
04/09/2012 Employment records Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided