Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
03/10/2021 Report Tabrizian, Ardeshir Closed
03/13/2020 Correspondence Johnson, Kjerstin Closed
08/03/2015 Solar Energy Projects Harbaugh, Bill Closed
05/22/2014 Communications Axon, Rachel Closed
09/12/2017 Directory Information Weiss, Jordan Closed
12/02/2015 Correspondence McKay, Calum Closed
01/22/2013 Legal Invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed
11/14/2014 Keyword email search Matsumoto, Samantha Closed
10/28/2019 Financial Records Cooper, Steven Closed
09/05/2018 Personnel Records Blutstein, Allan Closed
10/02/2019 Stale dated checks Minotti, Anthony Closed
08/20/2020 Financial Information Butler, Michael Closed
03/26/2018 Statistics Mull, Corey Closed
10/18/2011 Costs Associated with the Department of Public Safety Bolt, Greg Closed
04/05/2019 Policies Post, Kevin Closed
11/07/2017 Surveys Campbell, Will Closed
04/10/2014 Registrar Information Brower, Audrey Closed
03/22/2022 Contracts and correspondence Derrick, Ivan Closed
02/13/2017 Directory Information Nichols, Kylie Closed
07/11/2018 Correspondence Martin, Debbie Closed
08/03/2015 Reviews Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/17/2021 Reports Pummil, Addison Closed
01/03/2017 RFPs McGraw, Noah Closed
10/02/2018 Contracts Tawater, Rustin Closed
07/05/2022 Records Jacoby, Kenny Closed
11/17/2021 Athlete NIL Data Davey, Chris Closed
02/12/2014 Student Athlete Services info Boehler, Brian Closed
08/22/2012 Emails re: DOJ Billings Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/24/2020 Financial Information Norman, R. Scott Closed
11/08/2017 Invoices Tilkin, Dan Closed
02/05/2013 Request for writers/editors of website Paulson, Dashiell Closed
06/11/2019 Salary Data Cherkasskikh, Oleg Closed
09/16/2011 RFQ Results Minger, Vaughn Closed
03/13/2020 Correspondence Nguyen, Ryan Closed
02/04/2015 Macarthur Court Dietz, Diane Closed
06/04/2021 Correspondence Volker, William Closed
08/19/2013 UO General Counsel Emails Harbaugh, Bill Closed
08/07/2019 Directory Information Bauer, Laura Closed
11/15/2018 Correspondence Withycombe, Claire Closed
11/21/2012 NCAA legal invoices Harbaugh, Bill Closed