Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
01/10/2020 Financial Records Deloian, Ken Records Provided
01/09/2020 Financial Records Houston, Henry Records Provided
01/09/2020 Personnel records Gutierrez, Kassandra Records Provided
01/09/2020 Personnel records Daib, Jolene Records Provided
01/08/2020 Financial Records Baumgarten, Duncan Records Provided
01/08/2020 Contracts and correspondence Blutstein, Allan No Responsive Records
01/08/2020 Inventory Silva, Christianna Records Provided
01/08/2020 RFPs, scoresheet Haider, Syed Records Exempt From Disclosure
01/08/2020 Correspondence Noren, Nicole Records Provided
01/07/2020 Permits Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
01/07/2020 Contracts Noonan, Andrew Records Provided
01/06/2020 Directory Information Hanlon, Umber Records Provided
01/03/2020 Student Records Christensen, Kelsey Records Exempt From Disclosure
01/03/2020 RFPs, scoresheets, interview materials Miller, Eric Records Exempt From Disclosure
01/02/2020 Financial Records Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
12/31/2019 Contract Metzger, Brad Records Exempt From Disclosure
12/30/2019 Contracts Jones, Brett Closed
12/27/2019 Directory Information Burnes, Zach Closed
12/27/2019 Policies Levine, Jeffrey No Responsive Records
12/27/2019 Data Crolla, Bruno Records Provided
12/23/2019 Contracs and RFPs Greenthal, Eva Records Provided
12/23/2019 Financial Records Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
12/23/2019 Contracts Hupka, Yuri Records Provided
12/20/2019 Records and Financial Documents Baumgarten, Duncan Records Provided
12/20/2019 RFPs, scoresheet Kidd, Theresa Records Provided
12/20/2019 Financial Records Wittry, Andy No Responsive Records
12/12/2019 Personnel records Deffenbacher, Chelsea Records Provided
12/11/2019 Contracts Cuccias, Brent No Responsive Records
12/10/2019 Information Request Briggs, Geoffrey Records Provided
12/10/2019 Financial Records Coleman, Patrick Records Provided
12/09/2019 Photographs Housel, Tom Request Withdrawn
12/09/2019 Purchases Baumgarten, Duncan Closed
12/09/2019 Financial Records Nguyen, Ryan Records Provided
12/09/2019 Personnel records Scalpone, Gina Records Provided
12/06/2019 Correspondence Libit, Daniel Records Provided
12/06/2019 Contract Houston, Henry No Responsive Records
12/04/2019 Records Libit, Daniel Closed
12/04/2019 Contracts Echavarri, Miguel Records Provided
12/03/2019 RFPs, scoresheet, contract Jackson, Leslie Records Provided
12/03/2019 Financial Records Forrest, Jack Records Provided