Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requestersort descending Status
06/05/2013 Brand Management report Brettman, Allan Closed
01/13/2012 Bowl Game Financial Report Brettman, Allan No Responsive Records
09/02/2015 Correspondence Brettman, Allan Closed
12/10/2019 Information Request Briggs, Geoffrey Records Provided
05/23/2012 HVAC, Elevator, Roofing Bids- UO Brock, Antoinette Request Withdrawn
09/05/2012 Bid Results Brock, Antoinette Records Provided
04/10/2014 Registrar Information Brower, Audrey Closed
11/15/2015 Contracts Brown, Annie Records Provided
01/10/2013 Coach and Athletic Director Email Correspondence Brown, Doug Records Provided
03/23/2016 Directory Information Requesters Brown, Emma Request Withdrawn
06/24/2019 Personnel data Brown, Jordyn Records Provided
06/26/2019 Contracts Brown, Jordyn Records Provided
09/30/2016 Correspondence Brown, Matt Records Provided
04/16/2019 Correspondence Brown, Matt Closed
09/10/2018 Correspondence Brown, Matt Records Provided
05/22/2014 Bid score sheet Brown, Monica Records Provided
04/14/2014 RFQ responses Brown, Monica Records Provided
07/14/2016 Contracts Brown, Tiffany Records Provided
06/05/2013 Travel RFI responses Bruce, Ken Records Provided
07/10/2013 Bid Tabulation for Athletics Travel RFP Bruce, Ken Records Provided
06/24/2016 Contracts Bruni, Doug Closed
12/12/2013 Valero Alamo Bowl Attendees Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
12/12/2013 Bowl Contract Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
04/30/2013 Legal invoices Dec to April Brynelson, Troy Closed
05/20/2014 SVIR reports Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
01/30/2014 Contract Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
07/30/2014 Email Communications Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
11/24/2015 Communications Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
05/06/2014 email communications Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
03/31/2014 SafeRide Records Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
06/02/2014 tort claims Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
11/04/2013 Orientation Packet Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
10/25/2013 Contract Brynelson, Troy Request Withdrawn
12/30/2013 Bowl Attendees Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
04/22/2014 Alamo Bowl Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
05/23/2013 Presentation documents Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
01/21/2014 contracts Brynelson, Troy No Responsive Records
01/17/2014 Operating Costs Brynelson, Troy Records Provided
03/04/2014 ASUO Emails Brynelson, Troy Records Exempt From Disclosure
06/06/2014 Student Breakdown Brynelson, Troy Records Provided