Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
10/17/2016 Reports Pitcher, Jack Records Provided
10/17/2016 Directory Information Garcia, Miguel Awaiting Payment
10/14/2016 Administrative expenses Stewart, Hannah Awaiting Payment
10/14/2016 Contracts Hadar, Roey Records Provided
10/13/2016 Expense Reports Kiley, Zachary Awaiting Payment
10/13/2016 Proposals Pratt, Gwen Records Provided
10/11/2016 Salary Data Kenoyer, Kelly Awaiting Payment
10/07/2016 Reports Nguyen, Tran Records Provided
10/07/2016 Invoices Greer, Jeff Records Provided
10/07/2016 Contract Rudiger, Kevin Records Provided
10/05/2016 Correspondence Blutstein, Allan Awaiting Payment
10/05/2016 Contracts Garfein, Richard Records Provided
10/05/2016 Contracts Kelley, Kevin No Responsive Records
10/05/2016 Directory Information Ho, Anida Awaiting Payment
10/04/2016 Contracts Reed, Tarah Records Provided
09/30/2016 Report Nguyen, Tran Records Exempt From Disclosure
09/30/2016 Outdated Vendor Checks Minotti, Anthony Records Provided
09/30/2016 Correspondence Brown, Matt Records Provided
09/29/2016 Contracts Rogers, Kendall Records Provided
09/29/2016 Grade distribution Campbell, Will Records Provided
09/15/2016 Contract and correspondence Scher, Todd Awaiting Payment
09/15/2016 Email Frisch, Deborah Awaiting Payment
09/12/2016 RFP and budget Lewis, Christian Records Provided
09/08/2016 Real estate documents Frisch, Deborah Awaiting Payment
09/06/2016 Personnel records Capriel, Joanathan No Responsive Records
09/06/2016 Personnel records Frisch, Deborah No Responsive Records
09/06/2016 Responses Theen, Andrew Records Provided
09/02/2016 RFPs, scoresheet Wright, Julia Records Provided
09/02/2016 RFPs, scoresheet Wright, Julia Records Provided
09/01/2016 RFPs, scoresheet Lewis, Christian No Responsive Records
09/01/2016 University purchasing Deleoian, Ken Awaiting Payment
09/01/2016 Payment bond Carpenter, Brent No Responsive Records
08/30/2016 Expenditures Patterson, Craig Request Withdrawn
08/29/2016 Report Nguyen, Tran No Responsive Records
08/26/2016 Records Ackerman, Linda Records Provided
08/26/2016 Report Nguyen, Tran Records Exempt From Disclosure
08/25/2016 RFPs, scoresheet Lewis, Christian Records Provided
08/24/2016 Contracts Roussel, Pete Records Provided
08/19/2016 Contracts Sessa, Jacqueline Records Provided
08/17/2016 Records Duncan, Andrew Records Provided