Public Records Request Log

Initial Request Datesort icon Requester Short Description
01/30/2015 Kershaw, Kathy Softball Facility Architectural RFP responses
01/29/2015 Cohen, Kevin Coach Contracts and Athletics Reports
01/29/2015 Colvin, Trevor Coach Contracts
01/27/2015 Harbaugh, Bill Contract
01/27/2015 Harbaugh, Bill Banner reports
01/22/2015 Kambhampati, Sandhya NCAA revenue Schedules 2005-2007
01/22/2015 Berkowitz, Steve Athletics contracts and reports
01/21/2015 Hark, Adam Symplicity documents
01/21/2015 Richman, Gabby Student Directory Information
01/20/2015 Kambhampati, Sandhya 2005-2007 NCAA reports
01/15/2015 Meek, Austin Cease and Desist communications
01/14/2015 Harbaugh, Bill List of Committee Members
01/14/2015 Baumbach, Jim Manifests
01/09/2015 Cremer, Alex Mirror Payment Bond Request
01/09/2015 Cadanou, Cary Payment Bond Condon Hall
01/08/2015 Kane, Art Documents concerning Chinese accreditation
01/07/2015 Hillier, Mike Payment Bond
01/07/2015 Harbaugh, Bill Document Request
01/05/2015 Wallachy, Alexandra Related Costs
01/05/2015 Le, Hieu RFI responses
01/05/2015 Evoniuk, Joanna Violations
12/19/2014 Gordon, Aaron Communications
12/19/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Menenez request
12/17/2014 Cohen, Ben Student Ticket scans
12/17/2014 Krueger, Stephen Employment statistics
12/16/2014 Frisch, Deborah SAIL budget documents
12/15/2014 Novy-Williams, Eben SAF report
12/15/2014 Solomon, Jon Coach and Nike contract
12/11/2014 Drimmer, Bryan Capital Construction Award Information
12/11/2014 Bergstrom, Ted Journal Listings
12/11/2014 Iboshi, Kyle Licensing Applications and Reports
12/11/2014 Harbaugh, Bill UO Auditor Documents
12/11/2014 Novy-Williams, Eben Coach and Nike contracts
12/11/2014 Allen, Greg Contract and Bid proposals
12/05/2014 Menenez, Ryan Athletics Disassociation
12/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Banner Statements
12/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Resume and Cover Letter
12/01/2014 Goodman, Danielle Student Directory information
11/26/2014 Seals, Jordan Football Game contract
11/24/2014 Wihtol, Christian Eugene Bid Package
11/24/2014 Greenstone, Scott Ticket donations
11/21/2014 Kari, Clay Water Treatment contracts
11/21/2014 Wihtol, Christian Presentation Pages
11/20/2014 Runyon, Craig Proposals
11/20/2014 Frisch, Deborah Email search
11/19/2014 Frisch, Deborah Slide Show presentation
11/14/2014 Matsumoto, Samantha Keyword email search
11/13/2014 Wihtol, Christian Meeting documents
11/10/2014 Kane, Art Confucius Institute Documents
11/10/2014 Cohen, Kevin Various Sport contracts
11/07/2014 Swart, Cornelius Email search
11/05/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Invoices
11/04/2014 Wilde, Marshall Winning Proposal
11/04/2014 Baldock, James PCS contract
11/01/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Tuition and Fee Advisory board documents
10/27/2014 Seeger, Andy Pouring Rights
10/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Public Records Requests from 07/25/2014 to Present
10/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Payments for Legal and Consulting Services
10/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contracts and Job Descriptions
10/27/2014 Kuehlman, Freda Business Agreement
10/27/2014 Frisch, Deborah Grant Proposals
10/27/2014 Greenstone, Scott Documents Provided in Response to 10 PRRs
10/27/2014 Bjornstad, Randi Employment Documents
10/27/2014 Bortman, Miles Contract
10/21/2014 Bergstrom, Ted Contracts
10/15/2014 Harbaugh, Bill PSC log
10/13/2014 Furlong, Caleb Campus Maps
10/13/2014 Cremer, Alex Mirror Canzano EPD Football game security
10/13/2014 Recchia, Jordan Registrar info
10/13/2014 Young, Jill Laundry bid response
10/09/2014 Farias, Erika Contract documents
10/08/2014 Currier, Megan Keyword email search
10/08/2014 Williamson, Judy Personnel records
10/07/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Job Search Documents
10/07/2014 Canzano, John EPD security
10/03/2014 Hyde, Owen SciQuest Contracts
10/03/2014 Reed, Tarah Video Display Winning Proposal
10/03/2014 Dietz, Diane Documents and emails
10/02/2014 Wang, Julia Communications
10/02/2014 Parsons, Bill Starplex contract
09/30/2014 Wise, Justin Application rates
09/29/2014 Stahl, Andy Communications
09/25/2014 Wihtol, Christian IAAF
09/23/2014 Johnson, Jennifer Employee Salary
09/22/2014 Greenstone, Scott Tort Claims
09/16/2014 Gorrow, Chelsea Payroll List
09/16/2014 Dietz, Diane Board of Trustees Records
09/12/2014 Michie, Ryan Student Directory information
09/12/2014 Hatmaker, Kelly Email communications
09/10/2014 Mueller, Jared RFP responses
09/09/2014 Parker, Ian Mirror Terlep request
09/09/2014 Kingkade, Tyler Contract and correspondence
09/09/2014 Parker, Ian 3 days email
09/08/2014 Wilhelm, Mark Grant of Rights
09/08/2014 Mortensen, Camilla Non Monetary Donations
09/04/2014 Stratford, Mark Contracts Proposals
09/03/2014 Tilkin, Dan email communications Mirror Hatmaker
09/03/2014 Tilkin, Dan Email Communications 2 mirror Hatmaker
09/03/2014 Tilkin, Dan Payment Information Mirror Hatmaker
09/03/2014 Yonce. Michelle Foundation Records
09/02/2014 Matherson, Nate Student email
08/29/2014 Greif, Andrew non-conference game contracts
08/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Banner reports
08/25/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Reimbursement Policies
08/25/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Speaking/ Consulting contracts
08/22/2014 Cohen, Kevin Athletic employee contracts
08/21/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Cover Letters and Resumes
08/21/2014 Wazirali, Shanil Directory Information
08/21/2014 Gilbert, Phillip Documentation of Public Funds
08/19/2014 Hatmaker, Kelly email communications
08/19/2014 Kuehlman, Freda Contracts
08/18/2014 Hatmaker, Kelly Payment information
08/18/2014 Hatmaker, Kelly Email communications
08/12/2014 Fenno, Nathan Salaries
08/12/2014 Kish, Matthew Updated contracts
08/11/2014 Swart, Cornelius Emails
08/11/2014 Terlep, Sharon Various Email Correspondence
08/07/2014 Hatmaker, Kelly Mirror Brynelson request for Emails
08/07/2014 Hatmaker. Kelly Mirror Tilkin Request 253
08/07/2014 Corridori, Gino Invoices
08/06/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Student ticket agreement
08/06/2014 Tierney, John Emails
08/05/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Job Search documents
07/31/2014 Flores, Victor UOPD report
07/30/2014 Brynelson, Troy Email Communications
07/28/2014 Rassmusson, Nina directory information
07/24/2014 Henning, Elizabeth employment contract
07/24/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Cost Calculations
07/23/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Solomon request S/A scholarship
07/23/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Cohen request sports contracts
07/23/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Brands Faculty Hires
07/23/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Ragsdale SD Game contract
07/22/2014 Solomon, Jon Student Athlete Scholarship info
07/21/2014 Berkowitz, Steve Employment Contract
07/18/2014 Cohen, Kevin Sports Contracts
07/18/2014 Sebens, Shelby Stats
07/16/2014 Ragsdale, Mark Football Game Contract
07/14/2014 Brands, Riley Faculty Hires
07/14/2014 Wittkop, Jake Game Contract
07/11/2014 Schaar, Rhonda RFP responses UO Admin travel bid
07/10/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Listing
07/03/2014 Cohen, Yoni Non Conference Basketball
07/03/2014 McCornack, Carol RFP responses UO Admin travel bid
07/03/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
07/01/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Communications
06/30/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Annual Report
06/30/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Hanson NCAA Violations request
06/30/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Directory information
06/27/2014 Hanson, Lars NCAA violations
06/26/2014 Frisch, Deborah Email correspondence
06/26/2014 Van Fleet, Kevin Contract
06/23/2014 DeVaney, Daniel Directory info
06/23/2014 Sharpe, Daryl RFQ responses
06/23/2014 Flores, Victor Student Conduct results
06/23/2014 Cohen, Ben Student Conduct results
06/19/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirroring Greif NCAA Violations Requests
06/19/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirroring Brynelson Tort requests
06/19/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirroring James RFP Requests
06/19/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirroring Woolington Requests
06/19/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirroring Roser, Dietz, Getlin Requests
06/19/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirrored Canzano, Abbot , Grambow requests
06/19/2014 Thompson, Phillip Employment contracts
06/18/2014 Greif, Andrew NCAA Violations documents
06/18/2014 Van Tol, Jan Student Worker Info
06/18/2014 Askew, Paul Woodshop/Kitchen Rebuild
06/17/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Retirement communications
06/16/2014 Balthazor, Joey Coach Contracts
06/16/2014 Alexander, James RFP Responses
06/16/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror Student Directory information request
06/16/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror request for PRR Listing
06/16/2014 Grambow, Brian Law School Budgets
06/12/2014 Abbott, BB Baseball Coach compensation
06/12/2014 Dietz, Diane employee listing
06/09/2014 Chamberlain, Heather Students applicants
06/06/2014 Brynelson, Troy Student Breakdown
06/06/2014 Canzano, John emails
06/06/2014 Woolington, Josephine Several requests
06/05/2014 Brynelson, Troy Legal invoices
06/05/2014 Brynelson, Troy Groves Report
06/05/2014 Dietz, Diane Contracts and Requests
06/04/2014 Roser, Lance Rfp Response
06/03/2014 Duin, Steve Clery Statistics
06/03/2014 Harbaugh, Bill FAR Emails
06/03/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Special Assistant emails
06/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill invoices
06/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Statements
06/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill mirroring 6 requests
06/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Cover letter and resume
06/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Cover Letter and Resume
06/02/2014 Getlin, Rand Insurance questions
06/02/2014 Iboshi, kyle Flight Manifests
06/02/2014 Harris, Andrew Coach Contracts
06/02/2014 Brynelson, Troy tort claims
05/30/2014 Johnson, Harry Employee Information
05/29/2014 Van Tol, Jan Student employee information
05/29/2014 Appleby, Keith Released Documents
05/29/2014 Chung, Eric Purchase Orders
05/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill President's Calendar
05/27/2014 Dineen, Jeff Contract
05/23/2014 Harbaugh, Bill emails texts
05/23/2014 Smith, Stephen Mirror Canzano request for Phone Logs
05/22/2014 Brown, Monica Bid score sheet
05/22/2014 Axon, Rachel 2 of multiple requests
05/22/2014 Axon, Rachel Groves Report
05/22/2014 Axon, Rachel Letter of Intent
05/22/2014 Axon, Rachel emails
05/22/2014 Axon, Rachel Communications
05/21/2014 Doyle, Charles Autzen TV scoresheet AD2014-11
05/20/2014 Brynelson, Troy SVIR reports
05/20/2014 Kingkade, Tyler Sexual Misconduct
05/19/2014 Mortensen, Camilla Statistics
05/19/2014 Kingkade, Tyler UOPD communications
05/19/2014 Kingkade, Tyler Communications
05/19/2014 Furlong, Josh Contracts
05/16/2014 Frisch, Deborah Communications
05/14/2014 Canzano, John Telephone records
05/13/2014 Daib, Jolene Email Communications
05/13/2014 Smith, Stephen Various documents March 8 to May 12
05/13/2014 Frisch, Deborah Correspondence
05/13/2014 Hunt,Josh Letter of intent
05/13/2014 Dietz, Diane Student conduct
05/12/2014 Iboshi, Kyle Reports
05/12/2014 Lake, Hillary Employment Contract
05/11/2014 Lake, Hillary Mirror requests
05/09/2014 Campbell, Ian Student Privacy Form
05/09/2014 Greif, Andrew Email Communications
05/09/2014 Tilkin, Dan Email Communications
05/09/2014 Tilkin, Dan Email Communications
05/09/2014 Frisch, Deborah Email Referenced in Register Guard
05/09/2014 Appleby, Keith Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Records
05/08/2014 Canzano, John Email Communications
05/08/2014 Vaughan, Ken Email Communications
05/08/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
05/08/2014 Iboshi, Kyle Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Email Communications
05/08/2014 Hunt, Josh Report
05/07/2014 Campbell, Ian UOPD CAD records
05/07/2014 Campuzano, Eder communications
05/06/2014 Woolington, Josephine Email Communications
05/06/2014 Brynelson, Troy email communications
05/06/2014 Lake, Hillary email communciations
05/05/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Cover Letters and Resumes
04/29/2014 Cook, Lindsey RFP Responses
04/28/2014 Cathey, John Bid Tabulation
04/28/2014 Cohen, Ben Football 2013 ticket scans
04/25/2014 Reed, Tarah Award Letter
04/24/2014 Lindfors, Richard ASUO
04/24/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Job Description
04/23/2014 Greif, Andrew Contracts
04/23/2014 Willson, Kate Student breakdown
04/22/2014 Campbell, Ian Prudent reserve fund
04/22/2014 Brynelson, Troy Alamo Bowl
04/21/2014 Greif, Andrew Bowl Expenses
04/21/2014 Garcia, Craig ASUO Elections
04/20/2014 Lubash, Andrew ASUO Elections
04/18/2014 Davis, Santhalyn Pepsi contract
04/18/2014 Luchini, Angelica Pouring Rights
04/18/2014 Greif, Andrew Employment Contract
04/17/2014 Thiebe, Gillian RFP Responses
04/17/2014 Kelsey, Kirk Bid Tabulation
04/15/2014 Maloney, Lauren Winning Proposal
04/14/2014 Brown, Monica RFQ responses
04/11/2014 McDonald, Sherri Pouring Rights
04/10/2014 Brower, Audrey Registrar Information
04/10/2014 Breen, Adam RFP Responses
04/09/2014 Ellis, John Communications related to racial composition
04/08/2014 Marchand, Kassie Awarded Bid
04/08/2014 Johnson, Mark Athletics Employment Contract
04/07/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Candidate Information
04/07/2014 Hutchison, Sadie Contracts
04/04/2014 Sadlek, Paul RFQ responses PCS 600000-0580
04/02/2014 Wallachy, Alexandra ASUO Elections
03/31/2014 Cohen, Yoni Game Contracts
03/31/2014 Brynelson, Troy SafeRide Records
03/27/2014 Alexander, Joe IMG Contract
03/27/2014 Ahmed, Ali Student Demographics
03/25/2014 Baumbach, Jim Employment Contract
03/20/2014 Greif, Andrew National lettter of intent
03/19/2014 Bachman, Rachel National lettter of intent
03/19/2014 Greif, Andrew Emails
03/19/2014 Wolin, Josh Bowl Expenditure Summarys
03/18/2014 Pugh, Kelsi Football Game contracts
03/14/2014 Minnotti, Anthony Outstanding/stale-dated Vendor Check list
03/14/2014 Swensen, Isaac Tenure Track Info
03/10/2014 Umana, Jose Public Record Requests
03/08/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Meeting Notes
03/05/2014 Freyd, Jennifer Employee Information
03/04/2014 Brynelson, Troy ASUO Emails
02/20/2014 Golden, Hannah Sexual Assault Prevention Expenditures 2010-2013
02/12/2014 Boehler, Brian Student Athlete Services info
02/10/2014 Cohen, Kevin Basketball game contracts
02/10/2014 Rosenberg, Gilda Bid submissions
02/10/2014 Barron, Rachel Request Log
02/10/2014 Pugh, Kelsi Operating Agreement
02/04/2014 Moran, Jack Employment History
01/31/2014 Kurz, Rich Contracts
01/30/2014 Brynelson, Troy Contract
01/28/2014 Grantham, Jeff Contract
01/22/2014 Golden, Hannah Sexual Assault Prevention expenditures
01/21/2014 Brynelson, Troy contracts
01/17/2014 Greif, Andrew Coaching Contract
01/17/2014 Moyle, Nicholas Basketball Coaches
01/17/2014 Brynelson, Troy Operating Costs
01/15/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Valero Alamo Bowl Attendees
01/15/2014 Greif, Andrew Coaching Contract
01/14/2014 Johnson, Mark Exit agreement
01/14/2014 Johnson, Mark Contract
01/07/2014 Krenicky, Michael Program Application information
01/07/2014 Parsi, Arash Student Information
12/30/2013 Johnson, Mark Agreement
12/30/2013 Brynelson, Troy Bowl Attendees
12/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill UO Employees Attending Alamo Bowl
12/19/2013 Segelbaum, Dylan Email Search
12/18/2013 Wihtol, Christian Speaking Contracts
12/18/2013 Dougherty, John Employment Contracts
12/17/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Legal Invoice monthly totals
12/17/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Email Search
12/17/2013 Gregoire, Connor Bowl Contract
12/13/2013 Myers, Royce Equipment Sale
12/13/2013 Ballantyne, Alando Payroll Data
12/13/2013 Quick, Jason Bowl Contract
12/12/2013 Greif, Andrew Bowl Contract
12/12/2013 Brynelson, Troy Bowl Contract
12/12/2013 Brynelson, Troy Valero Alamo Bowl Attendees
12/12/2013 Gillum, Jack Records regarding Student Athletes
12/11/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Valero Alamo Bowl Attendees
12/03/2013 Greif, Andrew Athletics employment contracts
12/02/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Mirror request for Nike Compensation Documents
12/02/2013 Rokus, Brian Score Distributions
11/29/2013 Greif, Andrew Employment contract
11/29/2013 Schrotenboer, Brent 2011 BCS statement
11/27/2013 Johnson, Mark Employment Contract
11/26/2013 Kamb, Lewis Sports agreements
11/20/2013 Harris, Joe Payroll
11/20/2013 Delucia, Garrett Directory Information
11/19/2013 Pirkle, Chris Sponsored Projects Services
11/13/2013 Roberts, Michael Registrar information
11/11/2013 Ballantyne, Alando Payroll data
11/07/2013 Cohen, Yoni Basketball game contracts
11/04/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Employment contract and job description
11/04/2013 Brynelson, Troy Orientation Packet
10/31/2013 Forrester, Amy Library De-selection data Marine Biology Library
10/29/2013 Rives, David Employee information
10/25/2013 Brynelson, Troy Contract
10/24/2013 King, John Insurance Policies
10/17/2013 Harbaugh, Bill LCB Associate Dean Appointment
10/17/2013 DeVito, Brooke President compensation
10/15/2013 Kish, Matthew Nike compensation
10/15/2013 Bynum, Kayla Student Ticket Scans
10/14/2013 Ruderman, Glen University Communications
10/11/2013 Wihtol, Christian Appearance agreement
10/11/2013 Holloway, Hannah Student Majors information
10/10/2013 Eres, Mark Contract for services
10/10/2013 Theobald, Chuck Job Postings documents
10/10/2013 Kish, Matthew Bids and contracts
10/09/2013 Spence, Lance Athletics contracts
10/08/2013 Logsdon, Zachary Athletics contracts
10/08/2013 Dietz, Diane Contract
10/08/2013 Simmons, Dayna Casanova Extension
10/04/2013 Dietz, Diane Travel RFP
10/03/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Student Athlete Policies
10/02/2013 Stucchio, Krista Student Athlete Policies
10/01/2013 Gannon, Jennifer Student Athlete Policies
09/26/2013 McCornack, Carol RFP and Travel Contract
09/26/2013 Gasperlin, Mary RFP Athletics Travel
09/25/2013 Kish, Matthew Contracts Athletics
09/24/2013 Delance, Rick Certified Payroll
09/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Payments
09/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Contract or Salary
09/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Coach Sports camp
09/23/2013 Harris, Joe Certified Payroll
09/20/2013 Gonzales, Jon CAMCORS records
09/20/2013 Ricker, Benjamin Payments
09/20/2013 Ricker, Benjamin Contract or Salary
09/17/2013 Simer, Jeremy Contracts
09/16/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
09/13/2013 Berkowitz, Steve Coach Sports camp
09/13/2013 Strain, Garrett RFP language
09/11/2013 Jordan, Samantha Employee Information
09/11/2013 Sander, Richard Law School Admissions info
09/06/2013 Campbell, Ian Operating costs
09/03/2013 Schulte, Elizabeth Residence Hall counts
09/03/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Employee information
08/27/2013 Dietz, Diane Email Communciations
08/27/2013 Sander, Richard Admission policies
08/26/2013 Harbaugh, Bill List Serve info
08/26/2013 Cohen, Ben Student Ticket Scans
08/21/2013 Viceri, Nicole Bid results Grocery Bid
08/19/2013 Greif, Andrew Contracts Assistant Volleyball Coaches
08/19/2013 Harbaugh, Bill UO General Counsel Emails
08/16/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Public records regarding public records redactions
08/16/2013 Nelson, Cindy Bid Tabulation Mallard Park
08/16/2013 Garber, Mark Employee information
08/15/2013 Greif, Andrew Invoices and Contracts
08/15/2013 Wihtol, Christian Employment contracts
08/15/2013 Greif, Andrew Email Communciations
08/15/2013 Greif, Andrew Meeting Minutes
08/14/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Communications regard request
08/13/2013 Greif, Andrew Cost estimate
08/13/2013 Greif, Andrew Presentation documents
08/13/2013 Herdy, Amy Assault Policies
08/12/2013 Crump, Jake Communications
08/12/2013 Crump, Jake Strategic Communication emails
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Termination repayments
08/12/2013 Hirko, Scott Academic Support budgets
08/12/2013 Davis, Gary Travel bid tabulation and winning proposal
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Communications
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Academic Support budgets
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Strategic Communication emails
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts and Athletics
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Sponsored Projects Services
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Portable Sanitation RFP
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Athletics correspondence
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Bid Tabulation for Athletics Travel RFP
08/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Apparel Contracts
08/09/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Football Game Contracts
08/09/2013 Cohen, Kevin Contracts and Athletics
08/09/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Public Records Office documents
08/07/2013 Greif, Andrew Catapult Sports contract
08/06/2013 Stites, Sam Nicholls State Game Contract
08/06/2013 Stites, Sam Football Game contracts
08/01/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Contract and job description
07/30/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Bargaining Session Minutes
07/30/2013 Nelson, Cindi RFP responses 2012
07/30/2013 Mellor, Stuart Sponsored Projects Services
07/25/2013 Bartlett, Daniela Banking Contracts
07/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Legal invoices and Contracts June 23, 2013 to July 22, 2013
07/22/2013 Weld, Scott Portable Sanitation RFP
07/19/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Employment contract
07/19/2013 Howard, Megan RFP response
07/19/2013 Hulburt. Shane Hiring committee documents
07/19/2013 Morgan-Russell, Dan ASUO budget
07/17/2013 Howard, Megan RFI winning proposal
07/17/2013 Campuzano, Eder Trademark contract
07/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Computer Access
07/11/2013 Greenberg, Martin Coaching Contracts
07/11/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Employment contract
07/11/2013 Pucin, Diane Athletics correspondence
07/10/2013 Bruce, Ken Bid Tabulation for Athletics Travel RFP
07/09/2013 Kennedy, Michael Bid Tabulation for Athletics Travel RFP
07/09/2013 Zak, Karen Bid Tabulation for Athletics Travel RFP
07/09/2013 Howard, Megan Bid Tabulation for Athletics Travel RFP
07/08/2013 Gilbert, Phil Legal funding
07/08/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Legal Funding
07/03/2013 Kish, Matthew Apparel Contracts
07/02/2013 Ferrie, Daniel Proximity Card RFP responses
07/02/2013 Chaney, James Contract for Deferred Maintenance Straub Hall
07/01/2013 Ho, Tiffany Athletics Salary Information
06/25/2013 Harbaugh, Bill BSK invoices
06/24/2013 Fitzgerald, Shawn Paper RFQ June 2013
06/24/2013 Johnson, Mark BSK Invoices April 18 2013 to June 24 2013
06/21/2013 Clifton, Gregg Athletics Phone records
06/19/2013 Rattray, Rose Mary Paciolan Contract
06/17/2013 Clifton, Gregg Athletics Correspondence
06/17/2013 Clifton, Gregg Email communications athletics
06/17/2013 Rubin, William Practice tests
06/11/2013 Killion, Neil Student Conduct expulsions
06/11/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Legal invoices March 22 2013 to June 10 2013
06/10/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Cost estimate analysis
06/10/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Canoe Group Consulting Report
06/06/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Documents showing GC advice
06/06/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Presidents Calendar
06/05/2013 Brettman, Allan Brand Management report
06/05/2013 Bruce, Ken Travel RFI responses
06/04/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Audits and documents concerning monitoring of invoicing
06/04/2013 Stewart, Joanna University budget past 5 years
06/03/2013 Jacklin, Joe Presidents Calendar
05/31/2013 Rubel, Alan Electronic Journal Licensing Agreement
05/30/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Student Athlete forms and College of Ed Course syllabi
05/30/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas Student Athlete forms and College of Ed Course syllabi
05/28/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas Presentation documents
05/28/2013 Kirsch, Jeffery Presidents calendar entry
05/28/2013 Dietz, Diane Presentation documents
05/24/2013 McCornack, Carol Travel RFI
05/24/2013 Axon, Rachel Nike contract and HIPPA release form
05/23/2013 Brynelson, Troy Presentation documents
05/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Presidents notes
05/23/2013 Edge, Sami Email Correspondence
05/22/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas President's Calendar
05/22/2013 Zivin, Jake Notice of Allegations after October 30, 2012
05/22/2013 Peterson, Anne Notice of Allegations after October 30, 2012
05/22/2013 Tierney, John Notice of Allegations after October 30, 2012
05/22/2013 Edge, Sami Emails
05/21/2013 Wagoner, Steve RFQ Miniblind cleaning
05/20/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Gift Letters
05/14/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas UOPD Uniforms
05/10/2013 Cohen, Kevin Football Game Contracts
05/02/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Contract and invoices
05/02/2013 Blalack, Zach Contracts, agreements regarding DAS
04/30/2013 Stites, Sam Correspondence since Dec 21 Re: NCAA committee
04/30/2013 Murray, Brad Invoices regarding Union
04/30/2013 Serfass, Julie Consulting Contracts
04/30/2013 Brynelson, Troy Legal invoices Dec to April
04/30/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Meeting Minutes
04/29/2013 Bachman, Rachel Correspondence since Dec 21 Re: NCAA committee
04/25/2013 Johnson, Mark Legal invoices Dec to April
04/25/2013 Johnson, Mark Correspondence since Dec 21 Re: NCAA committee
04/25/2013 Johnson, Mark Meeting Schedule
04/25/2013 Johnson, Mark Notice of Allegations after October 30, 2012
04/23/2013 Jude, Adam Legal invoices Dec to April
04/23/2013 Jude, Adam Correspondence since Dec 21 Re: NCAA committee
04/23/2013 Tilkin, Dan Notice of Allegations Document after Jan 18, 2013
04/23/2013 Tilkin, Dan Meeting schedule
04/23/2013 Gouahinga. Francois Financial records
04/23/2013 Campbell, Ian Spring elections correspondence
04/22/2013 Rudin, Ben Election expenditures detailed
04/22/2013 Bownik, Marcin Employee listing
04/18/2013 Campbell, Ian Election expenditures detailed
04/18/2013 Wagoner, Steve RFQ Carpet Cleaning
04/16/2013 Zivin, Jake NCAA Documents
04/16/2013 Horner Foley, Adriane NCAA documents
04/16/2013 Tilkin, Dan NCAA Documents
04/16/2013 Johnson, Mark Notice of Allegations December
04/16/2013 Schroeder, George NCAA Documents
04/16/2013 Newman, Jonah Athletics scholarship information
04/16/2013 Peterson, Anne NCAA Documents
04/15/2013 Rudin, Ben Election results
04/15/2013 Campbell, Ian Election results
04/15/2013 Kreth, Quintin Election results
04/12/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Legal invoices March 2013
04/11/2013 Dunn, Todd Seatback Lease contract
04/11/2013 Carroll, Yonna Employee listing Spring
04/03/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas Public Records policy documents
04/03/2013 Dietz, Diane Legal Invoices Novermber 2012 to April 3 2013
03/29/2013 Gaul, Gilbert Athletics budget information
03/28/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Public Records policy documents
03/22/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Legal Invoices regarding faculty union November to March
03/20/2013 Paulson, Dashiell Proposed Draft Legislation
03/19/2013 Stites, Sam Notice of Allegations documents
03/19/2013 Stites, Sam Proposed Draft Legislation
03/18/2013 Davis, Ethan RFP's Copier Consulting
03/18/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas Proposed Draft Legislation
03/18/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Proposed Draft Legislation
03/18/2013 Pilon, Mary Supplement information
03/14/2013 Tilkin, Dan Notice of Allegations documents
03/12/2013 Jackson, Esther RFP Copier Consultant
03/12/2013 Dent, Mark Athletic scholarship information
03/11/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas Email search
03/07/2013 Yamamoto, Jean Temporary employee listing
03/06/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas UOPD information
03/05/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas Notice of Allegations documents
03/04/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas President's Calendar
03/04/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas In-state students vs. Out of state student information
03/04/2013 Whitol, Christian Proposed Draft Legislation
02/25/2013 Wihtol, Christian Copy of President Gottfredson's calendar provided
02/22/2013 Garcia, Manny Bottled Water Contracts
02/22/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts and Job Descriptions
02/21/2013 Aras, Fahimeh Registrar student information
02/20/2013 Berkman, Hilary Proposed dates for panel hearings
02/20/2013 Campbell, Ian Incidental Fee Breakdowns
02/15/2013 Korody, Brandon U of O contracts
02/13/2013 Cox, Debbie Dispatch system bid winner
02/13/2013 Garmon, Jenna Recycling rates
02/12/2013 Newman, Jonah Financial Aid agreement templates
02/12/2013 Boehler, Brian Score Distributions
02/08/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Email
02/07/2013 Bates, Melissa Multivista Documents
02/06/2013 Ingram, Kirah Housing Expansion Project
02/06/2013 Foody, Lisa Registrar student information
02/05/2013 Chapa, Michael Grade Distribution Fall 2012
02/05/2013 Paulson, Dashiell Request for writers/editors of website
02/04/2013 Hurst, Christopher Head Coach Contract
02/04/2013 Nixon, Rick Cable television services contracts
02/04/2013 Cohen, Kevin Athletics Contracts
01/31/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Around the O expenses
01/29/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Ticket Policies
01/29/2013 Sinclair, Smith RFP's Copier Consulting
01/28/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Rose Bowl 2012 request
01/25/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Banner information
01/25/2013 Sutherland, Ann Faculty Information archived
01/25/2013 Stites, Sam Employment contract
01/24/2013 Stites, Sam Basketball Tickets
01/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Helfrich Contract
01/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Request for Notice of Allegations documents
01/23/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Website Editors
01/22/2013 Stites, Sam Helfrich Employment Contract
01/22/2013 Schroeder, George Notice of Allegations documents
01/22/2013 Carroll, Yonna Employee Information
01/22/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Legal Invoices
01/18/2013 Tublitz, Nathan Fiesta Bowl Request
01/18/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Basketball Ticket sales
01/18/2013 Ekblad, Nicholas Fiesta Bowl Request
01/17/2013 Johnson, Mark Coach and Athletic Director Email Correspondence
01/17/2013 Johnson, Mark Fiesta Bowl accounting and attendees listing
01/17/2013 Gilbert, Phillip Athletics expenditure
01/17/2013 Stites, Sam Basketball Ticket Sales
01/16/2013 Goe, Ken Employment contracts
01/16/2013 Robertson, Jeff Documents concerning Head Coach
01/15/2013 Bensinger, Ken Infractions report UCLA
01/15/2013 Silva, Steven Registrar information
01/14/2013 Paulson, Dashiell President's Calendar
01/14/2013 Wihtol, Christian Dalai Lama Visit
01/14/2013 Seibel, Kris Financial statements Matt Knight Arena
01/11/2013 Abrams, BJ Football player stats
01/10/2013 Brown, Doug Coach and Athletic Director Email Correspondence
01/08/2013 Harbaugh, Bill President Calendar
01/08/2013 Davis, Santhalyn Non-alcoholic Beverage Contracts
01/07/2013 Mesh, Aaron Football Contract updates
01/03/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Fiesta Bowl
01/03/2013 Golden, Hannah Statistics
01/02/2013 Wihtol, Christian Forecast/Projection Documents
01/02/2013 Harbaugh, Bill Forecast/Projection Documents
12/21/2012 Schroeder, George NCAA Communications
12/21/2012 Schroeder, George NCAA communications December 2012
12/20/2012 Johnson, Mark NCAA communications
12/20/2012 Jude, Adam NCAA communications
12/18/2012 Tublitz, Nathan 2007 - 2011 Bowl game ticket info
12/17/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Legal invoices
12/13/2012 Chuchmach, Megan Football Program questionnaire
12/10/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Employee Information Request
12/10/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Social Network Violations Request
12/10/2012 Harbaugh, BIll NCAA Documents Request
12/10/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Football Ticket Recipients Request
12/10/2012 Harbaugh. Bill Ticket reimbursements
12/10/2012 Fenno, Nathan Concussion Management Plan
12/10/2012 Stites, Sam Employment contracts
12/07/2012 Hillier, Mark Payment Bond- Zebra Fish
12/07/2012 Rosenwasser, Jake Football Team injections
12/07/2012 Webb, Chris Horton contract and NCAA reports
12/05/2012 Harbaugh, Bill NCAA communications
12/05/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Fiesta Bowl
12/05/2012 Goe, Ken Job Description
12/04/2012 Jaquiss, Nigel Employment Contract
12/03/2012 Goe, Ken Employee Information
11/30/2012 Tublitz, Nathan Football Ticket Recipients
11/27/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Employee Information
11/27/2012 Johnson, Mark Legal invoices
11/27/2012 Johnson, Mark Employee Information
11/27/2012 Stites, Sam Legal invoices
11/27/2012 Mckenna, Paul Temp Employee report
11/27/2012 Tierney, John NCAA Documents
11/26/2012 Jude, Adam Legal invoices
11/21/2012 Woolington, Josephine Affirmative Action Investigation
11/21/2012 Campbell, Ian Over-realized funds ASUO
11/21/2012 Prince, Seth Employee Information
11/21/2012 Harbaugh, Bill NCAA legal invoices
11/16/2012 Herbst, Marge Registrar information
11/16/2012 Jude, Adam Employment Contract
11/16/2012 Johnson, Mark Employment Contract
11/16/2012 Eres, Mark Software contract information
11/16/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Emails Regarding Public Records Request
11/14/2012 Lanier, Valerie Directory information
11/14/2012 Paulson, Dashiell Donation records
11/13/2012 Sigler, Kurt Staffing Proposals
11/13/2012 Grabar, Mary Lecture expenses
11/13/2012 Sullivan, Bradley Housing information
11/12/2012 Harbaugh, Bill UO Directory Site Information
11/08/2012 Cohen, Kevin Basketball Game Contracts
11/07/2012 Hays, Sarah MOU between UODPS and City of Eugene
11/07/2012 Stites, Sam Nike Contract
11/07/2012 Dickson, Rebecca Gatorade/Stokely Van Camp agreements
11/05/2012 Edwards, Vicki Hospitality Bids
11/05/2012 Utter, Joseph Social Networking Violations
11/02/2012 Parsi, Arash Registrar information
11/02/2012 Stites, Sam Endowed Professorships
11/01/2012 Ekblad, Nicholas Email Correspondence
10/31/2012 Ekblad, Nicholas VPSA emails
10/30/2012 Yeung, John Registrar Information
10/30/2012 Ekblad, Nicholas Senate Emails
10/29/2012 Breanna Treto Chapman Renovation Bid
10/25/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Athletics MOU's
10/25/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Overhead rates documents
10/24/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Legal Services
10/22/2012 Romeo, Whitney Lillis Hall Specs
10/22/2012 Andersen, Wayne Hospitality bids
10/19/2012 Moseley, Rob Travel documents
10/19/2012 Phillips, William Salary info
10/19/2012 Harbaugh, Bill UO senior administrator evaluation dates
10/19/2012 Ditmer, Brian Nike agreement
10/17/2012 Thomas, Randall Employment agreements
10/17/2012 Treto, Breanna Chapman Renovation bid
10/16/2012 Treto, Breanna Campbell Hall Bid
10/12/2012 Hatmaker, Kelly NCAA Communications
10/11/2012 Totland, Colton UOPD Contracts
10/09/2012 Stites, Sam NCAA communications
10/09/2012 Stites, Sam OAR Drug testing
10/09/2012 McGillivray, Jeff Certified payroll
10/09/2012 Castaneda, Jairo CMAE documents
10/08/2012 Harbaugh, Bill PCS Contracts
10/08/2012 Howe, Fabian Emergency Mass Notification System contract
10/08/2012 Luthin, Sophie Holmes Emails
10/05/2012 Cohen, Kevin Administrator Contracts
10/02/2012 Totland, Colton UOPD Contracts
10/02/2012 Slovic, Beth University Security Police records
10/02/2012 Ellis, Amanda Athletics budget info
10/02/2012 Zoz, Stephanie Syllabi
10/01/2012 Weinberg, Adam Directory info
09/26/2012 Harbaugh, Bill CAS report
09/25/2012 Marchand, Kassie Charter Transportation proposals
09/18/2012 Tilkin, Dan NCAA Correspondence
09/18/2012 Tilkin, Dan NCAA Documents
09/17/2012 Love, David Campus Card ID Supplies
09/12/2012 Goe, Ken AD Contracts
09/11/2012 Harbaugh, Bill AA Report
09/11/2012 Dover, Dennis Payroll Comfort Flow
09/11/2012 Alexander, Raquel Nike Contract
09/11/2012 Johnson, Mark AD Contracts
09/07/2012 Johnson, Mark Baseball contracts
09/06/2012 Zivin, Jake NCAA documents
09/05/2012 Brock, Antoinette Bid Results
09/04/2012 Robertson, Jeff NCAA violations
09/04/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Legal Invoices for NCAA
09/04/2012 McKenna, Paul Temporary employees
08/31/2012 Jude, Adam Horton Contract
08/30/2012 Proebstel, Lisa Food Service bid
08/29/2012 Davis, Juanita Chapman 1st Floor Renovation Bids
08/28/2012 Freeman, David Registrar Info
08/28/2012 Harbaugh. Bill Legal contracts
08/28/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Athletics contracts
08/27/2012 Krishnan, Nithya RFP No. 120000-0001
08/27/2012 Moseley, Rob Kelly Contract Information
08/23/2012 Dietz, Diane EMU
08/22/2012 Rubin, Will Public Records Requests
08/22/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Emails re: DOJ Billings
08/21/2012 Harbaugh, Bill PRR Response Documentation
08/20/2012 Lubash, Andrew RBI Consulting
08/20/2012 Bains, Franklin RBI Consulting
08/20/2012 Schroeder, George BSK Invoices
08/20/2012 Hays, Karen Port a Floor Bid
08/20/2012 Geaghan, Tim Conference archives
08/20/2012 Dean, Angela Port a Floor Bid
08/17/2012 Jude, Adam BSK Invoices
08/16/2012 Presser, Jeff AD Salaries
08/16/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Air Quality Expenditure
08/14/2012 Greenberg, Martin Chip Kelly Contract
08/14/2012 Boeger, Andrew Personal Service Contracts
08/13/2012 Harbaugh, Bill BSK Contracts concerning NCAA
08/07/2012 McCulloch, Joe Lananna Contract
08/06/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Special Admin Contracts
08/03/2012 Cohen, Kevin Athletics Contracts
08/01/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Berdahl transfer archives
08/01/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Frohnmayer transfer to archives
07/30/2012 Udashen, Audrey Abatement Documents
07/27/2012 Dietz, Diane Glazier/BSK Contract
07/26/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Misc Response documents
07/20/2012 Jones, Porschia Coaching Contracts
07/20/2012 Fitzgerald, Maggie Coaching Contracts
07/20/2012 Hellman, Samuel PIV Alternative Procurement bid
07/17/2012 Rothstein, Michael Football Games
07/13/2012 Berkowitz, Steve Coaching Contracts
07/12/2012 Foster, Kim Grade Distributions
07/09/2012 Schroeder, George Coaching Contracts
07/06/2012 Upton, Jodi Coaching Contracts
07/03/2012 Schroeder, George Track and Field Trials
07/02/2012 Brettman, Allan U.S. Track and Fields Trials
06/29/2012 Kimbrough, Jerese Athletic Contract
06/29/2012 Cellier, Jason Athletics Contracts
06/26/2012 Spier, Zach Rental Policies
06/21/2012 Manning, Jeff Frohnmayer Payments
06/21/2012 Harris, Tyree DPS emails
06/20/2012 Verdoorn, Megan Ceiling Bids Riley Res Hall
06/19/2012 Jamieson, Tyler Athletic Apparel Contracts
06/12/2012 Hansen, Ron Various annual athletics reports and contracts
06/12/2012 Starr, Patty Pest Control Bid
06/11/2012 Raubeson, Walter Employment Information
06/11/2012 Stegmeir, Matthew PIV Alternative Procurement Bid Materials
06/07/2012 Martin, Jeff Glazier/BSK Contract
06/07/2012 Martin, Jeff BSK Documents and invoices
06/07/2012 Martin, Jeff Compliance Review Project Payment
06/04/2012 Kolisek, Jake Men's Basketball Head Coach Contract
05/31/2012 Yeung, John Student Directory Information
05/29/2012 Edwards, Vicki Moshofsky Center/Mallard Park bid packets submitted
05/23/2012 Brock, Antoinette HVAC, Elevator, Roofing Bids- UO
05/22/2012 Zivin, Jake NCAA Football Investigation
05/22/2012 Klopfenstein, Lori Knight Library Carpet Bid
05/21/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Union Member Requests
05/17/2012 Miller, Chris RFP responses UO Recreation Center
05/16/2012 Springer, Jeff Police Vehicle build bids
05/14/2012 Calkins, Greg Police Vehicle Build Bids
05/10/2012 Tilkin, Dan NCAA Football Investigation
05/10/2012 Carroll, Yonna Directory Information for UO Employees
05/08/2012 Schroeder, George NCAA Football Investigation
05/07/2012 Cohen , Daniel Multimedia Agreements
05/04/2012 Petersen, Anne NCAA Football Investigation
05/02/2012 Iacobelli, Peter Athletic Contracts
05/01/2012 Lattinville, Robert Employment Contract
04/27/2012 Schroeder, George BSK Invoices
04/27/2012 Schroeder, George Compliance Review Project
04/26/2012 Norby, Tanya Certified Payrolls
04/24/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Union Agreement
04/24/2012 Stites, Sam Union Agreement
04/23/2012 Wihtol, Christian Agreements Between UO and Gabon
04/20/2012 Tilkin, Dan Emails re: recruiting violations
04/18/2012 George, Rachel EADA reports
04/18/2012 Wihtol, Christian Contracts and invoices
04/17/2012 Wihtol, Christian Agreements/contracts
04/17/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Legal services Invoice
04/16/2012 Stites, Samuel Expense Allowance
04/16/2012 Starr, Patty Pest control services price information
04/16/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts/agreements; expenses
04/16/2012 Stites, Samuel Rose Bowl revenue
04/16/2012 Stites, Samuel Rose Bowl expenses
04/16/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Bend Campus Agreement
04/12/2012 Wihtol, Christian Track and Field Correspondence
04/11/2012 Stites, Samuel Expense and revenue report
04/11/2012 Cerullo, Mac Expense allowance
04/11/2012 Cohen, Kevin Non-Conference Football Game Contracts
04/11/2012 Zivin, Jake Correspondence
04/10/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Legal services Invoice
04/10/2012 Schroeder, George Employment records
04/10/2012 Schroeder, George Legal Services Invoice
04/10/2012 Johnson, Mark NCAA Documents
04/10/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Athletic Department Applications
04/09/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Employment records
04/06/2012 Alexander, Raquel Benchmarking reports
04/04/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Contract
04/04/2012 Finkelman, Krissy Contract Award
04/02/2012 Cerullo, Mac Expense report
03/30/2012 Sadofsky, Hal Information provided to United Academics
03/30/2012 Tierney, John NCAA documents
03/29/2012 Downing, Rhonda RFP No. AD2012-01
03/26/2012 Lillge, Mark RFP No. AD2012-01
03/22/2012 Tilkin, Dan NCAA documents
03/22/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Documents provided for previous request
03/21/2012 Cerullo, Mac Postseason Football Institutional Bowl Expenses
03/20/2012 Tilkin, Dan Status notification
03/20/2012 Kell, John RFP Results
03/20/2012 Peterson, Anne Legal Services Invoices
03/20/2012 Peterson, Anne NCAA Correspondence Feb.
03/20/2012 Peterson, Anne Summary disposition
03/20/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts and invoices
03/16/2012 Garcia, Manny EMU SRC correspondence
03/16/2012 Harbaugh, Bill BSK February invoice
03/16/2012 Luthin, Sophie ASUO petitions
03/12/2012 Ehrlich, Toni Willamette Valley Music Festival
03/07/2012 Martin, Jeffrey Drug testing Policies
03/07/2012 Martin, Jeffrey Expense report
03/07/2012 Bleymaier, Joe Athlete info
03/05/2012 Tilkin, Dan Summary disposition
03/02/2012 King, McKenzie Contracts/agreements
02/29/2012 Crafton, Tammy Proposals 50-11-21
02/29/2012 Venn, George Teaching records
02/28/2012 Stites, Sam Revenue projections
02/28/2012 Zivin, Jake Summary disposition; response
02/27/2012 Cerullo, Mac Institutional reports
02/27/2012 Barnes, Michelle Zipcar proposal
02/27/2012 Barnes, Michelle Service contract
02/24/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Severance pay, contracts, costs.
02/24/2012 Peterson, Anne NCAA Investigation
02/24/2012 Aune, Jolie NCAA Investigation
02/24/2012 Calm, Cheryl NCAA Investigation
02/24/2012 Daib, Jolene NCAA Investigation
02/24/2012 Schroeder, George Summary disposition
02/23/2012 Goe, Ken Invoices
02/20/2012 Titus, Mike Certified Payroll
02/20/2012 Titus, Mike Certified Payroll
02/16/2012 Tublitz, Nathan Salary equity and enhancement plans
02/16/2012 Hays, Karen Bid tabulation
02/15/2012 Vandekerkhove, Vicki Bid tabulation
02/13/2012 Evans, Kathryn RFP award
02/10/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Invoices
02/10/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Invoices
02/10/2012 Goe, Ken Budgets, contracts
02/09/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Email correspondence
02/08/2012 Tublitz, Nathan Salary Equity and Enhancement Plans
02/07/2012 Bloom, Deborah Email correspondence
02/06/2012 Vandekerkhove, Vicki Bid tabulation
02/03/2012 Bloom, Deborah Employment contract
02/03/2012 DeSousa, Danielle Financial report
02/03/2012 Bloom, Deborah Email correspondence
02/03/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Agreements
02/01/2012 Manning, Jeff Employment agreement
02/01/2012 Manning, Jeff Record of opinion or guidance
02/01/2012 Bloom, Deborah Email correspondence
02/01/2012 Bloom, Deborah Email correspondence
02/01/2012 Dwarski, Noelle Contractor information
01/31/2012 Schroeder, George Employment contracts
01/31/2012 Tierney, John Notice of Inquiry
01/31/2012 Bloom, Deborah Documents provided for request
01/30/2012 Schroeder, George Letter of investigation
01/30/2012 Prince, Seth Employment contracts
01/30/2012 Prince, Seth Employment contracts
01/30/2012 Prince, Seth Employment contract
01/30/2012 Manning, Jeff Contract and referral agreement
01/30/2012 Cerullo, Mac NCAA Report
01/26/2012 Stites, Samuel Cost of assessment
01/26/2012 Cohen, Kevin Reports; employment contract
01/26/2012 Tilkin, Dan Letter of investigation
01/24/2012 Prince, Seth Employment contracts
01/24/2012 Smith, Robert Contracts
01/24/2012 Hill, Claire Grade distribution and course enrollment
01/24/2012 Goe, Ken December invoice
01/23/2012 Lattinville, Robert Employment contracts
01/20/2012 Upton, Jodi Reports and contracts
01/20/2012 Phillips, William Employment contracts
01/20/2012 Carroll, Yonna Directory Information for UO Employees
01/19/2012 Stites, Sam Reimbursements
01/18/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Gift letter
01/17/2012 Harbaugh, Bill December invoice
01/17/2012 Eichelberger, Curtis Revenues and Expenses report, employment contracts
01/13/2012 Bolt, Greg Employment contract
01/13/2012 Brettman, Allan Bowl Game Financial Report
01/11/2012 Smith, Robert Ticket Sales Summary Report
01/10/2012 Stites, Sam Monthly reimbursement
01/10/2012 Harris, Craig Institutional reports
01/10/2012 Stegner, David RFP award
01/06/2012 Winkler, David Certified Payroll Reports
01/06/2012 Stites, Sam Contract
01/05/2012 Cummings, Ryan Contract
01/05/2012 Gilbert, Phillip Contributions; contracts
01/04/2012 Jordan, Thomas RFP Responses
01/03/2012 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
01/03/2012 Menino, Holly Coach Contract
12/30/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Applications
12/30/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Portland budget
12/30/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contract
12/28/2011 Prince, Seth Coach Contract
12/21/2011 Goe, Ken Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice
12/21/2011 Smith, Robert NCAA Budget and Financial Report
12/20/2011 Paterson, Justin RFP Responses
12/16/2011 Tombolini, Angela Scoring Calculator
12/15/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contract
12/13/2011 Zoz, Stephanie Course Documents
12/13/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contract
12/13/2011 Richardson, Dennis Contact information
12/12/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice
12/12/2011 Bachman, Rachel NCAA report
12/12/2011 Walters, John BCS National Championship game expenses
12/08/2011 Jude, Adam Contracts
12/08/2011 Jude, Adam Contract
12/06/2011 Graves, Bill Contracts and benefits
12/06/2011 Teal, Brett NCAA Correspondence
12/05/2011 Klassy, Garrett ASUO incidental fee
12/02/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
12/02/2011 Tombolini, Angela RFP responses
12/02/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
12/01/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
12/01/2011 Fenno, Nathan Number of FOIA requests
12/01/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Travel Expenses
11/30/2011 Smith, Christopher Football information
11/30/2011 Hansen, Greg 2011-2012 Revenue
11/29/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Documents regarding overhead rates
11/29/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Athletic Department Applications
11/29/2011 Appleby, Keith Contracts
11/28/2011 Goe, Ken Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice
11/28/2011 Yilek, Caitlin Directory information
11/28/2011 Schroeder, George Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice
11/22/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Bond, Schoeneck & King Invoice
11/22/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Contracts
11/22/2011 Quick, Jason Contracts
11/22/2011 Miller, Chris RFP responses
11/22/2011 Harbaugh, Bill PK Park loan
11/21/2011 Lengfield, Carson Contracts with CMS
11/18/2011 Wihtol, Christian IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships
11/17/2011 Sayre, Gordon Salary equity and enhancement plans
11/17/2011 Tublitz, Nathan Salary equity and enhancement plans
11/16/2011 Cohen, Kevin Contracts
11/16/2011 Stites, Sam Jacqua Insurance Claim
11/16/2011 Eckstein, Ben President's box funds
11/15/2011 Harbaugh, Bill President's box funds
11/14/2011 Harbaugh, Bill FAR Information
11/13/2011 Eckstein, Ben ASUO rate for football tickets
11/10/2011 Goe, Ken Self-Reported Secondary Violation
11/09/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Allocation of Jaqua Center Costs
11/08/2011 King, Jeromy Notice of Inquiry
11/08/2011 Luthin, Sophie Student Sustainability Fund
11/08/2011 Peterson, Anne NCAA Investigation
11/08/2011 Behl, Ankit Ticketing system software contracts
11/08/2011 King, Jeromy Self-Reported Violations
11/08/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Information Provided in Response to PRRs RE: NCAA Investigations
11/04/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Pay Increases
11/04/2011 Goe, Ken Notice of Inquiry
11/02/2011 Ford, Beth Pay Increases
10/31/2011 Schroeder, George NCAA Notice of Allegation
10/26/2011 Raschio, Martha Oregon Graphics
10/24/2011 Bash, Adeline Animal Research
10/24/2011 Davis, Santhayln Beverage Contracts
10/21/2011 Fainaru-Wada, Mark Merchandising Correspondence
10/21/2011 Johnson, Mark Employment Contract
10/20/2011 Peterson, Anne Employment Contracts
10/19/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Maintenance Costs
10/18/2011 Voss, Nichole Bid Proposals
10/18/2011 Boyce, Belinda Vendor Contracts
10/18/2011 Bolt, Greg Costs Associated with the Department of Public Safety
10/18/2011 Steve Johanesen RFP Request
10/16/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Guidelines for Developing Indirect Costs Allocation Methods
10/16/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Outside Income Reports
10/16/2011 Harbaugh, Bill NCAA Rules
10/15/2011 Schroeder, George NCAA Notice of Inquiry, Payment of Invoices
10/14/2011 Goe, Ken Payment of Invoices and Notice of Inquiry
10/12/2011 Lengsfield, Carson Contracts
10/09/2011 Brandon Hamburg ESPN College Gameday
10/09/2011 Schroeder, George League Expansion
10/06/2011 Bolt, Greg Employment Contract
10/05/2011 Frommer, Fred League Expansion
10/04/2011 Yonna Carroll UO Employees
10/04/2011 Bolt, Greg Pay Increases
10/03/2011 Goe, Ken Payment of Invoices
09/30/2011 Wyntergreen, Brook UO Recreation Center RFP
09/29/2011 Johnson, Mark Payment of Invoices
09/28/2011 Eckstein, Ben Payment of Invoices
09/27/2011 Gerston, Emily Information about Student Athlete Privacy
09/23/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Expenses related to "Treetops"
09/23/2011 Steve Johanesen RFP Request
09/21/2011 Graves, Bill Response to Letter From OUS
09/21/2011 Spier, Zach Dean Search
09/21/2011 Sargent, Stacy RFP Request
09/19/2011 Schroeder, George Payments to Yelverton
09/19/2011 Schroeder, George NCAA Notice of Inquiry
09/16/2011 Minger, Vaughn RFQ Results
09/16/2011 Messer, Eric Electrical Upgrades Project
09/16/2011 Voss, Nichole RFQ Results
09/16/2011 Bachman, Rachel NCAA Notice of Inquiry
09/15/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Payment of Invoices
09/14/2011 Lamb, Kyle Bowl Expense Reports
09/14/2011 Bachman, Rachel Sports Camp Income
09/13/2011 Bolt, Greg Salary Increase Information
09/11/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Responses to Legal Service Contracts
09/09/2011 Goe, Ken Payments to Yelverton
09/08/2011 Pfister, Glenn Game Contract
09/07/2011 Bellamy, Ron Employee Salary and Workplace Contact Information
09/07/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Payment of Invoices
09/07/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contracts
09/07/2011 Bellamy, Ron Employment Contract
09/06/2011 Jones, Jay Request for RFQ proposal
08/26/2011 Churchmach, Megan Medical information for student athletes 2009-2011
08/24/2011 Kennedy, Phil RFP responses from architects for the UO EMU Expansion & Renovation
08/19/2011 Ellison, Wesley Request for Directory Information
08/14/2011 Rascher, Daniel Financial Audit Forms required by NCAA
08/12/2011 Schroeder, George Self reported NCAA violations and correspondence
08/09/2011 Bachman, Rachel Self-reported NCAA violations and correspondence
08/08/2011 Ricci, Paul Employment Contracts
08/04/2011 Prince, Seth Employment Contracts
08/04/2011 Allen, Elizabeth Bids/Contracts for Moshovsky Center, Mallard Park
08/04/2011 Adams, Jamal Employment Contract
08/01/2011 Bellamy, Ron Employment Contracts
07/28/2011 Cohen, Kevin Employment Contracts
07/27/2011 Cassidy, Tom Employment Contracts
07/22/2011 Bolt, Greg Outside entities using Matthew Knight Arena
07/21/2011 Bachman, Rachel Football scouting records since 2009
07/20/2011 Cary, Nancy Payment Bond for Alumni Center
07/19/2011 Franks, Curtis Non-alcoholic beverage agreements
07/19/2011 Hancock, Allen Ground Lease for 1700 Millrace
07/13/2011 Iboshi, Kyle Notices from the NCAA 1/1/11 - 7/13/11
07/13/2011 Iboshi, Kyle Documents regarding Lyles
07/12/2011 Harbaugh, Bill 2007-08 and 2008-09 NCAA EADA reports
07/12/2011 Benz, Gary Language of ESPN Requests since 12/1/11
07/12/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Accounting records of Bond, Shoenek & King
07/11/2011 Raschio, Martha Trademark applications and current licensees
07/07/2011 Andress, Steve NCAA self-reported infraction documents
07/07/2011 Andress, Steve Football students suspended or dismissed from 1995-2008
07/07/2011 Schroeder, George Employee agreement
07/07/2011 Goe, Ken Bond Schoeneck & King documents
07/06/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Agreements between UO and Gabon
07/06/2011 Harbaugh, Bill VP for Diversity search documents
07/05/2011 Lore, Stephanie Renovation proposals for the EMU and SRC projects
07/05/2011 Hill, Claire Grade distribution for S11, W11 and W07
07/05/2011 Cella, Ray Employment contract
07/05/2011 Meno, Jason Names, addresses of all incoming students
07/01/2011 Schroeder, George Invoices from Lyles
07/01/2011 Schroeder, George Cell phone records, correspondence re: Football Scouting
06/30/2011 Anderson, Jacob Employment Contracts and Budget Documents
06/30/2011 Berkowitz, Steve Employment Contracts
06/29/2011 Schroeder, George Football Scouting Records; Athletic Related PR Requests
06/27/2011 Bolt, Greg Agate Hall Lease, Purchase
06/24/2011 Bachman, Rachel Retention of Professionals Related to Football scouting
06/23/2011 Bachman, Rachel Football Scouting Documents
06/22/2011 Kruse, Chris Sorority/Fraternity Information
06/22/2011 Sheldon, Dan Football Scouting Financial Documents
06/21/2011 Dodd, Dennis Football Scouting Records
06/21/2011 Hong, Carolyn Football Scouting Products; Coach Cell Records
06/21/2011 Robertson, Jeff Football Recruiting Records
06/20/2011 Byron, Matthew Employment Contract
06/20/2011 Haan, Corey Certified payroll, Documents for Matthew Knight Arena
06/20/2011 Winters, Jennifer Football Scouting Records
06/17/2011 Sanderson, Matthew BCS Bowl Contracts, Documents
06/16/2011 Hannah, Rashad Employment Contract
06/14/2011 Kim, Leslie Course Grade Distribution
06/13/2011 Harris, Craig NCAA Bowl Expense Reports
06/10/2011 Friedman, Adam (Lefft) Employment Contracts
06/09/2011 Bellamy, Ron Employment Contract
06/08/2011 Harbaugh, Bill President Emeritus Contracts, Documents
06/08/2011 Harris, Craig Gifts Received from BCS Bowl Games
06/07/2011 Unger, Melissa List of Personal Service Contracts
06/01/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Affirmative Action Compliance Documents
05/23/2011 McGraw, Scott Athletics Financial Statements
05/20/2011 Haller, Doug Employment Contracts
05/17/2011 Herman, Jens Employment Contracts
05/16/2011 Pomerance, Laura College of Education Records
05/12/2011 Parsons, Bill Event Services Contracts
05/12/2011 Schroeder, George Athletics PR Requests; Football Recruiting Records
05/12/2011 Schroeder, George NCAA Documents
05/09/2011 Pengiel, Phil Employment Contracts
05/06/2011 Lattinville, Bob Employment Contracts
05/06/2011 Stewart, Patrick Professor Photographs
05/04/2011 Sanderson, Matthew NCAA Bowl Expense Reports
05/03/2011 Fox, Lauren Records Pertaining to Possible Alcohol Sales
05/03/2011 Harbaugh, Bill President Emeritus Accounting of Expenditures
05/02/2011 Bachman, Rachel Undergraduate Statistics
05/02/2011 Cohen, Kevin Non-conference Football Game Contracts
05/02/2011 Valencia, Jerry Bids for Barnhart and Riley Projects
04/27/2011 Wharton, David 2010 NCAA Financial Report
04/26/2011 Hazard, Kim General Contractor RFP Samples
04/26/2011 Wetzel, Dan BCS Championship Game Agreement; Tickets Provided
04/25/2011 Goe, Ken Cross-Country/Track & Field Financials, Employment Contracts
04/22/2011 Department of Public Safety Records
04/21/2011 Hing, Vivienne Sharepoint Upgrade Proposal Documents
04/21/2011 Hong, Carolyn Football Scouting Payments
04/21/2011 Schroeder, George Athletics Related PR Requests
04/15/2011 O'Brien, Jennifer Winning Bid for Admissions Video
04/14/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Consultant Documents
04/13/2011 Athletic Department Document
04/12/2011 Hong, Carolyn Football Recruiting Expenses
04/11/2011 Collier, Seda Riverfront Research Park Project Documents
04/11/2011 Sawhney, Kabir BCS Championship Game Financial Records
04/10/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contracts
04/08/2011 Haan, Corey Certified Payroll for Computing Center
04/08/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Consultant Findings, Recommendations
04/08/2011 Moua, Kabao Employment Contracts
04/06/2011 Hong, Carolyn Football Recruiting Records
04/06/2011 Hong, Carolyn Free Sideline Passes, Admissions for Football Seasons
04/05/2011 Christensen, Jay NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Survey
04/04/2011 Bloch, Randy Employment Contract
03/31/2011 Soave, Robert Undergraduate Grade Distribution
03/30/2011 Schroeder, George Football Scouting Services Records; List of PR Requests
03/29/2011 Duffy, Matt Former Assistant Professor Records
03/29/2011 Harbaugh, Bill List of PR Requests Since 1/31/2011
03/28/2011 Haan, Corey Land Lease Agreement
03/23/2011 Baker, Matt BCS Championship Game Revenues and Expenses, Survey
03/23/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Consulting Contracts and Invoices
03/22/2011 Kahler, James M. Athletics Apparel Agreement
03/18/2011 Smith, Robert BCS Championship Game Revenues and Expenses
03/17/2011 Conces, Mark Credit Card Agreement
03/16/2011 Hong, Carolyn Football Scouting Services Document
03/15/2011 Cohen, Kevin NCAA EADA Financial Report
03/11/2011 Hollenbeck, Anne Payments for Football Recruiting Services
03/10/2011 Halliburton, Suzanne Athletics Recruiting Budgets and Expenses
03/10/2011 Schroeder, George Correspondence Regarding Football Program
03/09/2011 Schroeder, George PR Requests 3/3/2011 - 3/9/2011
03/07/2011 Milbourn, Todd BCS Championship Game Revenues and Expenses
03/07/2011 Prince, Seth Football Scouting Services Information
03/07/2011 Schroeder, George Football Camp Employees; Football Coach Cell Records
03/04/2011 Schroeder, George Documents, Videos from Football Scouting Agencies
03/04/2011 Schroeder, George Athletics Payments to Scouting Agencies
03/04/2011 Staples, Andy Athletics Payments to Scouting Agencies
03/04/2011 Tierney, John Invoices from Football Scouting Agencies
03/03/2011 Haan, Corey Certified Payroll for Computing Center Project
03/03/2011 Prince, Seth Records from Football Scouting Agencies
03/03/2011 Schroeder, George Football Scouting Payments; UO Expenditure Reports
03/03/2011 Schroeder, George NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Public Record Requests Received
03/02/2011 Bachman, Rachel NCAA Bowl Expense Reports
03/02/2011 Fraser, Andy Proposals for Admissions Video Project
03/02/2011 Jones, Jay Proposals for Admissions Video RFQ, Score Sheets
03/01/2011 Solomon, Jon NCAA Bowl Expense Report, Survey
03/01/2011 Wetzel, Dan NCAA Bowl Expense Reports, Contract
02/28/2011 Hill, Claire Course Grade Distributions
02/28/2011 Jones, Jay Proposal for Admissions Video RFQ
02/28/2011 Schroeder, Shannon UO Expenditure Reports
02/27/2011 Codd, W. Tracy Employment Contract
02/23/2011 Pollard, Rebecca Dept. of Public Safety Report
02/18/2011 Erman, Mark Multi-Media Rights Agreement
02/17/2011 Bellamy, Ron Employment Contract
02/16/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Public Records Procedures Documents
02/16/2011 Woods, Ronald Certified Payroll for East Campus Residence Hall
02/15/2011 Haan, Corey Computing Center Project Documents
02/14/2011 Jones, Ty Employment Contracts
02/14/2011 Spycia, Laura Employment Contracts
02/14/2011 Athletic Department Documents
02/11/2011 Fox, Lauren Speaking Engagement Contract
02/08/2011 Hollenbeck, Anne NCAA EADA Report
02/08/2011 Curriculum Vitae for University Professor
02/04/2011 Harbaugh, Bill Dept. of Public Safety Hiring Records
02/04/2011 McLaughlin, Tim Contract for Public Records Software
02/03/2011 Grunbaum, Rami Records for Darren Berg or his companies
01/31/2011 Upton, Jodi NCAA EADA Report, Employment Contracts
01/25/2011 Fox, Lauren Personal Services Contract
01/24/2011 Bachman, Rachel NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report
01/24/2011 Eichelberger, Curtis NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report
01/24/2011 Athletic Administrator Correspondence
01/18/2011 NCAA Equity in Athletics Reports (EADA Report)
01/12/2011 Affiliation Agreement
01/03/2011 Eichelberger, Curtis Employment Contract
01/03/2011 Wihtol, Christian Arena Contract
12/29/2010 Dept. of Public Safety Budget Documents
12/22/2010 Cella, Ray Employment Contract
12/22/2010 Slovic, Beth Credit Card Affinity Agreements
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Financial Documents
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Design Advisory Committee Minutes
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Sublease Documents
12/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Documents
12/17/2010 Solomon, Jon NCAA Revenue and Expense Reports, Apparel and Employment Contracts
12/16/2010 Bachman, Rachel Athletic Revenue and Expense Report
12/16/2010 Wihtol, Christian TeamFanShop Contracts
12/16/2010 Contracts for Sale of Athletic Merchandise
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts
12/14/2010 Bachman, Rachel Contracts for BCS Bowl Game Tickets
12/10/2010 Stevenson, Pixie Panda Express Proposal or Lease Agreement
11/29/2010 Bachman, Rachel Accounting for Matthew Knight Arena
11/29/2010 Upton, Jodi Employment Contracts
11/24/2010 Pitkin, James Registry of Vehicles for Student Athletes
11/22/2010 Cohen, Kevin Employment Contracts
11/22/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Donor Agreements for Athletic Facilities Expansions
11/22/2010 Pitkin, James Correspondence Regarding Student Athlete
11/22/2010 Wihtol, Christian New Athletic Operations Building Agreements
11/19/2010 Cziko, Paul Riverfront Research Park Commission Documents
11/16/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Public Record Request Fee Waiver Assessment Documents
11/15/2010 Cziko, Paul Riverfront Research Park Contracts
11/11/2010 Buechley, Seth Distributed Antenna System RFP Responses
11/10/2010 Bellamy, Ron NCAA Secondary Violation
11/10/2010 Schlatre, Larry NCAA Football Game Contracts
11/09/2010 Williams, Blake Home Football Game Expenses
11/08/2010 Essig, Scott Football Corporate Hospitality Contract
11/07/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Accounting of 2010 State Lottery Funds
11/05/2010 Ellison, Wesley Student Directory Information
10/26/2010 Athletic Department's Operating Budget
10/19/2010 Wihtol, Christian Transparency Reports
10/19/2010 Wihtol, Christian Transparency Reports
10/18/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Resumes of Finalists for Public Records Officer
10/18/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Resumes of Finalists for General Counsel
10/18/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contracts
10/18/2010 Williams, John Progress Payments for Matthew Knight Arena
10/14/2010 Bachman, Rachel Trademark & Licensing Revenues, Football Season Ticket Sales
10/14/2010 Kisselburgh, Bill Matthew Knight Arena Change Orders
10/13/2010 Moua, Kabao Employment Contracts
10/13/2010 Correspondence on Creating a Sworn Dept. of Public Safety
10/08/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Fees Estimated or Charged for PRRs
10/07/2010 Pinkham, Matt Athletic Media and Apparel Contracts
10/06/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Archiving Schedule for UO E-mail
10/05/2010 Carroll, Yonna Directory Information for UO Employees
10/03/2010 Harbaugh, Bill List of All Public Record Requests
09/30/2010 Bachman, Rachel Athletics Budget; Employment Contract
09/30/2010 Douglas, Don Employment Contract
09/30/2010 Furman, Mark Budweiser "Official Sponsor" Contract
09/30/2010 Lea, Linda Course Grade Distributions
09/30/2010 Silsbee, Tim Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena
09/29/2010 Bellamy, Ron Employment Contract
09/29/2010 Hurst, Chris Employment Contract
09/29/2010 Kisselburgh, Bill Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena
09/28/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contract
09/28/2010 Lanier, Vallerie Student Directory Information
09/24/2010 Wihtol, Christian Provost's Office Budgets
09/17/2010 Wiley, Todd Distributed Antenna System RFP
09/16/2010 Bachman, Rachel NCAA Violations
09/14/2010 Bellamy, Ron Improper Benefits and NCAA Violations
09/14/2010 Prince, Seth Improper Benefits and NCAA Violations
09/10/2010 Popper, Al Matthew Knight Arena Payment Bond
09/07/2010 Bellamy, Ron Agreement to Televise Football Game
09/03/2010 Petersen, Megan Annual Salary of Research Assistant
09/02/2010 Zavala, Elizabeth Audited Athletics Financial Report
09/01/2010 Hunsberger, Brent Credit Card Contracts
09/01/2010 Veazey, Kyle Athletic Department Correspondence
08/30/2010 Gordon, Bruce List of Temporary Appointments
08/26/2010 Crook, Rich Job Description
08/24/2010 Prince, Seth Employment Contract
08/03/2010 Winfree, Chelsea Course Grade Distributions
08/02/2010 Kono, Christopher Administrator Salary
08/01/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contract
07/30/2010 Ananiades, Trisha Employment Contract
07/26/2010 Bolt, Greg Financial Transparency Reports
07/23/2010 Rothbard, Barry Employment Contracts
07/19/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Completed IRS Form
07/16/2010 Bachman, Rachel Jaqua Center Insurance Documents
07/15/2010 Kelly, Matthew Employment Contract
07/14/2010 Lattinville, Robert Employment Contracts
07/13/2010 Reed, Pam Contract for Gerlinger Hall Project
07/13/2010 Sutter, Gannon Responses to Distributed Antenna System RFP
07/12/2010 Bellamy, Ron Employment Contracts
07/12/2010 Bonham, Daniel Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena
07/12/2010 Bonham, Daniel Change Orders, Payments for Matthew Knight Arena
07/12/2010 Eichelberger, Curtis Rose Bowl Expenses and Revenues
07/09/2010 Keefer, Bob Documents Regarding Oregon Bach Festival
07/08/2010 Cohen, Kevin Athletics Contracts
07/07/2010 Wellman, Jeff Money Received from UO Bookstore
07/04/2010 Champion, Paul Records for Possible Former UO Employee
07/02/2010 Bolt, Greg Tort Claim Notices
07/02/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Donor and Gift Records
07/02/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Documents Addressing Fee Waiver Request
07/02/2010 Harbaugh, Bill List of All Public Records Requests
07/01/2010 Francis, Candia Autzen Stadium Project Post Bid Documents
06/29/2010 Stickney, Jon C. Employment Contracts and Salary Information
06/25/2010 Duporte, Kareem Autzen Stadium Project Post Bid Documents
06/25/2010 Silsbee, Tim Certified Payroll for Matthew Knight Arena
06/22/2010 Lavigne, Paula Conference Membership Realignment Records
06/21/2010 Patrick, Venisha Bids for Autzen Stadium Project
06/18/2010 Williams, John Information on Construction of Matthew Knight Arena
06/15/2010 Kerr, Andrew Employment Contract
06/14/2010 Ziemer, Dennis Unionization Documents
06/10/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Unionization Documents
06/09/2010 Gaddy, Ross J. Employment Contract
06/09/2010 Harbaugh, Bill Invoices from Stan McKnight Association
06/08/2010 Ziemer, Dennis Class Schedules for Summer 2010
06/07/2010 Ziemer, Dennis Directory Information for Research Employees
Allen, Greg Bid Proposals and Contract