Public Records Request Log

Initial Request Datesort icon Requester Short Description
11/20/2014 Runyon, Craig Proposals
11/14/2014 Matsumoto, Samantha Keyword email search
11/13/2014 Wihtol, Christian Meeting documents
11/10/2014 Kane, Art Confucius Institute Documents
11/10/2014 Cohen, Kevin Various Sport contracts
11/07/2014 Swart, Cornelius Email search
11/05/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Invoices
11/04/2014 Wilde, Marshall Winning Proposal
11/04/2014 Baldock, James PCS contract
11/01/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Tuition and Fee Advisory board documents
10/27/2014 Seeger, Andy Pouring Rights
10/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Public Records Requests from 07/25/2014 to Present
10/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Payments for Legal and Consulting Services
10/27/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Employment Contracts and Job Descriptions
10/27/2014 Kuehlman, Freda Business Agreement
10/27/2014 Frisch, Deborah Grant Proposals
10/27/2014 Greenstone, Scott Documents Provided in Response to 10 PRRs
10/27/2014 Bjornstad, Randi Employment Documents
10/27/2014 Bortman, Miles Contract
10/21/2014 Bergstrom, Ted Contracts