Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
04/26/2017 Contract Rhoads, Cody Records Provided
04/25/2017 Correspondence Sherman, Esther Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/24/2017 Real estate documents Ashton. Patrick Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/21/2017 Contracts Cohen, Kevin Records Provided
04/21/2017 Archives Hawthorne, Jonathan Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/20/2017 Proposals Kaisler, Kim Records Provided
04/19/2017 Proposals Riojas, Steve Records Provided
04/18/2017 Payments Jacoby, Kenneth No Responsive Records
04/18/2017 Parking citations Jacoby, Kenneth Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/18/2017 Contracts Cella, Ray Records Provided
04/18/2017 Notices Bars, Tracy Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/17/2017 Proposals O'Toole, John Records Provided
04/14/2017 Contracts Greif, Andrew Records Provided
04/14/2017 Contracts Greif, Andrew Records Provided
04/13/2017 Proposal score Labde, Prashant Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/13/2017 RFPs, scoresheet Mayeda, Kelly Records Provided
04/12/2017 Directory Information Haro, Christine Records Exempt From Disclosure
04/12/2017 Contracts Sacks, Rand Records Provided
04/11/2017 Contracts Craft, Michael Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/11/2017 Payments Cawley, Frank Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/11/2017 Archives Hawthorne, Jonathan Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/10/2017 Budget and Expenditures Green, Cooper Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/10/2017 Agreement Rogers, Juliana Records Provided
04/06/2017 Stale dated checks Minotti, Anthony Awaiting Payment
04/06/2017 Contract Hawthorne, Jonathan Records Provided
04/06/2017 Policies Soh, Romaine Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/04/2017 Payments Jacoby, Kenneth Records Provided
04/03/2017 Contract Johnson, Mark Records Provided
04/03/2017 Invoices Jacoby, Kenneth Requesting/Reviewing Records
04/03/2017 Budget Strategy Thornberry, Max No Responsive Records
03/29/2017 Proposals Rebar, Bryan Records Provided
03/23/2017 Financial Records Vasquez, Michael Requesting/Reviewing Records
03/22/2017 Proposals Woofter, Miles Records Provided
03/21/2017 Reports and contract Sherman, Mitch Records Provided
03/20/2017 Contracts Campbell, Will Records Provided
03/15/2017 Records Jacoby, Kenneth Records Exempt From Disclosure
03/15/2017 Mirror Greif 2017-242 Hawthorne, Jonathan Records Provided
03/14/2017 NCAA violations Greif, Andrew Records Provided
03/14/2017 Proposals Adams, Isaac Records Provided
03/14/2017 Correspondence Manning, Jeff Requesting/Reviewing Records