Public Records Request Log

Initial Request Datesort icon Requester Short Description
12/19/2014 Gordon, Aaron Communications
12/17/2014 Cohen, Ben Student Ticket scans
12/16/2014 Frisch, Deborah SAIL budget documents
12/15/2014 Novy-Williams, Eben SAF report
12/15/2014 Solomon, Jon Coach and Nike contract
12/11/2014 Drimmer, Bryan Capital Construction Award Information
12/11/2014 Bergstrom, Ted Journal Listings
12/11/2014 Iboshi, Kyle Licensing Applications and Reports
12/11/2014 Harbaugh, Bill UO Auditor Documents
12/11/2014 Novy-Williams, Eben Coach and Nike contracts
12/05/2014 Menenez, Ryan Athletics Disassociation
12/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Banner Statements
12/02/2014 Harbaugh, Bill Resume and Cover Letter
12/01/2014 Goodman, Danielle Student Directory information
11/26/2014 Seals, Jordan Football Game contract
11/24/2014 Wihtol, Christian Eugene Bid Package
11/24/2014 Greenstone, Scott Ticket donations
11/21/2014 Kari, Clay Water Treatment contracts
11/21/2014 Wihtol, Christian Presentation Pages
11/20/2014 Runyon, Craig Proposals