Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Statussort descending
04/14/2011 Consultant Documents Harbaugh, Bill
03/04/2011 Invoices from Football Scouting Agencies Tierney, John
06/24/2011 Retention of Professionals Related to Football scouting Bachman, Rachel
08/01/2010 Employment Contract Harbaugh, Bill
02/03/2011 Records for Darren Berg or his companies Grunbaum, Rami
06/13/2011 NCAA Bowl Expense Reports Harris, Craig
06/09/2010 Invoices from Stan McKnight Association Harbaugh, Bill
06/10/2010 Unionization Documents Harbaugh, Bill
01/20/2012 Employment contracts Phillips, William
11/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Commission Documents Cziko, Paul
04/15/2011 Winning Bid for Admissions Video O'Brien, Jennifer
03/07/2011 BCS Championship Game Revenues and Expenses Milbourn, Todd
06/27/2011 Agate Hall Lease, Purchase Bolt, Greg
10/07/2014 Job Search Documents Harbaugh, Bill
08/02/2010 Administrator Salary Kono, Christopher
02/04/2011 Dept. of Public Safety Hiring Records Harbaugh, Bill
06/14/2011 Course Grade Distribution Kim, Leslie
09/30/2011 UO Recreation Center RFP Wyntergreen, Brook Awaiting Payment
06/18/2015 Animals In Research Agundez, Juan Awaiting Payment
07/01/2014 Communications Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
04/30/2013 Legal invoices Dec to April Brynelson, Troy Awaiting Payment
09/01/2016 University purchasing Deleoian, Ken Awaiting Payment
04/07/2014 Candidate Information Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
04/18/2017 Parking citations Jacoby, Kenneth Awaiting Payment
05/23/2013 Email Correspondence Edge, Sami Awaiting Payment
03/04/2016 RFPs, contract Eidson, Candace Awaiting Payment
08/12/2013 Contracts and Athletics Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
07/08/2013 Legal funding Gilbert, Phil Awaiting Payment
10/27/2014 Public Records Requests from 07/25/2014 to Present Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
08/16/2015 UOPD Sherman, Stephen Awaiting Payment
09/12/2017 Directory Information Weiss, Jordan Awaiting Payment
11/13/2015 Directory Information Young, Ryan Awaiting Payment
05/14/2015 RFP Responses - Security Parsons, Bill Awaiting Payment
05/08/2014 Email Communications Hunt, Josh Awaiting Payment
05/27/2014 President's Calendar Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
09/20/2013 CAMCORS records Gonzales, Jon Awaiting Payment
03/20/2013 Proposed Draft Legislation Paulson, Dashiell Awaiting Payment
05/08/2014 Email Communications Hunt, Josh Awaiting Payment
10/31/2017 Contracts Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment
08/21/2014 Cover Letters and Resumes Harbaugh, Bill Awaiting Payment