Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
02/28/2011 Proposal for Admissions Video RFQ Jones, Jay
02/28/2011 UO Expenditure Reports Schroeder, Shannon
02/27/2011 Employment Contract Codd, W. Tracy
02/23/2011 Dept. of Public Safety Report Pollard, Rebecca
02/18/2011 Multi-Media Rights Agreement Erman, Mark
02/17/2011 Employment Contract Bellamy, Ron
02/16/2011 Public Records Procedures Documents Harbaugh, Bill
02/16/2011 Certified Payroll for East Campus Residence Hall Woods, Ronald
02/15/2011 Computing Center Project Documents Haan, Corey
02/14/2011 Employment Contracts Jones, Ty
02/14/2011 Employment Contracts Spycia, Laura
02/14/2011 Athletic Department Documents
02/11/2011 Speaking Engagement Contract Fox, Lauren
02/08/2011 Curriculum Vitae for University Professor
02/08/2011 NCAA EADA Report Hollenbeck, Anne
02/04/2011 Dept. of Public Safety Hiring Records Harbaugh, Bill
02/04/2011 Contract for Public Records Software McLaughlin, Tim
02/03/2011 Records for Darren Berg or his companies Grunbaum, Rami
01/31/2011 NCAA EADA Report, Employment Contracts Upton, Jodi
01/25/2011 Personal Services Contract Fox, Lauren
01/24/2011 NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report Bachman, Rachel
01/24/2011 NCAA Revenues and Expenses Report Eichelberger, Curtis
01/24/2011 Athletic Administrator Correspondence
01/18/2011 NCAA Equity in Athletics Reports (EADA Report)
01/12/2011 Affiliation Agreement
01/03/2011 Employment Contract Eichelberger, Curtis
01/03/2011 Arena Contract Wihtol, Christian
12/29/2010 Dept. of Public Safety Budget Documents
12/22/2010 Employment Contract Cella, Ray
12/22/2010 Credit Card Affinity Agreements Slovic, Beth
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Financial Documents
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Design Advisory Committee Minutes
12/20/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Sublease Documents
12/19/2010 Riverfront Research Park Property Documents
12/17/2010 NCAA Revenue and Expense Reports, Apparel and Employment Contracts Solomon, Jon
12/16/2010 Athletic Revenue and Expense Report Bachman, Rachel
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts Wihtol, Christian
12/16/2010 Contracts for Sale of Athletic Merchandise
12/16/2010 TeamFanShop Contracts
12/14/2010 Contracts for BCS Bowl Game Tickets Bachman, Rachel