Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
08/23/2017 RFPs Van Dyk, Andrew No Responsive Records
08/22/2017 Contracts Higginson, Grant Records Provided
08/22/2017 Game Contract Baumbach, Jim Records Provided
08/18/2017 RFPs, scoresheet Pratt, Gwen Records Provided
08/18/2017 Correspondence Tilkin, Dan Awaiting Payment
08/17/2017 Correspondence Jacoby, Kenny Awaiting Payment
08/17/2017 Policies Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
08/16/2017 Contract Mortensen, Camilla Records Provided
08/16/2017 RFPs, scoresheet McCormack, Colleen Awaiting Payment
08/16/2017 RFPs, scoresheet Siddall, Sean Records Provided
08/16/2017 Contract Tilkin, Dan No Responsive Records
08/15/2017 Contract Mortensen, Camilla No Responsive Records
08/09/2017 Salary Data Redford, Patrick Records Provided
08/09/2017 Contracts Kelley, Kevin Records Provided
08/09/2017 Correspondence Knowlton, Emmett Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/07/2017 Report Binkley, Collin Records Provided
08/04/2017 Committee members Igl, David Records Provided
08/04/2017 RFPs, scoresheets Bergeron, Jewel Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/03/2017 RFPs Quinn, Janet Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/03/2017 RFPs Odorfer, Angela Requesting/Reviewing Records
08/02/2017 Contract Heyrich, Abigail Records Provided
07/31/2017 Law Documents Thornberry, Max Records Provided
07/28/2017 Contract and correspondence Hodes, Scott Requesting/Reviewing Records
07/28/2017 Expenditures Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
07/26/2017 Contract and correspondence Day, Wes Request Withdrawn
07/24/2017 Multimedia Agreement Patterson, Taylor Records Provided
07/19/2017 Policies Hussain, Suhauna Records Provided
07/19/2017 RFQs Carpenter, Molly Requesting/Reviewing Records
07/19/2017 Position Information Gomes, Ashley Requesting/Reviewing Records
07/18/2017 RFQs Philbin, Julie Requesting/Reviewing Records
07/18/2017 Statistics Binkley, Collin No Responsive Records
07/17/2017 Employee Information Iboshi, Kyle Records Provided
07/17/2017 Contract Will, Garland Records Provided
07/14/2017 RFQs Quezada, Rocky Awaiting Payment
07/14/2017 RFPs Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided
07/13/2017 NCAA violations Greif, Andrew Records Provided
07/12/2017 Contracts Berkowitz, Steve Records Provided
07/12/2017 Personnel Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
07/12/2017 NCAA violations Greif, Andrew Request Withdrawn
07/12/2017 RFP proposers Harbaugh, Bill Records Provided