Public Requests Record Log

Request Date Title Requester Status
10/16/2017 Salary Information Smith, John Records Provided
10/16/2017 Salary Information Keefe, Robert Records Provided
10/16/2017 Report Winn, Abigail Records Provided
10/16/2017 Policies Benitez, Francisca Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/13/2017 Correspondence Lavigne, Paula Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/13/2017 Correspondence Johnson, Mark Records Provided
10/10/2017 Documents Keefer, Bob Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/10/2017 Title IX Complaints Winn, Abigail Requesting/Reviewing Records
10/10/2017 Contract Hille, Jackson Records Provided
10/09/2017 Nike Royalty Payments Schmidt, Brad Records Provided
10/09/2017 Contract Wolf, Lyle Records Provided
10/09/2017 Subpoenas Iboshi, Kyle No Responsive Records
10/09/2017 Subpoenas Jacoby, Kenny No Responsive Records
10/09/2017 Subpoenas Schmidt, Brad No Responsive Records
10/06/2017 Subpoenas Fenno, Nathan No Responsive Records
10/05/2017 Contract Allerton, Robert Records Provided
10/05/2017 Contract Krakow, Morgan Records Provided
10/04/2017 Contracts Huntsman, John Records Provided
10/04/2017 Salary Data Miraglia, John Records Provided
10/03/2017 Contracts and compensation Schmidt, Brad Records Provided
10/02/2017 Outstanding vendor checks Minotti, Anthony Records Provided
10/02/2017 Personnel Gartrell, Garth Records Provided
09/28/2017 Correspondence Pitcher, Jack Records Provided
09/28/2017 RFP Swyers, Angie Request Withdrawn
09/28/2017 Payments Renzetti, Jackie Records Provided
09/27/2017 Correspondence Melchior, Jillian Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/27/2017 Correspondence Fenno, Nathan Records Provided
09/25/2017 Contract Smith, Dan Records Provided
09/25/2017 Purchase orders Pilsbury, Matthew Awaiting Payment
09/21/2017 RFP Wikoff, Heather Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/21/2017 Correspondence Volker, WIlliam Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/21/2017 Expenditures Harbaugh, Bill Requesting/Reviewing Records
09/20/2017 Complaints Keefer, Bob Records Provided
09/20/2017 RFPs Kennedy, Phil Records Provided
09/20/2017 Contract Daugherty, Connor Records Provided
09/18/2017 Contracts Jacoby, Kenny Records Provided
09/15/2017 Notices Keefer, Bob No Responsive Records
09/15/2017 Contract Frerotte, Susan Records Provided
09/14/2017 Contract and correspondence Keefer, Bob Records Provided
09/14/2017 Expenditures McQuay, Brian Records Provided