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Hoffman, Shane
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Under the Oregon Public Records Act, I am requesting copies of the COVID-19 testing data submitted by the University of Oregon Athletic Department to the University of Oregon campus/Lane County Public Health Department on tests administered to UO student-athletes during the year 2020. It is our understanding that the Athletic Department regularly submits this data to both Lane County Public Health and the broader University, which combines the data with the rest of the student body and then publishes the numbers in the aggregate. This request is for the data on student-athletes before it is combined with the data for the rest of campus. The data should include, at minimum, a list of athletes (with names redacted) that have tested positive for COVID-19 between the dates of Jan. 7 and March 8. Similar to the set of records I received on January 21, I would like the data to include dates with each of the positive results.

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