Stale dated checks

Vale, Johanna
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Pursuant to The Oregon Public Information Act ("PIA" or the "Act"), codified in the State Government Article of the Oregon Code Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. 192.410 to .505 the following is a request for an updated list of any and all Outstanding and/or Stale-dated vendor check greater than 180 days old; which may also be known as Limited Payability Cancellation Reports of refunds and credits (Undelivered vendor checks); Specifically, the undelivered vendor checks for individuals who have acted as vendors, businesses and vendors. If possible, please indicate or eliminate any checks or accounts that have been or are presently being reissued. We would like for the list to include all outstanding vendor checks that may currently available for reissue by University of Oregon upon written request by the proper legal claimant. Please do not provide us with any information regarding funds that have been escheated to the Oregon Department of State Lands.Please do not provide us with any private student information unless the student was acting as a vendor.If possible please eliminate from the list all unclaimed vendor checks under $1000.00. We restrict our request to the check number, check date, amount of the check, agency the check originated from and payee name and address.

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