Sports medicine policy

Gershberg, Max
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Pursuant to the state open records act, HBO Real Sports seeks documentation illustrating university policy and statistics regarding the use of painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications, as well as opioid pain medication for the University of Oregon football team from years 2010-2015.

We are specifically asking your athletic program provide the following:

Policy, if any, regarding the use of Toradol and other painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications before, during, and after games to treat injured athletes by staff or outside medical contractors for the university athletic department.

Statistical information as to how many times (if any) painkillers have been administered to athletes by medical personnel, hired or reimbursed by the university. Please provide the dates, reason, and type and amount of medication provided to the athlete. Include, but do not limit, the list of painkillers to Toradol or Ketorolac Tromethamine, Bupivacaine, Depo-Medrol, Hydrocodone/Vicodin, Lidocaine/Xylocaine, Methylprednisolone, Naproxen.