Riverfront Research Park Project Documents

Collier, Seda
Initial Request Date: 
Request Completion Date: 

I am writing under the Oregon Public Records Act to request the following documents:
- Documentation of all payments made to date from Trammell Crow to the University of Oregon as described in ?Amendment No. 1 of Ground Lease,? dated 17 December, 2010, between the State of Oregon OSBHE acting on behalf of the University of Oregon and TC Eugene LLC, Section 1.A. & B.
- Documentation showing evidence that financing sources have approved the ?Ground Lease of Riverfront Research Park between University of Oregon and TC Eugene LLC,? dated July 15, 2009, as described in Section 6.9, on page 13, of the above referenced lease document.
- Minutes of the meeting or meetings held pursuant to the Oregon Public Meetings Law ORS 192, wherein the decision was made to select TC Eugene LLC as the Lessee company with the University of Oregon in the Ground Lease referenced in #2 above.