RFPs, scoresheet

Rieble, Ron
Celtic Protective Service, LLC
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No Responsive Records
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As a participant in the University’s Solicitation for Alcohol monitors in RFQ AD2019-5, I hereby request, in accordance with the University’s Public Records Procedures, that Celtic Protective Service LLC be supplied all open records associated with said RFQ.  We would like, as a minimum, the following:

  • The list of all Bid respondents, from the 2018 RFQ or RFP for food and beverage services seeking a vendor to supply alcohol monitors.
  • A complete copy of each respondent’s proposal (including quotes or proposals with pricing, specifications) and any other submitted information that is not deemed a “trade secrete under ORS 192.501 (2)
  • The University’s evaluation results or bid tabulations (and rankings) with the evaluation committee’s final recommendation for award.
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