Bauman, Dan
Chronicle of Higher Education
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Pursuant to the state open records act, The Chronicle of Higher Education is requesting records in possession of your institution. Request 1. As it pertains to drug, illicit substances, and/or narcotic policy violations logged by the case management software Maxient at your institution, I request an export limited to the most recent 500 records/rows housed within the aforementioned dataset(s). I request a dataset be provided within an electronic spreadsheet, database, or delimited text file(s) – not paper records or a PDF. These violations are almost certain to arise from behavior incongruent with rules and guidelines published within a handbook which students are expected to abide by.  I request all fields^ associated with the dataset(s) responsive to this request be provided. Should your institution redact or exempt from disclosure fields* associated with the dataset(s) responsive to this request, I request that you provide a list of the field names with a description of the field that you have determined to be exempt from disclosure.  ^In regards to fields which capture personally identifiable information (PII), I agree in advance to their non-disclosure. Should your institution believe other fields to be exempt from disclosure, I am happy to start a dialogue that hopefully results in some manner of release of the requested records. I request you to release all segregable portions of otherwise exempt material.  Request 2. I request any lookup tables, field layouts, manuals, handbooks, code sheets, data dictionaries, or other records needed to interpret the data and records referred to in Request 1.

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